Samsung thinks iPhone owners need to 'grow up' and get a Galaxy

Samsung and Apple will always throw shade at one another, but the former has always been a bit more on the nose about it. Samsung's commercials have often chastised Apple for what it sees as bad product decisions, and even poked fun at iPhone owners at the same time. If you think that's a good strategy for Samsung to take, you'll find its latest 1-minute commercial to be a thing of beauty.

It's a pretty simple story to follow, and one that cuts pretty deep if you've seen anyone live through years of using an iPhone. The excitement of a new model time after time, followed by several examples of new iPhones coming up short on features while showing how Samsung handled the situation better. Running out of storage. Not having a big screen or stylus. Not being waterproof. Not having a headphone jack. And ... that was one hell of a dig at the iPhone X at the end.

You could easily see these sorts of commercials as being quite petty on Samsung's part, particularly as it isn't much of an underdog when you look at global sales numbers. But you can't argue that Samsung is still trying to convince many longtime iPhone users to at least look at a Galaxy, and there's no better way to do that than a commercial that points out some of the more absurd realities of using an iPhone compared to its phones over the years.

Samsung doesn't really have much to lose here, I don't think. What's your view?

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Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • No notch on my phone! Love it
  • I don’t like my iPhone X. I will return it this week and get a note 8.
  • The notch on the iPhone X gives it personality and allows it to stand out /differentiate itself from the other phones that are going more bezel less
  • Sure does!! Like a Ford Pinto or AMC Gremlin.
  • I just spit out my coffee! great comment!
  • This is ridiculous. Hahahaha
  • Haha, wow. That's some trumpian level spin. Hukabee Sanders just found her apprentice.
  • She's not looking for someone like you
  • Said no one, ever.
  • Like the essential does???
  • 100% agree here. People will know that's the iPhone X due to the ugly looking notch on top
  • You’re a hater number one of the iPhone x
  • Cause the truth hurts ? Ok
  • Wait did you really say look different?? The 6-8 looks like the exact same phone. That's the reason most fans are going to the X. Funny how many people are willing to pay $1000+ for a sub-par phone. #facetimeisoverrated #insecurespousesneedfacetime
  • #insecurespousesneedfacetime Dam Chris say that **** again I had an iPhone and my girl FaceTime’d me every 10 mins “wyd” “who you with” “let me see your surroundings” Also to the isheep “nothings like the iPhone camera “ I’m like are you serious ***** let’s try this **** outright now then here goes they’re excuse when my edge beats they’re ****** IPhone “ Well that’s because the suns not out plus we not using our flash “ I’m like get tf out of here if your phone can’t shoot good picks in low light then the camera technology of your phone is cheap software can’t save you all the Time apple😂😂😂
  • But the notch in landscape cuts into the screen's real estate. Then you zoom out to remove it then you have blocky black software bezels. Apple used to believe form over function. Now to have that "personality" Apple made a stupid product.
  • @IJKBB10 That's sarcasm, i hope
  • I don't actually care if my phone 'stands out', though my Galaxy phones do, and always have.
    What keeps me on ths Samsung train is that they do what I need/want them to do. As long as they do that, the 'sexy as hell' thing is a bonus.
  • Please explain it again. I'm just so confused and need you to help.
  • Yeah. That's normally what one says to the ugly fat chick in the group. "She has personality" lol
  • What is it that you don't like about it?
  • No you didn't
  • Yeah, no notch because it's got top and bottom bezels...
  • Dumb ****
  • The iP10 has a lower screen to body ratio (i.e. more bezel) than the GS8, Essential Phone and Note 8.
  • Confirmed.
    iPhone X: 82.9% screen-to-body ratio.
    Galaxy S8: 83.6% screen-to-body ratio.
    Essential PH-1: 84.9% screen-to-body ratio. However, of the three, the display with the largest viewing area for full screen video is the U11 ;)
  • And mine didn't cost a thousand dollars just for the base model either!!! I carry the Moto G5 Plus and it's probably nearly just as good to! I'd put it up against my brother's IPhone any day!!!
  • one of their best ads
  • I lmao when I saw it!
  • I am an iOS user, getting an iPhone X, but that was an awesome ad.
  • Agree. I use both platforms and thought it was a good ad. Then again I am not one who gets upset over a phone lol 
  • Same here, lol ... Amazing how serious and personal some people take their phones. I love my MacBook Pro, but other than using my Mom's iPhone 5 after my Nexus was getting repaired, I've never used one. I was planning on getting the X just cause it looks cool and I wanted to see how iOS has evolved, but a couple friends with similar taste really hate it so I'm holding off. Happy with my Pixel for now, and contemplating a Note instead.
  • If you were gonna get the X cause it looks cool. Then get the Essential phone. It's looks cooler. Smaller notch
  • And thick bezel in the bottom.
  • @Premium1 I am the same you, try commenting over at say 9 to 5 mac they have some users with serious Apple fanboitis. I made a remark about something as a joke and then they attacked me personally, like wtf? Its a piece of hardware, the company does not care for you only you $$$
  • I think it comes down to preference. Some people prefer brand name over function.
  • A lot of iPhone users I know prefer using them cause they're just used to it at this point. Doesn't register to me, but stuff like customization, flexibility, etc simply isn't important to a lot of people.
