Microsoft Edge beta for Android picks up Adblock Plus support

Microsoft continues to iterate on its Edge browser for Android, with beta testers being first in line for improvements. And with the latest beta release, the company is tackling an area that's sure to be important to everyone: ads.

The Microsoft Edge for Android beta now includes support for ad blocking via Adblock Plus. Built directly into the browser, users can now turn the feature on from within the settings menu. If you've used Adblock Plus on your desktop machine, then you'll know what to expect here, with the feature keeping sites clear of potentially annoying advertisements as you browse.

Though ad blocking is the only new piece of this update, Microsoft is also continuing to test its intelligent visual search and favorites for internal Intune-managed work and school accounts. Here's a look at all of what's new:

  • Content blocking with Adblock Plus is now available under Settings
  • Intelligent visual search gives you a cool new way to find contact info, identify landmarks, or find similar images based on a photo
  • See organization-managed favorites and internal web apps on Intune-managed work and school accounts A better book reading experience including ability to see/add bookmarks and to change text spacing
  • Performance improvements

If you're an Edge beta tester, the latest update is in the process of rolling out now. Do note that we haven't seen it arrive on all of our devices yet, so this appears to be a slow rollout of sorts. Otherwise, expect ad blocking to make its way to the release version relatively soon, should testing go well.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster