Super Grid Run

We've seen an influx of throwback or retro games hitting mobile devices, and Super Grid Run is following this trend with a fun and fast-paced title. There's honestly not to much to learn about how to play the game, but that doesn't keep it from providing hours upon hours of challenging gameplay. On top of the quality game mechanics, the combination of a black and neon color scheme along with arcade-style old school soundtrack make this game a winner.

Read on after the break and see what Super Grid Run is all about.

Android Central

Players of the hot new game Super Hexagon will be familiar with the styling and interface of Super Grid Run. Both games certainly share many aspects, like their simple layout and intense, fast-paced game structure, but it should be noted that these games are not made by the same developers. Super Grid Run brings something entirely its own to the table, this isn't just a re-hashed game.

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The basic idea is that you're controlling a spinning cube that's barreling down a virtual hallway (for lack of a better description), and you need to maneuver it to dodge the obstacles coming at you. Instead of swiping or having on-screen button controls, you simply tap on the screen where you want the cube to go, and it moves there quickly. Different shapes and sizes of obstacles come at you, with increasing pace as you get through the level. As if dodging the obstacles wasn't enough, you're also enticed to pick up bonuses along the way to increase your score, putting you in awkward locations to try and dodge the next barrier.

Android Central

There are actually three different difficulty levels to choose from -- easy, normal and extra -- that change the pace you're moving and the types of obstacles you're going around. You may feel lame starting out (or even staying on) the easy mode, but things get out of hand pretty quick even on the lowest difficulty setting. There are no other settings to be had in the game except for a game sound volume adjustment.

When you do manage to make it past the obstacles for at least a few seconds (trust us it's harder than it sounds), you can enter your name and submit the score to leaderboards. The game manages online worldwide high score leaderboards so you can see how you stack up against other players, or if you're not that confident you can keep the scores locally on the device.

Super Grid Run will certainly appeal to gamers looking for very difficult and fast-paced gameplay. More casual players will still have a simple game they can pick up and play here as well. In either case it is beautifully designed and performs as well as it looks. The game was just launched in the Play Store for $1.09, which is an absolute steal for this quality title. There's also a free version that locks you into the easy mode, but we think the paid version is worth every penny.