  • My wife always said the same thing until she finally broke down and got a note 8. Now she loves all the customization, and is happy with her note 8. People don't know what they are missing if they never had it.
  • My kids prefer the Iphone because there are more apps that they "need" (although most are coming to Google, 'soon')...otherwise I don't get it and still make them have Galaxy phones.
  • Doodle jump is available just about everywhere.
  • Nah, some chat app..."MHO" or something like that for group chats.
  • Don't know why you got a couple of downvotes for just stating the obvious. So I upvoted you. Apple sells an enclosed bubble of safety. Anything outside of that bubble is dangerous, gimmicky, and unnecessary. I know this because I used to be one of their most devout followers. And I see the same behavior I had in every iPhone owner I meet. They are simply too comfortable within their bubble. All Android does is a gimmick or a huge risk of getting infected with malware. It looks like they live in North Korea and are describing what they believe South Korea looks like. The most annoying things are actually seeing their amazement at standard stuff like waterproofing and wireless charging.
  • Nothing but truth! Wake up!
  • I have to say great one Samsung! Especially the end with the shorter lines and the water dip!
  • Yeah that's the real battle... First time smart phone buyers.... Whether they go Apple or Android. Years ago, there weren't portable chromebooks or decent and ever improving android integration with PC's... The Apple eco system used to have a far more compelling argument. Google and Android have won over the elementary classrooms with products that are affordable and get the job done. I have little doubt that by winning the classroom war... Kids that are comfortable and familiar with Android OS later become adults who will stay with what they know and have a comfort with. The strength of a mobile phone is: display, RAM, camera, and storage. Ancillary things like facial recognition, fingerprint sensors... They just aren't core factors that matter. A recent NY Times review admitted facial recognition to unlock your phone is slower than a four digit pin or swipe. Fancy as can be... But it's not an improvement.
  • This is funny. Everyone remember how Samsung would make fun Apple for not having a removable battery? Hope Samsung never gets rid of the headphone jack. Samsung has indeed set the standard for Android in many ways. It's funny when Apple does something that Samsung has been doing for a while everyone thinks Apple is doing something no one else does. The other day I was talking to a coworker who thought wireless charging was new because the new iPhone had it. He didn't know his Samsung Galaxy S 7 had it too. Lol.
  • Heck, the Galaxy S6 had it too!
  • Palm actually had first wireless charging
  • The Touchstone for the Palm Pre!
  • Funny how that for how long did iphony have a removable battery and not be water resistant? Or wireless charging?
  • I had a wireless charging battery cover for my Note 3 and the S4 had it too (2013)! I never heard of it but Samsungs first wireless chargeable phone was the SCH-i510 in 2011.
  • remember when Samsung made fun of Apple having the headphone jack on the bottom?
  • They will keep the headphone jack until they develop and market their own wireless earbuds, then they'll remove it so they can sell them to you.
  • Samsung released their true wireless headphones last year and behold! Still has a headphone jack...
  • Yep, icon X
  • Was about to say Samsung already released wireless buds, still put a jack on the S8 and Note 8....
  • No. How many headphones/earbuds would they sell? Not a brand most people consider for audio. Makes sense for Apple cause Beats, not Samsung though.
  • Don't they own AKG though? Might want to look that up ;)
  • My wife used 6edge+, and can wireless charging too
    Both of us using Note8 now, we fell in love all over again
  • lol yeah I'm noticing a lot more girls ditching the iPhone. Started with the S6 Edge and iPhone coming up short on innovation year after year. Maybe it's just my circle of friends, maybe it's years of me showing off my Android phone of choice and pointing out the iPhone shortfalls ... Whatever the case may be, I've definitely noticed.
  • Lol! Wireless charging is a gimick. Just like the rounded screen on my S8. Such expensive phones; we must ALL be suckers. My next phone is an HTC
  • I don't think you know what a gimmick is. Animojis are a gimmick....the things you list are far from a gimmick.
  • This is so funny and on point! dude at the end with the funny hair cut that is so Apple users! 😂😂😂👏👏👏
  • Way to show how smart you are.
  • Looks much better as a unibrow but this was hilarious. Looks as ridiculous on him as it does on the phone.
  • Lol
    I've been a Galaxy user 10+ yrs.
    No complaints from me or the ones I've converted to Android phones.
  • Oh look, the pied Piper of Android. Way to go!
  • I grew up and got an iPhone X. I’d stick with Samsung if they actually updated the security patches once a month.
  • Yes paying more money for a phone that does less means you grew up. Good one
  • At least FaceID can't be spoofed with a photo, unlike facial recognition on the Note 8.
  • In fairness, iPhone gives you no other option. It has to work perfectly
  • Welcome to 2015
  • I really don't understand the angst over the security patches. Are people's phones being hacked or infected by anything?
  • Remember KRACK?
  • You have to physically be near the person using a wifi network to be affected by a krack exploit, ie don't use public wifi till fixed. The likelihood of someone being outside your house is very low. I definitely want it fixed but my ASUS router hasn't even pushed a patch yet. I haven't heard of any phone hacking stories yet (direct me to them if I missed it).
  • It's up to me to decide if I want to be secure or not, not your or anyone else. Just because YOU don't give a damn about your security doesn't mean no one else does.
  • Remember BlueBorne? The likely of someone being near you while you use bluetooth while you oh I dunno, commute, is....very high. As an aside not everyone lives in a house in the middle of no where without people close enough to get on their network...that's literally what population density is about, apartments, duplexes, dorms, town homes. The argument against security just falls flat on its face every time.
