Facebook rolls out more granular location sharing in Messenger

Facebook announced that it is enabling more granular controls for users to share locations in Messenger. Whereas users previously only had the option of turning location sharing on and off, the changes rolling out today enable them to share maps of specific locations at their discretion in a separate message. Perhaps most notably, users aren't restricted to their current location either; you now have the option to send a map of a meet-up spot, like a cafe or restaurant.

Using the feature is a pretty straightforward affair. To get started, you just tap the "more" icon or location pin on your screen. From there, you can either search for a specific location to share, or send your current location info. For what it's worth, we aren't seeing this functionality on our devices yet, and it's unclear if this is coming in an update or if Facebook is flipping a switch on the server side. In any case, sharing location information just got a tad better in Messenger.

Source: Facebook