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HTC announced a new version of the HTC One — codenamed M8 — in late March 2014 in New York City and London. The overall look of the Android smartphone is in the same vein of the 2013 model, with stereo speakers flanking the display and providing the excellent "Boomsound" experience.

But also in the new HTC One is the addition of a second camera on the rear of the phone to provide "depth information" that lets you add all sorts of cool effects to images in post-processing. The second camera lens sits above the main camera. The New HTC One also continues with the "Ultrapixel" scheme. The original version sported a 4-megapixel sensor, but with larger pixels on the sensor, allowing for greater light sensitivity. The real-world results were mixed. The HTC One certainly was able to take some great pictures, but it seemed to be more finicky about it. The new HTC seems to be less finicky overall, but it's not without its quiks.

The new HTC One launches with Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and an updated version of HTC Sense — Sense 6.0, actually. BlinkFeed — a custom newsreader — is still on board and very much a prominent feature of the new HTC One, and it's gotten some nice visual tweaks. BlinkFeed was one of the more controversial features of Sense 5, since it took over the far left-hand position on the home screen. But it quickly grew in popularity — and even emulated by Google in the Nexus 5 with the "Google Now launcher." So it's safe to say HTC was on to something there. With the launch of the new HTC One, the company has also said it'll bring BlinkFeed to more Android devices — not just HTC's own — later this year.

The HTC One M8 launched in three colors and two finishes. Gunmetal Gray is the crowning achievement, with the aluminum sporting a brushed finish (which HTC says was not easy to do) and polished to a glossy shine. (Almost too polished, we think.) You also can get it in the same silver as the original HTC One, and also a champagne gold color. Both have the same texture as the 2013 HTC One.

And then there's the intriguing Dot View Case. It's a folio-style case that uses some cool visual trickery to show information on the screen while it's still being protected. It's definitely cooler than the traditional "window"-style cases, but this one's not without its own issues, too.

And if you want a Google Play edition M8, well, you can have a Google Play edition M8.

In April 2014, Sprint and Harman/Kardan announced a new version of the HTC One M8 with special audio software on board, and a new deal to bring Spotify to Sprint customers at a discount.

For the HTC One M9, to be announced in March 2015, [visit this page](/htc-one-m9(. For the 2013 edition of the HTC One (codenamed M7), please see this page.