  • I remember Krack and yet no one has been affected.
  • Some people are paranoid.
  • I'm sure you think people that lock their doors on their car or home are paranoid too.
  • Are your windows bullet-proof as well? Locking car/home doors is the same as locking your phone with a pin.
  • I don't anticipate the need being on the 22nd floor. (This is me being as asinine as you, fun no?)
  • You're having fun not being asinine at all? Ok then.
    How much security do you need for your car and home? At what point do you start being just paranoid?
    Since you're the one correlating locking car and home doors to phone security, wouldn't you agree that locking a door is a direct simile to just locking your phone?
  • Correlation ≠ Analogy. Anyways.... Locking your phone with a PIN but not having a current security patch for something like Blueborne is a lot like locking your door but leaving your 2nd or 3rd floor windows open.... Is it likely that someone will make their way into your home through an open 3rd story window? No.
    Can someone do it? yes.
    Does it make one paranoid to lock their windows AND their doors? No. That's called being vigilant. Different priorities ≠ paranoid. Not sure how else to say this....
  • Nope. Nobody has been hacked. Ever.
  • iOS users have this distorted vision of Android. For them, Android is a post-Apocalyptic wasteland full of Malware hiding, waiting for you to drop your guard and kill you at the first chance.
  • Would you like a patch just as a placebo? Sometimes there isn't anything to fix. Chill will that. Not that serious. But if security is your main feature if a smartphone I guess I can understand wanting to be crazy about the monthly patches
  • Yeah. They should release a monthly update that changes the security patch level to the current date.
  • I value my security. It's up to me to decide what's secure and what isn't. I don't think that phones that only update their security patches once every few months aren't very secure. Just because you don't value your security doesn't mean no one else has to not value it.
  • There’s far more to owning an iPhone than security updates lol
  • I think you're taking it a bit far. Security is important to you. It is to me to. But you seem to be painting the picture, or at least your wording insinuates, that nobody cares about security unless they have a phone that receives monthly patches. Most people haven't been hacked, and until they do, they're comfortable and trust the security they're getting. Personally I agree with you with that it is important, because I don't want to be one of those people that cares after the fact, but I think your argument is a bit extreme.
  • lol, it's one thing to pretend to care about security and another to practice it. Most people don't do half of what they should when it comes to security because it's inconvenient.
  • I know you're not talking about Samsung
  • Sweet. Not my cup of tea but hope you enjoy!!
  • Absolutely true. Had every Note up to the 7 and just got an 8 for my second phone - but I have to say that Apple hit a homerun with the X. After three days experimenting, It's my daily driver and is very well designed and refined. Some truth to the fact that some things that Apple drags their feet on they do incredibly well when it's actually implemented.
  • Like a small bezel? Oh wait...
  • They do. I'm on October's
  • Petty? I think that this commercial is truly magical.
  • I am using an iPhone 6s right now. It's better than any galaxy I have owned. That being said, I am picking up an essential PH1 soon because I want a smooth android experience...not touchwiz.....Plus, I want UPDATES for my phone. I get 5 years of updates with my iPhone, I am guaranteed 3 update cycles with the Essential. I am not guaranteed one update cycle with the Samsung. go for me.
  • Again, what are you missing by not getting updates? TouchWiz already has all of the "updates" that are in Oreo.
  • As compelling as the Samsung phone is, it doesn't have all the Oreo goodness. There was a ton of work under the hood for OS level performance optimization - a completely new garbage collector implementation for one which is a big deal.
  • Oreo goodness? Like what? Can you be specific? By the way, my s8 has Oreo.
  • Just like lollipop, marshmallow and Nougat, Samsung flagship owners will barely notice a difference when they get an android os update.
  •'s called FUTURE PROOFING. Sure, you get the latest when you BUY the phone...but your left out in the cold. I have had my iPhone 6s for 2 years performs exactly like the iPhone 8 because the software is the same. A galaxy 6 does NOT perform exactly like the galaxy s8 because it is not running the same software. Actually I don't think the S7 is running the same software.
  • The s7 is the same because I have one along with a note 8. Problem is, what good do the updates do a person if they don't like the software to begin with? It only matters if you care for the os.
  • How so?
  • That's fine, as long as the parent company is around for 3 yrs
  • That's my biggest concern with the essential. I'd like to think if they become insolvent they'd dump all the code and it could become an amazing open source community project.
  • It's running stock Android which should help deliver speedy updates, however I'd be worried the company won't be around in 3 years to provide you those promised updates.
  • Samsung's don't run stock android and probably never will...Still waiting on that android 8.0 update for my S8+
  • He's referring to the Essential PH-1.
  • In today's day and age nobody should be holding onto a phone for 5 years, that's absurd. Even 3 is very borderline.
  • That's an interesting comment. I would say that those of us that keep replacing (for new ones) lose more money over time over the people who keep their phones for 3 years. Why fix what isn't broken if it still works fine?
  • I had my note 4 for 3.5 years. It was showing its age but was still a good phone...until I dropped it for the 961st time 😢. Just HAD to upgrade to the N8...I don't know if I can afford to drop it once.
  • Nobody? Depends on what you use it for. Most phones, if simply used for talk/text and light browsing, can easily exceed 2 years.
