Counter-Strike 1.6 can be played on an Android phone with some extra effort

While Valve isn't planning to release a native version of its classic PC multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike 1.6 in the Google Play Store, someone has figured out a way to get the game running on Android phones.

The person who made this happen is Alibek Omarov, who has created the necessary files in an APK format and posted them to GitHub (via Kotaku). You will also need to own Counter-Strike 1.6 itself on Steam for this to work. Omarov has posted the instructions on how to install and get the game running on Android phones.

We want to emphasize that this method is in no way official, nor has it been approved by Valve, so you are downloading and installing these files on your phone at your own risk. You might also want to hook up a gamepad or some other gaming controller to the phone after Counter-Strike 1.6 is ready to play, as we can imagine playing the game with just a touch screen would be very hard indeed.

John Callaham