Android Central Podcast Ep. 59

Thing 1 - Google unveils Google Wallet

  • Google Wallet a reality: Brings real purchasing power to your phone

Thing 2 - The bootloader bruhaha

  • HTC: 'We're reviewing our bootloader policy'

Thing 3 - Movies and the streaming situation

  • Android Market's new movie rental service blocked from rooted devices
  • Netflix adds support for three more phones

Bonus: More new devices!

  • LG Revolution, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Motorola Droid X2 available now from Verizon
  • Droid X2 initial review
  • Hands-on with the LG Revolution
  • Xperia Play video hands-on
  • US Cellular's HTC Merge officially launches May 31
  • Sprint and Motorola cooking up something over lunch on June 9
  • HTC Flyer video hands-on (Wifi-only version)
  • HTC Flyer now available at Best Buy
Phil Nickinson
  • I'll be listening in a few missed the live broadcast last night
  • You call people whiners because they don't like locked bootloaders than you go and whine about Google Movies not working on rooted Android devices. Everyone has something they take issue with. Please keep your lectures to a minimum from now on.