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Android Central Podcast Episode 53

Three things (or maybe 4 things)

  • Google tells of steps taken in wake of spate of malicious apps
  • Fake Android security fix is really another trojan

Thing 2: AT&T's fake 4G

  • AT&T confirms the Inspire 4G does not feature HSUPA
  • How to enable high speed uploads (HSUPA) on your Inspire 4G [root]

Thing 3: Where, oh where, has my ThunderBolt gone?

  • "Get a stress ball. You'll be alright." lmao. Awesome podcast guys. Thanks.
  • Jerry,
    Just going by the avatar bro!
    You guys rock...
    Love the podcasts!
  • LMAO. My father would agree about the hair though :p
  • I like the idea of podcast only for ROMs and stuff. Jerry knows sooo much :)