Do you prefer Nova Launcher or TouchWiz Home?

As most all of you know, one of Android's greatest strengths lies in the ability to customize just about every little aspect of it that you want. Third-party launchers are a great way to change up the entire look and feel of your device, and time and time again, Nova Launcher has proven to be one of the best options around for doing this.

Samsung's own Android launcher (TouchWiz Home) used to be hot garbage just a few short years ago, but since the Galaxy S8, Samsung managed to turn it into something that a lot of people actually prefer using over a third-party one.

Some of our forum users recently started talking about whether they prefer Nova or TouchWiz Home, and these are a few of the responses.

I've been using Nova Launcher on my V20 for the past year and I just upgraded to a Note 8 yesterday. Yeah, I know this isn't the Note group but this is a bit of a generic topic. I've been really impressed by the stock setup (apps and launcher) on this phone. I almost feel like it has been customized with a independent launcher of some sorts. :) I think Samsung is getting a bit Apple like...


I've been a nova prime user for as long as I remember, nova is great at what it does and for most Android phones is the better option than the stock launcher .....but I can't seem to leave Samsung's stock launcher on my S8, it's just amazing and so beautiful and I love how small the widgets info is (example is my bible widget, on stock it shows all the info in a smaller amount of space but...


I don’t mind Samsung’s ui but I’m sure I’m in the minority. I used to use nova all the time but now when i use it on my s8+ or note 8 it slows it down really bad so I gave up on theming.


I use Nova on my Note 5. I'm sure there is a difference between Samsung's UI between the two, though.


Now, we'd like to hear from you – Are you using Nova Launcher or Samsung's TouchWiz Home?

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