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EA Games has released its classic turn-based blaster Worms on the Android Market. The publisher says that Worms' graphics and animations have been optimized for the Android platform, and our initial impressions of the game are that it seems to be up there with recent Worms console titles in terms of graphical fidelity.

Worms for Android offers a host of game modes from previous Worms games including puzzle, racing and banzai. The characteristic voice acting that fans of the series will recognize is also present and correct.

A QR code for the North American version can be found after the jump. European readers can find it by searching for "Worms" in the Android Market.

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • The price?
  • Really interested in this (depending on cost) but the appbrain link doesn't work.
  • Great game but $2.99 for a port of an old game? Come on EA...On that note EA still has yet to fix FIFA 10 for the EVO and that was like $4.00
  • What is the problem w/fifa? I have this on the Epic, they had an update a week or so go. I have not played it in a while, but I remember having to change something for the joystick to work properly.
  • There is no joystick on the evo..I enabled the floating d-pad and still nothing..if you know of something please let me know :) thanks
  • Market Link not working for me. Unable to find it in market search either :(
  • Neither the links or the QR code work. This is on both OG Droid and Galaxy Tab
  • You can find it in a search for "Worms." It's the 10th or so result. Most disappointing: No support for Galaxy Tab! My fiancee and I would have loved to play this on the Tab, but they specifically say that it's not supported. Can't get it to start. They really need tablet support for a game like this...
  • That is disappointing. I hope my lovely tab doesn't get left behind when companies start supporting the honeycomb tablets. That or Samsung could do something amazing and actually update a product.
  • once the tab gets updated to honeycomb then any and all apps should work on it since honeycomb has a nice combatibility to it allowing games in the apps to play using the whole screen.
  • That's not true at all
  • well then what do you mean? maybe i am misunderstanding it but i thought that with honeycomb developers would not need to update their apps to support a tablet running 3.0 Compatibility with existing apps
    Android 3.0 brings a new UI designed for tablets and other larger screen devices, but it also is fully compatible with applications developed for earlier versions of the platform, or for smaller screen sizes. Existing applications can seamlessly participate in the new holographic UI theme without code changes, by adding a single attribute in their manifest files. The platform emulates the Menu key, which is replaced by the overflow menu in the Action Bar in the new UI. Developers wanting to take fuller advantage of larger screen sizes can also create dedicated layouts and assets for larger screens and add them to their existing applications.
  • Bah! Can't get the links to work either... Dinc
  • Same here. Market link has no results on Incredible wth CM 7 nightly #16.
  • Where can i get it?
  • It's in the market. Search "worms by ea." $2.99
  • you all seem to forget that one of the main upgrades to the market was that it would weed out apps that would not work on your specific phone...
  • Links work just fine for me.
  • Link works just fine.
    $2.99 for an old ported game? Really?
  • Link still didn't work for me but searching "Worms by EA " did.
  • It's ok, I guess. For me, it definitely isn't worth the $2.99, though. It just isn't that good on a phone screen. Unless you zoom in and out constantly, it just looks like dots shooting missiles at other dots, lol. Might be better on a tablet. I had a constant popping sound while playing, also.
  • Used to LOVE this game back in the day so figured I'd give it a try on my Epic. I think this game would've been better with an on-screen d-pad and buttons or something - as it is, it's tricky using some of the weapons with the wonky touchscreen controls you have to use. Maybe I have to get used to them...
  • Love how you now only have a 15 minute return window, then you got to download a 28mb file to play the game. If you buy it in an area where you dont have wifi or slow 3g, you cannot get refunded because by the time the file is done, you only have 2 minutes to try.
  • lmao this is so true
  • Yup, I just bought the game. I wasn't happy how it played on my EVO nor how the controls are, and guess what, I download the extra content via 4G and now after only playing it for a quick match, I cannot get a refund because I went over the 15 minutes time by 3 and a half minutes! This is so ridiculous, I don't feel like buying to try anything now. That's $3.00 gone!
  • OMG a whole $3!!!! How are you going to make it through the rest of the day?
  • C'mon, don't belittle someone over that. It's not the price that matters, it's the principle. Besides, in an economy like the one we have right now, every dollar counts.
  • next time you go to the bathroom.. flush $3 down the toilet on your way out.. If people refuse to buy them it'll teach companies to have a trial version of their games. They could have easily had a trial version with one or two maps and a small selection of weapons.
  • $3 will at least buy a light lunch at a fast food joint. Again, it's the principle of the BS 15-minute refund window. Some apps that are over $10 and don't have a trial version can end up being a waste of money. When I was beta testing SPB Shell for the Fascinate, one of my recommendations to SPB was to offer a trial version because of the 15-minute window. That just isn't enough time for most people to get to know an app or game to decide if they need/like it or not.
  • So exactly what isn't working for you guys? The QR code? The link? Or just searching in the market?
  • Both the QR code and market links. Searching in the market now works though. "Worms by EA" (fascinate btw)
  • If you cant find it try looking for other EA games like Sims or Tetris then touch the "View more applications" link. It should be in the list.
  • Wow, trying to control the worms and the constantly zooming in and out, really sucks. Would possibly be better on a tablet but even on the Droid X it sucked. Refunded.
  • Did it get pulled from the Market?!?!?!!? I can't believe i missed it!
  • QR code working for me on G2
  • I just wish that I could buy it. Bought it for the iTouch 2 days before I got my DroidX and now I can't connect. Looking forward to playing it though. Someday. EDIT: Looks like the market payment gateway is down...or am I the only one. Maybe my wife is behind this? EDIT 2: Wife not guilty. Apparently it had something to do with Egypt.
  • I bought the game, but it exits immediately upon starting, with no FC or other explanation. Kind of sucks.
  • Link doesn't work and $2.99 for an old @$$ game?? Weak.
  • wont work on my evo... goes as far as licence start then force closes
  • same on my epic...license start, then shuts down
  • To bad this app is still beta, force closes on about every decive out there. Come on EA, your better than this.
  • Really?! This is a beta app?!?! EA really is nickel-and-diming people these days! Gotta buy console games new just to play online, charging $3 for a smartphone game that isn't even a gold release... I didn't want to believe they were this evil until now. Bad, EA! Bad! *slaps EA w/ rolled up newspaper*
  • Paid $1.50 for mine (in the US AndMarket). Works perfectly fine on my Vibrant.