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Meet Caseology's Note 10 and 10+ case lineup

The eagerly anticipated launch of the Note 10 (opens in new tab) and Note 10+ (opens in new tab) is upon us! Featuring their classic "phablet" build, armed with the capability of 45w charging and a camera that is touted to be professional grade along with a built in creativity suite, Samsung ups their game with their newest addition to the Galaxy Note family. The Note remains the smartphone of choice for those of us who still prefer the option of a stylus. However, all the upgrades come at the cost of a hefty price tag. New tech inevitably means expensive upgrades.

For most dedicated tech lovers, the first thought when buying a new phone is about the case. Though we'd all love to be able to carry our gorgeously engineered phones straight out of the box, without a care in the world, the truth is that a case (opens in new tab) has become somewhat of a necessity for those of us without ninja reflexes.

We agree that the most beautiful phone is a caseless phone, but we're all about practicality too. Thankfully, Caseology offers a lineup of cases for both the Note 10 (opens in new tab) and 10+ (opens in new tab) that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

These cases will do their very best to showcase your phone's design, rather than hiding it with bulk.


Parallax for the Note 10+ (opens in new tab)

As lovely as the modern design of a sleek smartphone is aesthetically, it can be a bit of a curse for those of us out there with butterfingers. Smartphones are getting larger and thinner—and most importantly, they're getting more slippery.

If you love a bit of practical texture in your life, this is the case for you. The Parallax is a Caseology classic, featuring a 3D textured geometric back that provides both grip and an eye-catching design. This iconic hexagonal design comes in 4 different color variants (opens in new tab), that will go perfectly with your new Note 10. The inside comes with detailing that provides protective cushioning. Parallax is a case that is both secure and stylish, making it your phone's favorite outfit. Don't you want to reach through the screen to feel it?

Parallax (opens in new tab) is perfect for those of us who crave both beauty and functionality.


Legion for the Note 10 (opens in new tab)

Big things come in small packages. In this particular case (opens in new tab), it means that Legion packs dual layers of strength and flexibility into one slim profile

Legion for the Note 10+ (opens in new tab)

Legion is a Caseology classic, now revamped in 4 different colors (opens in new tab) for the new Note 10 and 10+. This case has a soft inner shell and harder outer shell that snap together to create the perfect bodyguard for your Note 10. Carbon fiber detailing on the top and bottom give it that rugged look. The upgraded version is a smoother, slimmer design that fits comfortably into your hands. This case is precisely engineered to be the most ideal low-profile protection for your Note 10. Legion's sleek design means that it is versatile—take it with you from the office to the outdoors.

Why add unnecessary bulk? Definitely the case (opens in new tab) to get for the frequent phone-droppers in your life!


Skyfall for the Note 10+ (opens in new tab)

One of the most eagerly anticipated colorways of 2019 for the Note 10, the shining holographic silver gradient is truly a head-turner. What a shame to cover it up with a case!

Skyfall for the Note 10 (opens in new tab)

Thankfully, with Skyfall you won't have to. The modern minimalist's dream come true—Skyfall (opens in new tab) is all about showing off that back. Let your Note 10's stunning gradient shine through an ultra-clear back and minimal details! With a variety of hues designed to complement the sleek design of the Note 10, Skyfall has just enough color for flair without being overwhelming. Don't let its simplicity fool you though; underneath that slim, unobtrusive design hides a hybrid layer of shock absorption and a reinforced bumper to protect those delicate corners. The corners feature air space technology, designed to cushion your Note 10's tumbles.

It's all about subtle details and strong protection in this case (opens in new tab), making it the ideal gift for the technology purist in your life.


Vault for Note 10 (opens in new tab)

A rugged, matte black design that speaks for itself, Vault (opens in new tab) is all about simplicity. A single layer of flexible yet sturdy TPU provides shock absorption and scratch protection. The matte back provides great grip and it is finished off with detailing on the outer side, giving it a handsome look. The single layer means that Vault (opens in new tab) stays slim in your pockets and bags, while protecting your shiny Note 10 from scratches and more.

Vault for Note 10+ (opens in new tab)

Our favorite part? The attention to the little details. Protective patterning on the inside of this tough, textured case means that you're getting great protection for minimal bulk (opens in new tab).

Of course, not everyone is planning on getting the Note 10 and that's understandable. Weighing in at a starting price of $949 for the Note 10 and $1099 for the Note 10 Plus, it is one of Samsung's most extravagantly priced models. If you're still in the market for a case for your current smartphone, you can always check out the rest of Caseology's comprehensive lineup of cases (opens in new tab).

And if you're a Canadian reader feeling a bit left out, worry not! Caseology has an storefront (opens in new tab) too, offering all the new Note 10 and 10+ cases.