  • Kj11 - I actually held onto my HTC M8 for three years of hard use, even though I had 1k in the bank set aside for a while. Bought an S7 Edge, went back to the M8. Bought an iPhone 6S, went back to the M8. Finally replaced it a few months ago, but the M8 still works smooth as butter, aside from the power button being worn out and thinking I'm holding it down once in a while, lol.
  • You are the true MVP. Seriously. Sounds like the M8 was quite a phone for you.
  • Love it!!😎😎
  • Love the ad...killer...i was just thinking of buying Note 8...really no other player got things right with a spen...
  • That ad should win some sort of award. Absolutely scorching. 😁
  • I think the gesture control that iphone X has was 1st implemented by Nokia in N9...that phone had no home buttons but only gestures
  • Also the Palm Pré running WebOS.
  • And blackberry 10
  • Great commercial... All the other oems need to take a lesson on how to produce a great​commercial from this one. Mac
  • That ad was on point
  • I hate fanboy wars, as I use both droid and iOS, but this ad is awesome. A mature ad.
  • same here. I have devices running EVERY OS on desktop, tablets and phones. I love technology, NOT a certain OS. That being said, I got rid of MacOS on my MacBook because I could not handle how backwards everything is in it. The worst desktop OS available now.
  • How cute, lol! Maybe it's just me but Samsung's obsession with Apple to me makes me believe that they're more worried about Apple than Apple is about Samsung, lol! It's kinda like Trump always talking about Obama almost... IMO you shouldn't have to talk down on another product to hype up your own. That's actually kinda childish... Which is ironic if the theme of the video is "Grow up" lol!
  • This.
  • So what was Apple's excuse during the mac vs pc days?
  • Apple was worried about the competition in those days. They were just starting to get their footing again after being on the brink of bankruptcy. It supports the OPs theory.
  • To be fair, Apple doesn't do that anymore. Their client base, on the other hand...
  • I think Apple really just doesn't care about comparing itself with others. The whole point is to make Apple seem like a fancy exclusive club that everybody who is anybody is in. And if they even mention another company's name in some sort of comparison then it puts apple and that other company on the same level. Apple is one of the best marketing companies I've ever seen
  • They may not do as much now, but they've done plenty in their past to get to their current position.
  • Yeah I don't mean to say that marketing is the only reason they're successful. Just that it's a significant part of it. Got a lot of people 100% convinced that only people who can't have iPhones have Android phones.
  • True. They do some incredible marketing, for sure. Definitely understand their customer.. or at least under Jobs they did. Cook, maybe.
  • I've been a Samsung owner for all of my phones over the years with the exception of a short stint on a G4, now I have the S7. Samsung lost me with the curved screens and I don't see going back to it. With that said, I can't see ever owning an iPhone even though I'm an Apple fanboy for every other device out there.
  • Samsung with the truth. Not to mention from 2007 to the present that ui still the same boring lame crap.
  • There's kind of a reason why, though. The same reason I criticized the gestures on the X
  • Dat hair notch at :53 lol The commercial is true. Sorry Apple.
  • OMG Once I saw it I freaking lost it. LMAOO!
  • They should show Samsung users trying to update their phones to the latest OS ..The Samsung lag wil always live on
  • Definitely a point of differentiation. But this whole "Samsung lag" thing is a bit overblown. You see what old iPhones look like after big OS updates? They're amazingly crippled. Bugs, horrid battery life, performance struggles. It's not all rosy over there.
  • Just like the Pixel 2XL thing is being overblown. Samsung phones will lag within months of release. Happened 2x to me. C'mon, quit denying the lag Martonik.
  • People still buy Samsung phones though, just as they still but iPhones which have carried the same design since the 6. Perfection doesn't sell smartphones, never has, never will.
  • Yea, lag happens and I've noticed it. But after a few months I'm still loving my s8. Even with the so called lag my s8 can do so much more than my iPhone 7 and even my moms IPhone 8.
  • I don't deny the lag that sometimes builds up over time on Samsung phones. I've experienced it plenty myself. But to think that iOS phones are perfect, never get lag and only stand to benefit from their regular OTAs is ridiculous.
  • Not sure what you are doing with your phones, but my s7 edge performs the same as the day I got it. In fact, I almost didn't get the s7 because of all the lag comments people post. Was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't an issue. Maybe it's because it's an unlocked model without all the carrier bloat?
  • Nope your not alone Snapperlicious (LOL) . My Galaxy S7 aside from the occasional hiccup works perfectly fine and actually performance was enhanced when I got the software update that included Grace UI.
  • I have an iPhone 5S that is running iOS 11 well. That is anecdotal, but there are articles on the web about how good the 5S is on iOS 11. How is the Galaxy S4 running on Nougat or Oreo? Ah, I forgot, Samsung stopped at Lollipop.
  • LMAO, not even the Iphone 8 is running great on iOS 11. Stop the madness dude.
  • You should just admit that your battery life is done. It even went down on the SE, never mind the 5S. That is unless you chose to replace your battery, of course.
  • The battery life on my SE is great on iOS 11. Last V time I checked it I was on 19% battery with 5 hours 8 minutes usage and 54 hours 56 minutes standby.
  • That sounds good, but from what I have experienced and heard, it is not as good on 11 as it was on iOS 10 and especially 9. The battery life has been a disappointment to me but I'm glad that it is working out for you.
