One thing Apple does better than Google: The cheeseburger emoji

Emoji looking different depending on what operating system you're using is nothing new. Send an emoji to a friend from your Samsung phone and there's a good chance it looks different on a Motorola phone, Google phone or Apple iPhone — sometimes to the point of confusion. But now, we have a real crisis: look at Google's "cheeseburger" emoji. Wait ... why is the cheese on the bottom of the burger?

cheeseburger emoji

Yes, this is one place where iOS unequivocally gets things right. Apple places the cheese on top of the patty, as we've all seen time and time again from backyard cookouts to fancy new american eateries. Someone at Google — presumably backed up by a vetting process — chose to put the cheese under the patty. Oh my.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted that fixing this was his top priority — provided people could come to a consensus on where the cheese belongs.

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He is slightly joking, of course, but seriously Mr. Pichai please get this figured out. Google is clearly on the wrong side of this argument.

Despite the canonical name for this emoji actually being "hamburger" and not technically a cheeseburger, all major platforms have taken it on as such. And every single one, aside from Google, puts the cheese on top of the patty. Additional accouterments like lettuce and tomato also find various placements across the companies, but none of those issues is as big as where you put the cheese — we'll get to those arguments next.

Go look at your phone: is the cheese on the top of the patty, or do you have the wrong emoji? If the latter, it's time to go follow Sundar Pichai on Twitter and make sure you keep up with the developments here.

