Dropbox will now let you comment on shared files on the web

While Dropbox for Business early access users have been able to comment on documents since late March, the company has now made this ability available to all users. Comments are available for any file stored in Dropbox. You can bring in others to comment with Twitter-like "@" mentions. You can also get notifications for new comments, and even turn off comments on a particular file if necessary.

From Dropbox:

  • Bring anyone into the conversation with mentions. When you type @, followed by someone's name or email address, they'll get an email notification — even if they don't use Dropbox — with a link to go right to the file. It's a one-step process to both share a file and gather input about it.
  • Instantly stay up to date (if you choose). When anyone comments on a file you've shared, you'll receive an email notification. Or if you don't need play-by-play updates on a certain file, just click 'Unsubscribe from notifications.'
  • Manage the conversation. Everyone with access to a shared link can make comments. But what if you don't want others to be able to weigh in? If it's a file you shared, just click 'Turn off comments' in the Options menu.
  • Make changes on the spot with Microsoft Office files. If the comments are on a Microsoft Office file and you're the owner, you don't even need to leave the browser to make the changes. Just click the 'Open' button to edit the file in Office Online or in the desktop app; either way, your changes will be saved back to Dropbox.

To use comments simply open a file on the Dropbox website. You'll find comments on the right-hand side of any document. All you need to do is start typing.

Source: Dropbox

Joseph Keller