  • That's one anecdote. It's not hard to see the pile of complaints about what iOS 11 (and 10, and 9 ...) has done to iPhones. It's not great.
  • Our 2 year old uses my wife's old 5S to watch YouTube and play games and he can kill the battery in that thing in under an hour.
  • Lol! .. Have no idea why this got a chuckle out of me. I guess, just picturing a 2 yr old throttling any smartphone down to zero watching YouTube is just amusing.
  • You wanna tell that to my daughter, her 5s was perfectly fine before ios11. She updated and the phone was unusable, stuttering, lag, email problems, battery life tanked. She waited a week or so for the promised fixes in the patch which when it came did absolutely nothing.
    When she was trawling forums looking for fixes she found loads of users with the same problems on all iPhone models.
    Problem is fixed now, she traded it in for an S8+
  • Please do some research and not just blab about things you see online. Lag can become an issue on phones, can be problem with certain apps. But unless you've used an s8 or note 8 or even a note 5 you can't really complain about lag. Does it happen, of course, but it's not like it's outrageous or even noticeable in many cases. I love my iPad but notifications and navigating is horrible on it. Even without lag ios is so cumbersome and with nougat s8 can do so much more than iPhone 8. And s8 already has Oreo which makes it even better. Please move the lag issue somewhere else lol
  • I don't personally own an iPhone or use iOS at all. But I've had several people ask me what phone they should get, because they want to swich to Android. I'm shock when I hear this specially when relatives asked me this. I've seen them use iPhone for ever. So when I ask them the reason why. They all told me the same thing, that iPhone is buggy, crashes a lot after updates etc. I said wow that's a new one. I thought only Android users experience these things. So idk man go figured. This a legit statement. IOS is not perfect like many think (including myself somewhat)
  • The article needs a correction: Apple never mentions Samsung in any way. You don’t legitimize second place by talking about them. Until Samsung is the most powerful player in mobile, I doubt you ever see Apple say something about them. Until then, carriers will load bloat and put check marks on Samsung phones, Google will dictate terms to Samsung regarding required apps and when they can have access to new versions of Android, and Apple will make their own rules and answer to nobody.
  • You DO know that Samsung is the #1 single manufacturer in the world, right? Prior to what some believe, the US isn't the only mobile market in the world. Regardless, you gotta admit the commercial is pretty funny.
  • Yeah, but same with Android and market share, Apple doesn’t seem to care. They make more profit than every other OEM, so they don’t seem to be concerned. When that ends, you’ll know, because then they might mention Samsung. Samsung’s ads never amuse me. They just reek of sour grapes. They are the de facto face of Android, but they want so desperately to be Apple.
  • Apple may not care, but their fanboys sure do, as evident here lol I love my 8 plus, but this commercial is still funny as ****.
  • Lol! Sure they do... I mean, it's not like Apple ever copies any of Samsung's features or anything like that. :) Well, I thought the commercial was good fun at a competitor, nothing malicious. Ya gotta chuckle at the guy with the notch haircut at the very least!
  • A lot of Android manufacturers like to poke fun at Apple and each other. Apple also did the same at some points, but usually in a much more subtle manner. Unless you count the “Get a Mac” ads. Actually, those were good back in the day. Pretty darn simple but creative.
  • You're right... I mean, Samsung just trolled the Pixel 2 XL in a commercial over the display ... and yes indeed, Apple has done plenty. The Mac commercials back in the day for sure.
  • Apple learned that it can backfire to take potshots at the competition. By doing so, you’re actually acknowledging the possibility of other brands. Samsung and the rest don’t have that worry, because Apple is already the most well known brand in the world.
  • Apple doesn't really need to do so often too. The brand itself speaks volumes
  • The scene where Don Draper responds to Ginsberg in the elevator comes to mind Ginsberg/Samsung: I feel sorry for you
    Apple/Don: I don't think of you at all (Note I don't equate Apple with Don and am not a fan of them, just used the analogy aka plz don't flame me lol)
  • The most recent quarter, Samsung profit was higher then apples. Diversification is a great thing.
  • No Samsung doesn't want to be Apple. I guess Apple wants to be Samsung. They are forever copying everything Samsung does.
  • Can I just avoid both instead? I want a phone that works at a good price. That's neither of these hipster status symbols.
  • It's become just as "hipster' to avoid them. lol
  • I will stick with my LG for now and wait for Galaxy X
  • i can't.... i just can't... the dude has a notch haircut
  • Hahaha I just went back and saw lmaoo
  • iPhone haters
  • Yep, pretty much, got me!
  • I can't unsee it now. LMAOOO
  • This was funny. I felt like it was actually done well, showcasing Samsung. (with little tiny backstabs lol)
    People that feel the need to call people names because of a phone OS seriously need to Grow Up.
  • I agree, the way they did this was excellent!
  • Got a small chuckle. Meanwhile, I'm about to recommend my sister get an 8+. Why no Android? Because ecosystem.
  • I love both. I have iPhone 8 and Note 8. No reason not to love both. ;)
  • That's actually a really good commercial and really tells the truth. Only problem is let's hope they don't remove the headphone jack next year.
  • I love Galaxy but iPhone has iMessage and new emojis while Android doesn't even have iMessage (I know allo, but it doesn't even send text) and takes forever to get new emojis. So theh should actually grow up and start improving.