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Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Let me just start this with "crazy" but since we r here.... No no no, Google burger looks delicious I like my lettuce on top of my tomatoes!
  • This is much more important than where to put the cheese. Cheese on the bottom is just fine, but tomato at the top gets your bun all soggy!!!
  • You can't put the cheese on the bottom. You grill the patty and put the cheese on top to melt it. It would stick to the griddle if you tried to put it underneath. You say you could put it on top and then flip it over to put it on the bun? That's crazy talk.
  • WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!, you're all wrong... The lettuce and cheese go on top of the top bun. You just make the sandwich normally, cover the burger with the top bun, and then put the cheese and lettuce on top.. duh
  • Have you never figured that you can flip the burger onto the bun with the cheese facing down or put the bottom bun on top of the cheese after you melt it?
  • Just think of all the poor souls who never got to live in late-stage capitalism. It's enough to make you cry in pity for the human race.
  • Hardly enough
  • I think it's odd to have lettuce on the bottom, although I think Apple's version of the cheeseburger emoji is much better than Google's.
  • Either way, that 🍅 is not staying put
  • And iMessage/Facetime
  • Please focus on the real issue here
  • 🍔 -LG G6
  • 🍔 lol
  • Emoji must die
  • Both burgers are wrong, No Tomato and No Lettuce, Extra Cheese... See this is a stupid argument, It a freaking #firstworldproblem Honestly who cares where the cheese is. Everyone likes something different on the burgers. If you can't tell it's a burger no matter what order the items are you my friend have other issues, like getting to a in an out or burger joint of your choosing. Next thing you know Vegans are going to complain that you are slaughtering digital cows to make those burgers. smh
  • Everything on tech is a #firstworldproblem so I don't get your argument.   Maybe don't take it so seriously and enjoy a good joke? The CEO obviously did.. But you are taking it supar seriousmode.
  • I actually don't think this severe enough to qualify as a first world problems...
  • I like my cheeseburgers to have just that, cheese and burger, none of this vegetable nonsense. The order of the only two necessary ingredients pales in comparison to removing the lettuce and tomato.
  • 🍔 looks like it's on top here. Galaxy S8. Of course, the lettuce can get lost. Only need cheese, ketchup and tomato.
  • Lettuce doesn't go direct against the patty Apple. No one likes wilted lettuce from the heat.
  • Nonsense. Lol, you prepare and eat a burger immediately... No chance lettuce will wilt. Onions do belong next to the burger, on top of any condiments.
  • Agreed, no veggies go under the hot meat! That's why I'm lost, Apple and Google got it wrong.
  • 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 Samsung Note 8 has it right: burger, lettuce, cheese, & tomato on top. I posted 12 of them just to make Pixel 2 owners hungry.... The burgers will "burn into their screens.... Lol
  • I'm surprised this isn't mentioned more with this uproar! Haha. The Koreans, indeed, got it right.
  • You do realize because you even wrote it. Meat, lettuce, cheese, tomato. And you think that is right? Cheese between two cold veggies, that is worse than cheese on the bottom with the meat on top.
  • I'd have gone with marketing and vertical integration, but... Sure... Cheeseburger emoji... Also, there's a cheeseburger emoji? 🖖
  • What about the lettuce being on the bottom? What a time to be alive... discussing Emojis burgers
  • leave it alone, looks fine. cheese only has to be on top when on the grill, eh? doesn't matter after that. only order that matters is where the bun is.
  • Forget the Cheese, seriously, the lettuce being on top is more concerning.
    Who want's a sloppy bottom bun!
  • Apple's emoji are nice :) wait, what I'm I saying This is an Android site. Just kidding guys Google has it right 😁
  • Traitor!!! Sorry, nobody else said it
  • They both get it wrong.
    1. Nothing between patty and bottom bun, except condiments.
    2. Cheese is always n top of the patty. Why? How do you melt cheese anywhere else?
    3. Lettuce on top of cheese.
    4. Anything else small goes on top of lettuce. That is peppers, pickles, etc.
    5. Tomatoes
    6. Bun on top. Let's be clear. This is discussion about a first world problem.
  • Agreed, but does the mayo go on the top bun or bottom...or both?
  • Forgot about the Mayo!! We have to start all over
  • 🍔
  • But then Apple loses all credibility when you look at the pistol emoji.
  • Ya that is a misstep on Apple's part.
  • Slow news day?
  • This comment never gets old.
  • If you have ever had a Juicy Lucy you know the cheese goes inside the patty.
  • Maybe Android Central can open a support ticket with Google and tell people to star it (and not comment) like AP did for the Ambient Display battery meter. Then I can get more unnecessary emails because people can't read. /rant Anyway, I do think the cheese should go on top of the patty, and it should be referred to as a cheeseburger. As stupid as this is, I would be amused if Google actively worked to fix it quickly just because.
  • The biggest travesty is google's beer mug emoji. WTF...
  • Sorry, I took a few sips before they pushed it out.
  • Bro, you coulda' TOLD me! I almost took a sip myself!
  • I've been putting the cheese on the bottom bun for as long as I can remember. I don't like putting cheese on the burger while it finishes cooking because the cheese melts and ends up in the coals, pan, grill, etc., and sometimes slips off entirely. I WANT MY CHEESE, therefore, on the bottom bun it goes with a nice hot burger on top. I have zero issue about this emoji, and they can keep it the way it is.
  • You sir, need to rethink life and get your priorities straight... Lol.....j/k 😂
  • Then your whole life is a lie! How can I ever trust u again 😭
  • "sometimes slips off entirely" You ought to film that, you'd be famous.
  • Android Central....... Really
  • 🍔
  • Where's the bacon? come on man!
  • 🍔 LG G4
  • Nothing to see here. Move along
  • 🍔 Moto G5S Plus
  • As long as you keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool....
  • The lettuce should be on top the tomatoes to prevent the bun from getting soaked in tomato juice
  • I don't think that there is a correct way as it depends on the person who is cooking and eating it(unless you get your cheeseburger on fast-food chains, yuck). When I make my cheeseburger its bottom bun then cheese then the patty then another layer of cheese then another patty and then two cheese on top for good measure before the top bun. I don't put tomato since it ruins the flavor of the cheese for me but I add onions from time to time. Anyway, still don't think that emojis are newsworthy(even more so as a highlight of a new phone lol)
  • Seriously?
  • I can't believe I just read all that..
    I'm as bored as you.
  • LOL, that's what's important? Who has a better emoji??
  • Both wrong. Cheese belongs below AND above patty. :)
  • It's kind of a tossup for me, as I don't get lettuce and tomato on cheeseburgers, and I don't get cheese on burgers with lettuce and tomato! The order does affect the way each bite is presented to the tongue, so there's lots of preferences that will come up! We used to put potato chips on our burgers when my dad was at the grii, because the meat was almost as crunchy as the chips! No need to worry about finding any pink in those burgers; you were doing well if you found any brown! ANYway, in the real world, i would prefer the Apple burger. In the emoji world, I don't care... I usually don't go to a burger place on a date, unless it's with my wife, and in that case we will go to Red Robin for the Clam Chowder. On my last date with other's, we went to Red Robin's and they actually ordered burgers. Made it cheaper than I expected, which was not a concern, but nice anyway. There's this one girl I hang out with at times, and she always wants Red Lobster crab legs, lol. Who has the better French Fry emoji? I will alway remember the "Vicki Fry" when I think of burgers. Vicki was a friend who also assisted me with sound and video projects, and when I found out she worked her daytime job at a bank downtown, we would hookup for lunch. Her favorite French fries were the little square pieces in the bottom, so that's why I named them after her.
  • Cool story bro.
  • Non-issue. Who cares what side of the meat the cheese is on.
  • This issue has been plaguing android for some time. It is hard to choose Android over iOS due to this nagging problem. I don't know how Android remains competitive. This really should be job #1.
  • Still lagging behind ios but getting closer.
  • How did I go from reading about the latest phone release to how people like their burgers cooked 🙄
  • Lettuce goes on the bottom as a barrier between the patty and bun. This saves the bun from grease overload and becoming a mushy pseudo foundation to the patty where it eventually mushes through. Cheese on top to allow the melty goodness to flow down across the rest of the cow sammich. The rest of the accoutrements can be placed to your liking. And in the words of Vegeta from "Resurrection of F"....... "IT'S CHEESE!!" Who really cares. It's a cheeseburger emoji. LOL. Whateves.
  • Yet they all fail to make emojis for food people actually eat... I've given up on using food emojis because of it.
  • Emojis are for 12 year old girls. Enough said.
  • If you have ever seen what a cheeseburger looks like after you chew on it for a while, you couldn't guess if there was even cheese on it. I can't believe this is even an issue.