PS VR2 dev kit leaked, new launch title hinted

Image of a PS VR2 dev kit with headset and controllers in a chair
(Image credit: @BitPlanetGames on Twitter)

What you need to know

  • A prominent VR developer posted an image of a PlayStation VR2 development kit on Twitter.
  • The image shows both controllers, the PS VR2 headset, and the connector cable in a chair.
  • Ultrawings 2 has been confirmed for PS VR2 and could possibly be available at the PS VR2's launch.

In what's likely to be an "oops" moment, the developers of Ultrawings 2 posted an image of their PlayStation VR2 development kit on Twitter, showcasing the headset, both controllers, and the long cable that connects the PS VR2 headset with the PS5.

While the post has since been taken down, you can see the image above which Android Central archived shortly after the post was made. This marks the first time we've seen an in-person photo of the PS VR2 headset and controllers and gives us an idea of how long the cable for the headset is going to be. At this point in time, we still have no official release date for the PS VR2 and PS5 consoles remain hard to get.

Since the PS VR2 is a wired headset, it's important that the cable remain long — likely 15ft or longer based on other wired VR headsets with roomscale movement support — in order to give players enough space to freely walk around their rooms while wearing the headset.

Ultrawings 2 is a seated VR experience that lets players fly different aircraft, earn money by completing missions, and unlock new aircraft and islands in an open world made-for-VR adventure. While the long cable isn't important for this particular game, the PS VR2's advanced controllers will no doubt be used for some impressive feedback for each aircraft, giving players an even greater sense of immersion in each cockpit.

The initial Twitter post cited that the posted image was within NDA guidelines for public posting but was later taken down without comment. It's likely this was a mistake, but it also confirms that Ultrawings 2 is headed to the PS VR2 at some point in time. Seeing as how Ultrawings 2 is already available on the Oculus Quest 2 and PC VR platforms, it's entirely possible that developer Bit Planet Games will have it ready for the PS VR2's launch timeframe.

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