Behold the first footage and new features of Order & Chaos Online 2

Last month, Gameloft announced that Order & Chaos Online 2 would be coming to all mobile platforms this year. The prospect of a huge and fully featured massively multiplayer online RPG certainly got this gamer excited, even if we didn't have any screens or footage to show what it would be like.

At last we have some concrete information to go by! Gameloft has just released footage and details describing some of Order & Chaos Online 2's features. Two big changes are the additions of 'Instant Quests' and Solo Dungeons. We got an early glimpse of both modes, and now I'm here to tell you all about them. Read on for details and our gameplay video with commentary!

Instant Quests

The first big new feature in Order & Chaos Online 2 is Instant Quests. A quick rundown:

  • Instant quests are triggered automatically when you enter a region related to that quest
  • These events save players the time needed to speak with a NPC and receive a quest, though they can still do that
  • Rewards and loot are automatically awarded after completing an instant quest, no check-in with the quest giver needed
  • These do not replace regular questing, but offer another way for players to gain experience and interact with the world
  • There are many interesting instant quests spread throughout Haradon and players will have to explore to find them all

The Instant Quest we saw involved hunting a pack of bears in the woods. Besides slaying the slumbering beasts (kind of mean!), players will have to examine some bear traps and strange plants growing in the area.

Will Instant Quests improve the game? They certainly give you something to do without having to fuss about with NPCs. We'll have to play the game to see how well they fit into everything else the player will be doing, especially when partied up with friends.

Order & Chaos Online 2

Solo Dungeons

The new Solo Dungeons are called Dream Dungeons in-game. They take place within your character's dreams, so you don't have to travel anywhere to access them.

  • Short on time or group members? Solo dungeons allow players to get that dungeon experience and rewards even when they only have a few minutes or lack a group
  • 4 solo dungeons will be available at launch, with more coming in the future
  • Solo dungeon rewards vary, but players can expect to get items needed for crafting and evolving gear, gold, and more
  • Enter solo dungeons using dream fragments, which replenish every day

The Dream Dungeon we sat in on took place in the center of a town filled with chaos. Our hero had to stop a gang of soldiers and the enraged townspeople from executing an innocent prisoner. This involved dispatching soldiers first, then the rock-throwing townspeople. Finally, another executioner appeared as the dungeon boss.

Dream Dungeons are timed, so you have to rush to complete them. On the plus side, they're much shorter than multiplayer dungeons, so you can squeeze them in while on the go. Players can only attempt each dungeon once per day. Additional attempts will cost premium currency; this is a free to play game after all.

Coming soon to a device near you

Order & Chaos Online 2 is coming soon, but we don't have a specific release date yet. The game will launch on Windows 10 and Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. We'll have a full review as close to launch as possible!

Instant Quests and Daily Dungeons: Yay or nay?

Paul Acevedo