Eero: Why you should upgrade your router before changing your ISP plan

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Wish you had faster internet? Don't we all. But there are a few things that could be limiting your internet speeds. You could simply need to subscribe to a faster internet plan, which would ensure that your internet service provider heightens your speeds, resulting in a faster connection. But your slow internet could also have to do with your router -- and unless you're certain that your router isn't the issue, it's a good place to start.

There are a few reasons to upgrade your router before you switch to a new plan with your ISP. Not convinced? Here are some of those reasons.

The router your ISP sent is probably not great

You might pay for a decent plan from your ISP, but if you're using the router your ISP provided, or even an older router that you had lying around, you're probably not taking full advantage of that internet plan. Now, that may not be true for everyone. It's entirely possible that some ISPs are sending out great routers. But others send out cheap routers that offer slow speeds at best. To check which boat you're in, it's a good idea to check the speeds the router offers and the speeds you're paying your ISP for.

That said, a great internet connection isn't just about speeds. Even if the router you're using offers download speeds that match the internet plan you're paying for, newer, smart routers know how to manage those speeds in a way that's more efficient, and smarter. That means that a new router can prioritize connected devices based on what they need, and when.

There's also the fact that the router your ISP sent may not offer a footprint that's big enough for your home. If you're struggling to get a decent connection in the corners of your home, a new mesh router, like the Eero 6 or Eero Pro 6, will ensure that you can get a fast connection anywhere in your home.

A cost benefit analysis

Most ISPs allow users to rent routers from them, usually at a rate of around $150 per year. While it's not so hard to stomach the cost of a little over $10 on a monthly basis, over a few years, that can seriously add up. When you consider the fact that you can get some of the fastest mesh routers out there for a few hundred bucks, it's seriously worth doing so -- if not just so you can avoid paying your ISP's costs.


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The same is true for an upgraded ISP plan. A better plan from your ISP could cost anywhere from a few extra bucks per month to much more, and if a router will solve your speed woes, then it's worth going that route if possible. The worst that happens is that you upgrade your router, find that your ISP is still delivering slow speeds, and you have a great new router to take advantage of your ISP's speeds when you upgrade plans.

Other new features

Of course, even if the router your ISP sends out is able to deliver decent speeds, it almost certainly doesn't offer some of the more advanced features you could get from buying your own router.

As mentioned, some recent high-tech routers create what's called a mesh network, which expands on the footprint your router is able to deliver, and ensures that you get good speeds even in the corners of your home.

Other routers offer heightened security. For example, Eero routers offer subscription services called Eero Secure and Eero Secure+, which have advanced security features that other routers simply don't offer.

Ultimately, getting a new router is a good idea whether your ISP is delivering decent speeds or not. Even if you find out that you need a new plan, you'll still end up with a great router that can handle better speeds you may get down the road. Not to mention the fact that they'll be able to more intelligently manage your network, no matter how many devices you have on it.

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