Galaxy Note 8 review: MrMobile loves that S Pen

Six-point-three; 3300; 195; twelve. Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8 is awash in numbers … but there's only one that really matters: $105. That's how many more clams you'll shell out at the register if you choose the Galaxy Note 8 over its close cousin, the Galaxy S8+. In exchange, you'll get a larger screen, dual cameras, a few spec bumps … and the most misunderstood accessory in smartphones. Many folks are asking if adding a stylus is worth all that extra dough, especially ten years after we first pledged allegiance to our new capacitive-screen overlords. Fortunately, I've had the past ten days to find out.

I'm MrMobile and I've put the Galaxy Note 8 through its paces from Boston to Berlin. Check out the video above for my take on this latest super-slab, and then see Android Central's Galaxy Note 8 review for all the deep-dive details on this mega-monster.

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