Google has set up a $4 million "crisis fund" following President Trump's executive order on immigration. As reported by USA Today, the money will go toward four organizations: the American Civil Liberties Union, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, International Rescue Committee and UNHCR.

According to the report, Google will contribute $2 million to the fund, with employees coming up with the other $2 million. The publication also noted that Google executives are donating money in an individual capacity. Google is one of several Silicon Valley companies that condemned Trump's immigration order, which sees residents from seven predominantly-Muslim countries — Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — banned from entering the U.S. The order also affects those that have valid green cards and visas, and bans all refugees from entering the country for 120 days.

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Ride-sharing service Lyft has announced that it will pledge $1 million over the course of four years to the ACLU, calling Trump's executive order "antithetical:"

This weekend, Trump closed the country's borders to refugees, immigrants, and even documented residents from around the world based on their country of origin. Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft's and our nation's core values.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky tweeted that the service will provide free housing to refugees: