Final Fantasy XI is coming to mobile next year

Role-playing game fans can find plenty of mobile Final Fantasy games on the market, with several more like Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal due out this year. On the whole, they range from re-releases of classics to mash ups of characters from various games to original titles bearing the Final Fantasy name. But there has never been a mobile Final Fantasy MMO in the vein of Final Fantasy XI and XIV… until now.

Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix and the Korean branch of Nexon Corporation (Maple Story) have announced plans to bring the first massively multiplayer online Final Fantasy — Final Fantasy XI — to mobile platforms in 2016. The mobile version will feature both single-player and online multiplayer gameplay.

Originally released on PC in 2002, Final Fantasy XI is Square-Enix's longest-running and most successful MMO to date. Nexon Korea plans to recapture that magic on smartphones and tablets while adding some improvements of its own:

  • Improved single-player functionality
  • Enhanced battle system
  • Easier party organization
  • New in-game events and features
  • New character art style

Final Fantasy XI Mobile announced

Seeing as how Final Fantasy XI Mobile is still a long way off, much about it remains up in the air. The chief question is how it will be monetized. Existing versions of the game charge players a $13 monthly fee. Subscription models don't tend to work well (or at all) on mobile. But will the mobile game be entirely free to play, or will it be premium with in-app purchases?

Hopefully we'll find out well before Final Fantasi XI Mobile launches next year. The game will be released in North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, and parts of Asia.

In other Final Fantasy XI news, Square Enix plans to release a three-part final scenario to the PC game this year. After that, only bug fixes and content balance updates will be released. Additionally, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 versions of the game will stop being supported in March 2016. They've had a good run!

Paul Acevedo
  • Very nice Posted via the Android Central App
  • So.....when's FF7?
  • it's bound to happen eventually, but doesn't sound like they'll be doing it this year.
  • I'd imagine we won't see 7 until after the remake for consoles/PC is complete next year.
  • I suppose since they really never bother to update anything but content it's POSSIBLE to get FF XI on a mobile device, but why bother? The game has become nothing more than a rush to grab the next big item. No one (slight exaggeration) bothers to help with what made the game fun - THE STORY. The missions and quests were what sucked me in. Partying with people who just wanted to enjoy things and try new strategies made the game fun. Now everyone just follows along using "what works" to get through a fight ASAP so they can move on to find that next big item that becomes worthless with the next update. Thanks, I'll pass.
  • I have never played FF XI but you described my exact thoughts on world of warcraft. I wonder if that is just a think that happens with MMOs after a while.
  • I'm pretty sure that's what happens. XI was great for me while I had a solid group to run with (we had a sizable Linkshell/Guild for a while), but once they started dropping off, it slowly went downhill. I loved the story, and I admit they made a lot of content soloable, but that took away so much of the fun and reason I played. I tried FF XIV for a bit too. Loved the graphics, loved the story, loved the in-game extras but... I just don't have time. I'm too untrusting of people I don't know now, found too many that complained over stupid things and just ruined the experience quickly in general. So much of XIV is soloable too, it took away the fun before it started. :(
  • You should give Elder Scrolls Online a shot. I absolutely love it. I have played so many MMOs.... WoW, Rift, SWTOR, GW, GW2, and tons more. I have to say that Elder Scrolls story is excellent, the PVP is excellent, the PVE is excellent, the guild system is excellent, and if you don't have any friends online, you can still have a ton of fun solo. It is worth the cash to buy the game and now it is F2P so its a small investment overall.
  • FFXI on mobile? Ehh... I played FFXI for 6 years between PS2 and PC. Gameplay was often hindered by the poor UI/X design/layout. This resulted in a very dedicated community of modders to fix what SE failed to recognize as short falls. The thought of playing FFXI without many of those 3rd party features, or on a mobile device are a turn off. I'll exclude the rant on party seeking being a gigantic time sink. :-P
  • Why XI? Nobody plays it anymore and xiv is do much better. Posted via the Android Central App
  • no XIV sucked as well.
    XI at least used to be good.
  • Ok why did it suck? Was it because the que times are extremely short, or is it the massive content? Over 30 dungeons including hard mode dungeons( which btw are not the same dungeon. buffed mobs, new bosses, new mobs, and completely different map layout. I played XI from 2004 till 2010 I miss it to but don't be a jerk because you were not sacked into the game immediately. XIV ARR is great yes it has its problems but what game doesn't please name me one that you think does not suck XI excluded. And Btw the PVP on XIV is amazing, closest MMO pvp I can think of that is similar is WoW hate it or love it, it is still legit.
  • Sucked not sacked. Edit for some reason is not working on here.
  • FFXI was the only truly great MMO and probably will ever be, because it had its priorities right: Your time and effort was invested for reward in the forms of: story, experience, adventure, social. There wa s little to no emphasis on your level in terms of how much you got from the game: special items set for level 23 or 7 might still be useful at level 75, like the Emperor Hairpin, Astral Rings, etc. You might regularly play hours without seeing a level, and max level for one job often took upwards of a year to achieve. Now a days, all MMOs are fixated on combat and leveling, and immediate gratification:
    Mostly solo friendly and tend to allow you to wade through tons several enemies in less than a minute.
    XP gain is rapid and several levels can be gotten in a single play session. I could spend hours writing more but hopefully you understand this perspective I and many come from. That's why FFXI was a game so many players played for 5-8 years and now a days, most players don't stick with a game for more than 6 months to 2-3 years. Or all the XI players (myself included) who tried to quit several times but kept being pulled back for more. That's the difference between XI and practically every other MMO before it or since. And the XI vanilla interface was still the best UI I've ever used, minus a few tweaks they could have made. It was minimal and stayed out of your view, unlike most every other MMO, and you could access everything with a few key presses, whereas every other MMO requires using the mouse (slow and imprecise by comparison). FFXI's streamlined UI was the reason so many of us were able to duo box with only one hand on each keyboard and do everything successfully. Try that in any other MMO.
  • For some reason, I don't see doing Dynamis runs on my phone. That would be too painful.
  • I can't wait for FFTactics to be ported. It may work better on touch phones than the traditional FF RPGs.
  • My friends and i loved the early days, then it just went downhill from there. I hope they make it mobile friendly and free to play, if not then no one is going to play it.
  • There's no way they can port FFXI to Android - even the most powerful Android devices would struggle with it. Its gigs and gigs of content do they address THAT? How do you control it w/o a keyboard or game controller? If this thing actually gets released it will be FFXI in name only. Sure, it would be amazing to have that experience on a mobile device, esp. when you consider it was one of the most efficient MMOs in terms of bandwidth utilization. The only way I could see them making it work would be if the whole thing was streamed from remote servers and I doubt Nexon has any experience in this area.
  • I have been playing Final Fantasy XI, since March 2004 (11 plus years). Today my Son and I have three (3) subscriptions (~$84/month) and we'd be happy to continue paying this to access via his Kindle and the tablet I hope to buy later this year. We truly hope this FFXI and the one we have been playing on our PS2, PS3, and PCs (Windows 7 and Windows 10) are all the same. IMHO, tablet users should feel it is acceptable to pay a subscription fee if you can play on your tablet AND also you PC.