Android Central 317: All Day I Dream About Daydream

This week, Daniel, Jerry and Alex are joined by special guest Russell Holly to talk about Daydream and emerging trends in mobile VR!

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Correct.
  • Love the Korn reference
  • Yeah!
  • Irregular casting time,i hate it
  • Why?
  • Time for an updated more in depth comparison of the Gear Vr vs Daydream. The initial comparison was on fit and comfort which leaned toward the Daydream viewer being held in high regard even with the light bleed issue which is a pretty massive flaw imo. Gear is perfectly comfortable for me so i need to know why the Daydream is being touted as the best from a software and visual perspective. Also agree fully that mid range phone will not deliver a good experience.
  • We're not saying Daydream is better than Gear VR in every way.
  • No, i agree, i would just like to see an updated comparison is all. Sounds like software and experience is improving on Daydream and i would like to see where these improvements are because cardboard software and content was not good at all.
  • Hey some folks who get nauseous from VR have found luck with motion sickness pills. So maybe give Dramamine a try Jerry!
  • Jerry,
    do you think that Lenovo-Motorola are trustworthy like Apple and Google or need to work more on transparency as Huawei and Oppo?
  • For Jerry, with Bluetooth 5 do you expect audio quality to increase?