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Carbon for Android potentially days away according to developers

Carbon for Android has been a long time coming, and has to be one of the more hotly anticipated apps of recent times. While the original projected release date may have come and gone, no-one can deny that the developers, Dots and Lines, have been working hard to complete. A recent tweet posted to the official Carbon for Android account gives further hope that soon we'll be able to try it for ourselves. 

Turns out, that we might only be a few days away from launch; 

Matter of a few dayz now...yea, still alive and kicking! Next up will be a full video and our Google Play link...

Exciting news for sure. The Twitter client space has seen some interesting competitors in recent months such as Boid and Tweet Lanes, but it's no secret that this is the one a lot of people are going to want. And of course, it's going to be free. 

Source: @CarbonAndroid

  • I waited since July when they were saying that they would release it the following week. Then I remembered something:
    Rule no.1 Don not ask for ETA's
  • It's a shame twitter changed the api rules though so it will probably turn out useless in the long run with limited people able to use it
  • "Carbon for Android [...] has to be one of the more hotly anticipated apps of recent times." It was until they consistently flaked on their release dates. I don't put much stock in developers that don't have clear communication with their (in this case potential) userbase. Even before the first release date they flaked on, the lack of information from the Carbon-camp was worrying. I don't see the app lasting very long when they have to compete against developers out there that are willing and able to put in the time needed to keep their apps up-to-date and their communication channels open in the coming "3rd-party-app Twitter storm." If we see Carbon for Android out in the next few days I'll be floored. But it won't replace the official Twitter app for me, personally.
  • This is the second time it's been "Just days away." Vaporware strikes again.
  • Carbon and Boid look almost identical. What gives?
  • Only the tabs and the action bar, which are holo elements. they both use different icons too.
  • I used this when I had a webOS phone, and I thought it was the best Twitter client I had ever used. Like the article says, there a lot of solid to good clients out there now on Android. With that said, I think this could be one of the best out there. I will definitely be downloading this day one when it releases.
  • I've been highly anticipating Carbon for Android for months now. The other Holo Twitter apps were nice but not quite there yet. Then I heard about Tweetings. All I can say is that you need to go check it out. After playing with it for a day or so, I uninstalled Twitter, Boid, and Tweet Lanes. It's that good. Plus, it has push notifications! :D It does cost $2, but it's well worth it. Oh and be sure to turn on hardware acceleration in the settings. Makes a huge difference.
  • I'm interesting in trying it out from all the good things I've heard but I do have one question. What does everyone find wrong with the official Twitter app? I've used it since I first got an old Droid Eris last summer and it seemed fine to me and it has been great since I got my Verizon Galaxy Nexus on release date.
  • the official Twitter app is fine. Just wish it would be updated to support the Holo theme and get rid of the menu button
  • Would be nice if AC explained in this article what Carbon is.
  • We will waiting ;)
  • Can we please just go ahead and label this application as DEAD IN THE WATER? I mean, WTF?, this app has been "coming soon" for about 9 months now. Either they put up or shut up. The longer they take to deliver on these unrealistic launch deadlines the fewer and fewer users they're actually going to have. I've never seen a more mismanaged product launch in my life. Very disappointing, because what previews we've been offered seem like Carbon would have been an awesome twitter app.
  • I too have become impatient with this app's release. It has basically been a year since the dev announced it was coming to Android. A year for an app that imo wouldn't be that sophisticated - it's not like its a game. Either we except that the dev gave up months ago when he found out he couldn't sell it on the playstore and has just been creating hype for fun ever since or that he is simply waiting until he will be able to sell it. The one thing we do know is that it isn't going to be released with a price tag of 'free'. That just isn't going to happen. Maybe the dev's country will become supported after the next nexus announcement and he is waiting till that, who knows. I really hate the false hype he has created though. Btw the latest update from the dev on twitter was on I think the 20th of September and he claimed the app was 100% done and that he was just creating a preview video. 3 weeks for a video? I call bullshit.
  • I doubt that is ever released. I'm sure the dev will post some excuse any day because he did not get a way to make money with the app saying that he dropped the project.