Bitbop for Android brings streaming TV

The new subscription streaming television service BitBop has arrived, with an Android app in tow.  Users with the Sprint Evo 4G, Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, Nexus One, and Droid Incredible can download the app directly from Bitbop here (BitBop's application is not on the Android Market), set up an account and use a free three-day trial to see what the service offers.  The full subscription price is $9.99 per month, the same cost as Hulu Plus.  Unlike Hulu Plus, BitBop allows for downloading of content for watching later, and is commercial free. 

We've got a few screenshots of the application after the break, and I'm going to give it a workout and see how it stands up.  I'll let you guys know how it goes after a week or so! [Mashable]

BitBop -- main interface

BitBop genre selection

BitBop Account

BitBop play

BitBop trial

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  • cool but 10$ is to much ill pass
  • What I want to know is if it actually looks decent on a larger, higher resolution screen, such as the evo that I have. Nothing is worse than charging a subscription for some low quality streams that don't even look great. I'm talking to you, sprint tv.
  • Sprint tv is free, so you get what you pay for(when i say free,i mean included with data package) this service is $10 but they give you 3 days free to try it to see if you like the channels and quality!
  • I'd like to know if it downloads in the background, if you can set timers to download shows and if you have a show downloaded and plug into your computer via usb if you can transfer so you can watch it on your computer......pretty nifty though I think..
  • That's exactly how it is! I hate that too!!! I tried to sign up for the "free trial" and it sends you to the CC page for your billing info. Free is FREE in my book. They can suck it for all I care. I was very interested in this since I could really use it in the airports and such. I'll never subscribe to anything that requires billing info up front. This is from experiencing the hassle of cancelling these so called "free trials" if I find out I don't like it. Two thumbs wayyyy down.
  • it all depends if i have to give my CC info for the free trial and than decline the service after the free trial... i hate that. i hope its not like that. but seems interesting
  • It's kind of a "blah" for now -- the selection just isn't that good. Maybe it will improve with the new TV season later this month. Although I'm tempted to sign up and just use it a little bit if it will lead to more choices down the line (you know, if the service survives...).
  • It should be like $50 for life. If they do that then ill get it. :)
  •, but i dont really care! :)
  • I had it a while back on my blackberry 9700 and it worked good. It was in beta and was free. I'm using jetflicks now and think it is a great app. Just watched all the old entourage shows from 7 seasons. Usually one a day on my lunch break sitting in my truck. Now Im going to watch all the Soprono episodes. Jetflicks has a huge selection to pick from. Same price. The shows look great on my Nexus One. They work on both 3G and wifi without any hangups or delays.
  • I also had the beta on my 9700 on AT&T. Somehow the service has still remained free for me, even though I have updated the app on the BB. The quality of the stream, both over wifi and 3g was perfect. The only problem I have with the service is that they do not offer programs that I'm interested in. They had a lot of good shows the 1st week the service was available, such as Arrested Development, but removed them within the first week of the initial beta testing.
  • signed up, downloaded and installed...getting Network errors and can't check it out. Maybe their servers are overloaded. At least I didn't have to give up my CC for the if I could just get it to work :-/
  • No Epic support?
  • I like how they support every US Galaxy S phone but Captivate
  • Maybe the service requires more bandwidth than will fit in ATT plans?
  • Oh look, the beginning of the end for FLO TV hahahaha poor guys picked the wrong time to bring back portable TV's.. Outta biz in less than 1 year, who wants to place paypal bets? lol
  • As is often the case, open only if you are in the US.
  • hey they US is normally last to get the new cell tech, so dont be mad that were first to get the Apps :)
  • Credit card number for a free trial? What is this a porn site? No thanks.
  • I tried it out. I liked being able to download the show for later viewing, and the quality was decent. Luckily, it has a lot of the current hows that I watch, but Hulu's library is still much bigger. I wouldn't pay $10 a month for this (or Hulu either). If bitbop's price was cut in half then I would consider it as a way to be able to watch shows on the go (especially night shifts at work.)
  • First, it appears the free trial is actually seven days, but you can only download 3 shows during that time. The Good: Downloading shows is a big plus. Video quality was very good on my Evo. The Bad: Extremely small number of shows available. The only one I wanted to watch but hadn't seen yet was Louis C.K. I assume this will grow over time, but when you have to pay $10/mo. right now, it's totally not worth it. Also, you have to have the app actively open in order to download, as far as I can tell. You can't even turn your screen off because it will pause the download. Software seemed pretty buggy still. Not bad, but it still needs work to speed things up. I will definitely be canceling this subscription before the trial ends. Maybe when the selection gets a lot bigger will I reconsider.
  • tried this out, i can't even log in with my DroidX on the sign in page it won't even swype anything out. :(
  • I just downloaded the trial without using a credit card. The video playback on my Droid X is awesome when I download the episode. Streaming quality was decent. Thinking about subscribing.