The Division Resurgence for Android: Everything you need to know

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Ubisoft has announced The Division Resurgence, the latest game in The Division franchise, is also the first to come to mobile devices. Promising RPG mechanics and an open world to explore, the game looks to take many familiar elements found in The Division 1 and 2, while also focusing on creating a smooth experience for players on mobile.

Tom Clancy’s The Division first released in 2016, with the title generating $330 million in its first week, breaking the record for the fastest-selling game franchise. The game and its sequel have sold over 20 million copies in the last console generation, meaning a mobile release is likely to be greatly anticipated. Here’s what we know so far.

What is The Division Resurgence?

The Division Resurgence

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The Division Resurgence is the first mobile entry in The Division series, and will, according to Ubisoft, “appeal to veteran and newcomer players to the franchise alike.” Like previous games, The Division Resurgence will feature third-person combat against hostile factions and will contain RPG mechanics. 

The UI could look different from the mainline games, with Ubisoft suggesting a focus on optimization of controls and UI specifically for mobile.

The Division Resurgence: What’s the story?

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Set in New York, The Division Resurgence will draw on previous storylines present in both the first and second Division titles, while telling its own independent story. 

With New York still in chaos, you play as an agent from the Strategic Homeland Division, tasked with aiding civilians and defeating the factions located around the city. Characters in the game will have deep backstories, while Ubisoft promises an “outstandingly detailed urban environment” as you traverse the open world.

Just how much Resurgence will take inspiration from the story found in previous games remains to be seen. The first game centers around the aftermath of a virus known as "Green Poison" that sweeps New York, with the Strategic Homeland Division given the task of restoring order to the city. 

Being that Resurgence is also set in New York, it is likely that the game will draw more heavily on the original title than its sequel, with The Division 2 set in Washington D.C. Some factions from either title could re-appear though, alongside a new enemy group known as the Freemen.

The Division Resurgence: What’s the gameplay like?

The Division Resurgence screenshot

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The game will be playable solo or in co-op, with a slew of PvE activities to engage with in the open world. Players will also be able to experience upgradeable new gear and weapons not seen before in previous games. Leveling up will unlock unique weapons, gadgets, and specializations for each class, with loadout experimentation seemingly a key focus, as you fight alongside and complement other players.

Given that Ubisoft may change the UI to suit mobile devices, gameplay could also differ from the mainline entries in The Division franchise. While the game promises to feature familiar game modes, it could be stripped back in other areas due to the fact that it is a free-to-play mobile title. 

It is ultimately unclear at this stage how similar the game will play to the previous mainline entries, with other comparable franchises on mobile attempting to replicate the gameplay experience found on more powerful hardware, with varying degrees of success. 

The Division Resurgence: When’s the closed beta?

Although there isn't a date yet, Ubisoft has announced that there are upcoming mobile tests, with players able to sign up now on the official Division Resurgence website.

The Division Resurgence: Is it free-to-play?

The Division Resurgence is confirmed to be a free-to-play title, and while in-game purchases have not yet been confirmed, it is reasonable to assume that they will be included.

The Division Resurgence: Release date and platforms

The game will be available for both iOS and Android devices when it launches, but there is currently no word on when that will be. We will update this when more information is available.

Another shooter makes the jump to mobile

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The Division Resurgence is the latest example of a popular shooter making its way to mobile devices, following in the footsteps of franchises such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty. Ubisoft is hoping for similar success, with the standalone story aiming for new and existing players of the series.

Many of the mechanics found in the previous Division games look to be returning, with the ability to play either solo or co-op sure to please fans. The focus on strategy and experimentation is also interesting, and the game could represent a promising direction for the franchise. With players able to sign up now for tests, it won’t be long before fans get a glimpse at the newest iteration of The Division.

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