Shield Portable update

The NVIDIA Shield Portable (you may know it as just "Shield") is picking up an update tonight that comes in at a hefty 480MB and fixes a variety of nagging bugs. After the update to your device you should see improvements in GameStream quality, a fix for a bug that made the Twitch icon disappear momentarily, a bad glitch that caused the screen to not auto-rotate and improvements to the gyro sensor. The full list of changes:

  • Fixes intermittent streaming issues for some users in GameStream
  • Fixes a bug on the home screen that occasionally replaces the Twitch icon with an Android icon that does not work
  • Fixes auto-rotate screen feature; enable option from Settings -> Display -> Auto-rotate screen
  • Fixes auto turning issue on select racing games that may require gyro-sensor support

There shouldn't be any sort of staged rollout here, so if you have a Shield Portable you'll wanna open it up and grab the update.

Thanks, Timothy!