Galaxy Note 8 review: MrMobile loves that S Pen

Six-point-three; 3300; 195; twelve. Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8 is awash in numbers … but there's only one that really matters: $105. That's how many more clams you'll shell out at the register if you choose the Galaxy Note 8 over its close cousin, the Galaxy S8+. In exchange, you'll get a larger screen, dual cameras, a few spec bumps … and the most misunderstood accessory in smartphones. Many folks are asking if adding a stylus is worth all that extra dough, especially ten years after we first pledged allegiance to our new capacitive-screen overlords. Fortunately, I've had the past ten days to find out.

I'm MrMobile and I've put the Galaxy Note 8 through its paces from Boston to Berlin. Check out the video above for my take on this latest super-slab, and then see Android Central's Galaxy Note 8 review for all the deep-dive details on this mega-monster.

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  • I have had a new Android every year since the beginning!! I mean the top-of-the-line Android. After I bought the Moto G5 Plus w/64 gig rom, I refuse to spend over $700 for a phone anymore!! Number one, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 for all my social media, emails, and light video watching. So the only time I need my phone for more than a phone is when I'm off somewhere. These phone prices are getting too ridiculous!! For the price you pay for top-tier phones you can get a top-of-the-line laptop!!
  • But are you going to carry that everywhere¿
  • To be honest, the huge tablet could probably be ditched and they'd be fine... The Moto G5 plus is incredibly capable.
  • Considering Note 8 has Dex capability, I'd prefer that than to lug around a laptop.
  • Cool... Although the Dex dock isn't really an alternative to a laptop... Regardless, my comment was about the devices they actually said they use... Not the hypothetical laptop.
  • No way can you get a top of the line laptop for under $1000
  • More like a mid-range gaming laptop. Many of which are actually quite potent at 1080p
  • Top of the line laptops push $2,000.00 easily. You can get a great laptop for $950, but the high spec ultra books and gaming laptops cost much more.
  • Not really a top-end laptop. Those cost $2000 or more. The ASUS RoG GX800 for instance costs $6000, although that's a balls-to-the-wall machine that only novelists would want, alongside the Predator 21X. In more realistic terms, the standard form factor top-end model usually start around the $2k mark and usually feature a GTX 1070 at the very least although models with a GTX 1050/1050 Ti can be had for less. For $950, you can get a great value laptop like the Dell Inspiron 15G 7567 (and upcoming 7577) and the Predator Helios 300 for a little bit more. They're not as amazing as higher-ups which feature G-SYNC, higher refresh rates, and NVMe SSDs but they are very good value.
  • Wait a couple of months, then go to Swappa. All of the TMO BOGO free users will be dumping their extra phones. I use a ($850) S8+ that I bought for $ it.
  • I couldn't agree more.
  • Maybe the new higher price on phones is a good thing. People will re-think every year, every two year and maybe even every three year replacements and finally hurt the phone manufacturer where it matters. It's the only way change will come about.
  • What will happen is that instead of 24 months it will become 36 months...
  • They will finally start to realized what they really need and use their phones for and buy cheaper mid range ones. Like many of my friends and family, no one will buy a phone for more than $200. They do everything they need it to do.
  • I like it but I really need to see where the LG V30 comes in price wise.
  • Even after i turned in the Note7, i still found myself reaching for that s-pen. 😢
  • RIP
  • I agreed with others as I'm looking at the Note8 (2) and the Tab S3, so the higher than market norm for pricing is really making me think twice right now. I'm not one to constantly upgrade my devices unless they break or gets so behind the updates to where I can't use a needed app.
  • The Tab S3 lte is great for everything except being a phone (hangouts dialer is ok in a pinch) and the camera.
  • Can make calls just fine if you have Verizon, any Android tablet can.
  • If you buy the note 8 directly thru Samsung right now it's 300 off. Just saying.
  • Honestly, having gone from the Note 7 (my first experience with a Note device) it back to get the s7 edge, I'm really looking forward to getting back everything I loved about the Note. Pre-ordered and unlocked version through Samsung since I still had my old Galaxy s5 that I can trade in and you don't get hit with a ridiculous down payment like most carrier "deals." I contacted my carrier and they said they could put insurance on a phone from outside of the carrier (since I hit them with the fact that they offer customers to bring over their current device from other carriers). If the Note 7 didn't get recalled, I wouldn't upgrade to the 8, but I loved the Note experience.
  • Pretty crazy how "sticky" the Note effect is. You really do miss it when it's gone.
  • The last time I touched the pen on my Samsung tablet, it was to pick it up from under the night stand where it fell. I almost never use it.
  • I can understand using it less on a tablet because you don't carry your table everywhere like your phone
  • They said they didn't put a bigger battery in the Note 8 because there wasn't enough space... Huh? Apparently there is some impassable universal force not allowing samsung engineers to design a phone thicker Note 8 so they have more space for a bigger battery.
  • Great review, as always. I really like the way MrMobile carefully chooses his words to describe a device in such a way that it seems like that particular device somehow defines all of human existence.
  • Dude, did you just feature Juan and Jaime from Pocketnow? Cool that you still keep in touch with those guys. I like both you and Juan's reviews.
  • They did a Pocketnow Weekly together not too long ago. Watershed moment
  • It's a hot deal but Don't expect Xiaomi to deliver updates on time. Never.
    I've seen it with Android One phones here in Africa 🤔🤔