  • Lol! Grow up... with emojis??? Right.
  • Aww cute. You using your mommy's phone kiddo??
  • imessage? Big deal
  • Yes, it really is a big deal.
  • You're forgetting how lazy people are. People are really lazy about downloading an additional app to have full resolution images and videos. It's easier to use what's already in the phone. Also some people like having read receipts and knowing when someone is typing...
  • Good commercial! Whether it moves iOS folks over to Sammy and Android, who knows? Among my friends and business associates, it's probably 80-20 in favor of iOS. Those folks are tough to convince. Me? I've been on Android since the beginning. 😏
  • They both make great phones and they're way over priced. But they sell them by the millions.
    Moto G5+ does about 90% of what the Iphone X and Galaxy series do and costs $200 Both companies are taking advantage of a lot of ignorant consumers
  • Samsung's ad agency works hard to convince Samsung that it's marketing (and that a billion people are stupid) and that is the ONLY reason people don't choose a samsung (nevermind the 3 year lag in software, OS. hardware , design in addition to marketing). The only technology they could feasibly create was to add a stylus (nevermind it only works on about 11 apps and seriously, who wants a stylus on a non-tablet?) and since they don't control android connectors, couldn't switch to another connector plug even if they wanted to... and their own headphone division is not switching from 1.8mm and got outvoted. Samsung;s prowess is in categories where a feature can be copied (like washing machines) but Apple confounds them because Apple was always a year ahead but is now 3 years ahead because they cannot commit that much to a new chip (for a flagship phone that only sells 15% of what an iphone sells in every year) and is built on a corporate culture structure with 400 product VP's so they can't commit to a design unless it's shared with 40 other phones within the company - Samsung makes fine mid-tier phones but has no business pretending they are a premium tier phone.
  • Nevermind that your post is riddled with inaccuracies. Did you get a laugh out of the commercial or nah?
  • I mean, they didn't lie. The only thing on the iphone x that I'd actually brag about is animojis. I'm sure Samsung will steal the concept within a year.
  • This is what see iphone users; losers. ignorant, broke, bad credit, minimum wagers and Asian
  • But in the real world ...
  • Most of my friends on iOS are VERY successful in business and in life. You've broad brushed way too far. 😏Me, I have a Note 8 and am an Android user since the beginning.
  • Samsung would have something to lose if they did this, but I wish they'd do ads that tell stock Android fetishists they should grow up and get a Galaxy or even a phone by another OEM that actually has reliable hardware and features that aren't restricted to brain-dead stock Android. Oh, and phones that come with the OS installed.
  • I wasn't aware that desiring a lag free UX that didn't require daily resets and factory resets every 4 months or so to stay close to smooth was a fetish... Guess there's a lot of kinky people around here...hmmm.
  • My Note8 doesn't have a laggy UX, and doesn't require daily resets. What phone are you talking about?
  • But it struggles with video and takes for ever to render the completed video.
  • S3, S6, S7, Note 5. Literally every samsung phone either I have owned or anyone I know has owned. Even my brother for example, a die hard Sammy fan, admits it. If you have a sammy you have to do maintenance to keep the thing from getting bogged down. Resets, Restarts etc.
  • That's exactly what happened to my 5X
  • I wouldn't blame the phone for that, any phone that was on a 2015 Qualcomm SOC was marred by those chips. The 808 and 812 were just really bad.
  • I was with you there for a while, but... phones with the OS already installed? Now that's just crazy talk.
  • I got a Pixel and an iPhone 7. Sold my Samsung a while back. My problem with Samsung is unnecessary gimmicks and slow inconsistent updates. They fix that they will be perfect
  • What an ad! Yes...i think they should keep digging at Apple. This is a smart marketing strategy.
  • The iPhone has essentially become nothing more than a fashion accessory, no different than the trendiest new sneakers or designer jeans. There are obviously a minority who do not purchase for that reason but they are overshadowed by the frivolous.
  • 78% of teens own an iPhone. 82% of teens plan on buying an iPhone for their next phone purchase. Samsung shouldn't be laughing too hard. Once they get locked into that ecosystem they very rarely stray. They will grow up and buy another iPhone. If people don't think people want talking turds and animoji's they don't know marketing. People poked fun at Apple for all the resources they were putting into a goofy thing called "messaging". They now have the most dominating messaging platform on smartphones. As long as they can use Google services they don't care. They also don't want a platform/operating system on a variety of premium phones that doesn't provide them with the latest software and security updates. Any explanation to the contrary doesn't even register with them. Believe me I've tried.
  • I see what you're saying, but how many people buy the same brands as an adult that they did as a kid? We all grow up (or at least get older) and things change. The social pressures that exists in high school fall by the wayside as an adult. Life becomes about family and career, and "keeping up with the emojis" just isn't that important anymore. IMO, that's the underlying point of this particular commercial.
  • Oh at least get it right, it's 78% of US teenagers. America is not the only market in the world and Apple does not have anywhere near the market share outside of the US.
    Who cares if iMessage is dominant on a platform that is only used by 13% of the phone using population. The other 87% don't really seem to care.
  • You are right. I should have said 78% of US teenagers. 75 of teenagers in the United States will grow up and buy more iPhones.
  • And almost 15% worldwide market share is a staggering number. When you consider it is an operating system only available by one manufacturer and up until this year only available on one to two different devices (phone wise) each year. Androids dominance is because there's 2 dozen manufacturers using the operating system.
