Play Store shows off 2014's best games, apps, movies, music, and more

Google is highlighting some of the best content of 2014 in the Play Store. A new section called "Best of 2014" showcases the best apps, games, music, movies, books, and magazines from 2014 that Google's editors have chosen. If you're looking for new content for a new phone at the end of the year, Google's Best of 2014 list could help to provide inspiration.

In addition to a general list, Google is also highlighting the Best Games of 2014 in a separate list, with titles like Monument Valley, Machinarium, Plants vs. Zombies, and Clash of Clans topping the charts.

In the Best of 2014 for Google Play Music, you can find albums from artists like Sam Smith, Miranda Lambert, Future, and more.

Google also has dedicated lists for Google Play Books and Google Play Movies, so be sure to hit up the source link below.

Let us know what some of your favorite books, movies, apps, games, music, and magazines are this year in the comments.

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Chuong H Nguyen