  • What would happen to iphones if Google stopped supplying them apps like YouTube gmail etc
  • The only Google app I would miss is YouTube; and Google didn't make that, they just bought it.
  • What would happen to Google if they stopped "supplying" them apps you mean. Google is going to pay Apple another $3 billion dollars to be the default search engine on the iPhone. If you don't think Google wants/needs to be a an iPhone you don't know data collection. Google's entire existence.
  • Wow, that is a great commercial. Samsung telling IPhone owners to grow up and get a Galaxy....those are fight'n words!!! Where I work happens to have an Apple store in our complex and sure enough, there was a line down the block for the release of the IPhone X. Several folks I've heard from, read and watched YouTube videos about (I'm a tech nerd, I admit it) who are loyal to Apple have been raving about their IPhone X and I can't help but ask, "...they do know that Samsung and other Android manufacturers have had many if not all these features for years right???"
  • Scorsone, Some do, Most don't, All don't care. Apple's way of doing things is plain, simple and easy. thats why they like it...Me included. I love my iPhone. I am getting the essential soon, to try a new android experience. My galaxy note is meh. So...i am trying something different. That being said, My iPhone will always be my daily driver now. Apps, etc all just work better on it. it's faster, more fluid that any Samsung device I have used.
  • Samsung would convince a lot more people to come from Apple if it did away with the bloatware . Bixby! Imean, really! And they give it it's own button; come on!
  • cannot agree more with you there. Only grudge on the note 8 (and I can say the same for S8 twins too) We already have Ok Google. Cortana and Alexa are also there for those who want them. there is absolutely no need for companies to keep on creating their own digital assistants. Samsung has gone way too far with the dedicated button, especially when it itself points out the fact that Bixby is not as good as OK google at present.
  • Social Security in years past created a generation of "Notch Babies".
    Apple has now HiJacked history .
  • I am not a big fan of companies mocking one another, but the fact is that apple indeed has fallen way off. From a pioneer of new features and technology it has become a follower. Even then it would be fine if it did best at following, but that is not the cast either.
    I have moved form windows to android and still miss quite a few things, but the build quality, looks, screen and camera on my note 8 do reassure me that I have the best hardware there is right now
  • Picked up the iPhone X and what a disappointment poor navigation with the swipe gestures. The size is way too small and the screen doesn't come close to the note 8 screen. Packed it up and sent it back very disappointing Apple.
  • I was a long time iPhone user since the iPhone 4 and this year I switched to a Galaxy S8+ then to the Note 8 and cant be any happier with my decision to do so.
  • Not bad :) If i HAD to choose between the two, i would go for the S8+ without any doubt, the iPhone is overpriced and offers so little in return.
    However, as i have the Mate 9 and maybe soon the 10, none of those phones are appealing.
  • Even though I went with the LG V30 this year, I'm still a big samsung fan. I still have my galaxy s7 edge for a backup. I agree with samsung wholeheartedly. Iphones are a good phone. That's it,, not great,, just good. By the way, if samsung had put a little more effort into a Quad dac like the v30, I may have gone with an S8. But the V30 is running on all cylinders. And that quad dac puts you in heaven.
  • I am laughing at both iPhone and Samsung owners. They are overpriced pieces of hardware that have features that most people will never use. They are nothing but status symbols and something to brag about!! Shame.
  • Samsung must be pretty darn desperate to have come up with a ****** idea like this to undermine its rival. Not being fanboisey but it just lost my respect.
  • Desperate? They have the largest mobile phone market share in the world.
  • I think it's a rude move to be honest.
  • But that’s the point. It’s hard and almost pointless to change platform these days. Android and iOS save for a few differences are almost at feature parity. So if you have invested in apps, stuff in the cloud, even using the desktop OS, there is very little benefit to disrupting that ecosystem. I like Android and use it from time to time but I like to use MacOS more than Windows (its been my OS of choice since the first OSX), the iPad is the best tablet on the market currently (for me), I prefer the Apple Watch more than Android Wear variants, I use FaceTime and iMessage a lot ; for me there is little point in getting an Android phone. Many people are in similar situations, a platform change, regardless of the direction, is not usually warranted.
  • It's never warranted because everything is at least functional. What makes a person happy is another story. I'm just the opposite of you. Have Windows for work and home, just got a Samsung tablet because the thought of installing iTunes was so painful that I couldn't get an iPad even though it's the best tablet. I know a lot can be done without it, but not everything. I prefer Samsung watches because I want it to look like a watch, and I like the dial. I prefer Android for my phone after lengthy stints with iPhone, Windows, and Android.
  • I feel like the AD is really great, I currently have an iPhone X, in the past I upgraded from a iPhone 6 to the Galaxy Edge 6 Plus. The phone was okay but it really felt like it wasn't for me. I know everyone likes customization, that was one of the main reasons I had switched to Samsung.. But for me the ability to customize had me doing a new theme everyday, getting annoyed and switching back to touch wiz. (Also my Samsung pay never worked, even at NFC terminals?) I ended up switching back to the iPhone 7 last year and this year took a long look at the New Note 8. What made me stick with Apple for the X was simply, simplicity. I was spending way to much time on the Galaxy tweaking stuff, installing custom Roms it was a mess. I guess I need limitation lol anyway.. Great AD on Samsung part but I'm still very happy with my choose to pick up the X.
  • I'm a Note 8 owner but I think if the point is to try and convince iPhone owners to switch you probably shouldn't insult them in a subtle fashion. Samsung would *love* to have people line up for their smartphones.
  • The running out of storage problem cuts deep wounds. My wife's iPhone ran out of storage the moment my daughter was being born, like literally the moment she was coming out. So I has to whip out my 950XL with 128gb microsd and salvage the moment. From that moment on, my wife only buys 256gb iphones.
  • Eeesh, spendy
  • The deeper message I got from this commercial is...
    The girl is smarter than the guy.
    The girl knows what she wants.
    The girl is practical over flashy.
    The girl is a Trend setter.
    The guy realizes its time to grow up, like the girl did years ago. That's just what I got.
  • Interesting interpretation...
  • Even though Apple tries to make a different phone, at it's core, it's still an iPhone and controlled by Apple in every way. If you have used one of them, then you have used them all. My S8+ is rockin' it.
  • It didn't even mention the unibrow . . . they could've hit harder. By Samsung's standards, this is almost restrained. :-)
  • funny thing is it may just be me but the hair cut isn't just a jab at the notch of the screen but if you look don't it look like an android . maybe its just me that had me lmao
  • 213 comments here sheez you'd think this was a political comment.
  • I still use BlackBerry so I have no right to comment for the "grow up" part but Samsung has a point. Apple use to be the most innovative phone in the world and for those who still want the most innovative phone, Apple is not it anymore the Note 8 is one of the most powerful phones in the world and easily beats the IPhone X at specs and hardware.
  • Being an iPhone wall-hugger. Oh yeah, that's right those iPhone fanboys, stuck to the wall, running frantically looking for an outlet to charge their phones!...No removable battery for them! Yeah baby! Look what our Samsung phones have. A removable battery... Oh wait...wait a second...Oh damn, we don't any more the last 2-3 years. Wait...Was it a mistake? Are we laughing too loud, too soon? Wait a second here. Let me look again to make sure I have a Samsung S5, or 6, or 8 or Note 5, or Note8 phone with a removable battery. Damn... did I hear someone laugh at me now for turning a wall-hugger too?
  • That's a really good ad
  • I just saw the guy at the end with a notch cut into his hairline! ROTFL!
  • Yes!! I thought I was the only one that noticed. I lost it when I noticed the similarity.
  • iPhone X is Top Notch....litterly......
  • $1000 for what exactly??? I can think of a much cheaper way to get some facial recognition lol
  • Samsung makes a great phone, but they really don't have a clue as to conquest marketing. You don't insult the base of your main competitor. You try to cultivate it. Show why your product is better suited to them. Hard to tell Apple fanbois to grow up when your most popular commercial by far is the NFL Dez Bryant/Josh Norman commerical showing off SPEN as little more than a fancy way to insult someone. I like Samsung, but they need to get their act together and get a cohesive message out there. This commercial is more geared towards their own customers in my opinion. Reaffirm to the Samsung fanbois that you bought the right phone. Little more.
  • I love that ad! My friends & I would say that about iPhone people. Get a big boy phone! 😂
  • Not gonna lie I was that Iphone user in the last few seconds of the video, always looking forward to what Apple put out. I haven't bought an Iphone since 2014. Anyway, this was hilarious even as a former Apple Fanboy. But please Samsung don't be like Google! Don't make fun of/ Criticize Apple for the lack of a headphone jack and then turn around and do the same exact thing!!!
  • I have only had 2 Samsungs; an S4 and S8. Both impressed me more than I thought they would. The commercial was accurate although biased, obviously. I think people are just used to the ecosystem they have been using. All this said I'm only eager to see what Google does with the Pixel 3 since I skipped the 2. Somewhat unrelated but why doesn't Apple just put the fingerprint reader in the Apple logo on the back?
  • I was certain that they'd put it on the back like everyone else and just put the Apple logo above or beneath the fingerprint sensor then. I'm really curious, this whole face ID thing; how's it going to work in the sun when it's washing out everything and everything. There are days I can't even see my display outside...
  • I laughed hard at the ad.
    HOWEVER...let us hope it won't come to bite Samsung in the a*se when it comes to the headphone jack. Because last year Google made fun of it with their iPixel ad, and this yes, to keep on the tradition of ripping off the iPhone, they also removed the headphone jack. I want to believe that Samsung is better than that.
    As for the notch...I will only accept one if it's in the bottom of the screen AND it serves to bring the fingerprint scanner back to the front of the phone.
  • I've seen this commercial twice now and really think that it's a great commercial from Samsung. I mean Apple and a lot of IPhone fans are touting the IPhone X as revolutionary, nevermind that we've had several of their "revolutionary" ideas for the last several years... I didn't mock them, but we have an Apple store in the complex where I work and I just couldn't help but pause and wonder about the ideology of Apple amongst those waiting in line overnight this week... How some are only too happy to shell out a thousand dollars for a device when I shelled out only about two-hundred fifty dollars for an Android (Moto G5 Plus) that'll do most everything their X will do, do it nearly as well and do it a lot cheaper... This his how commercials should be, calling out your competitor...
  • 'grow up'?
    The irony of Samsung saying this to Apple is amusing.
  • Why does the guy in line has a hairline like the iPhone X bezel?