Avast Secure Browser: Assuring your right to online privacy

Avast Security & Privacy Center
Avast Security & Privacy Center (Image credit: Avast)

With so many options for web browsers, each offering its own version of "private browsing", picking the right one can be a real challenge. However, what most of them call "private browsing" isn't actually all that private. Moreover, the majority of browsers require downloading countless other pieces of software, such as extensions or add-ons, to fully protect you, leaving you stuck doing even more research to find the right programs to protect your privacy and security.

Avast Secure Browser is the solution that offers everything you need for a secure and private web browsing experience.

Smart Browsing: What is it and why is it so important?

When the internet was first imagined, no one could have guessed just how massive it would become, nor how dangerous. We dreamed of connecting people to share information and collaborate on new ideas. Instead, we have a wealth of personal data that is poorly protected by a disjointed series of patches against increasing breaches, exploits, and cyberattacks. That valuable, yet vulnerable, cache of information has become the currency of the internet. While your personal data can be, and is, used by companies to provide a more customized user experience, it also powers the internet's business model - targeted advertising. As we become more aware of how far back our digital shadows reach, the ad-based model begins to feel archaic and invasive. This has understandably led to many people seeking ways to secure their data by securing their browsing.

Many browsers offer a private browsing mode, which prevents your browsing history and cookies from being saved. This only protects your privacy from people with access to your device, but when it comes to most privacy threats, that's not enough. Countless extensions, programs, and software promise to protect you from having your data stolen or your devices infected by viruses and malware, but sifting through all the options will leave even the most tech-savvy of us feeling overwhelmed.

With headlines about data breaches and massive companies getting caught selling our information, it's hard to feel secure online. However, with more and more of the world needing the internet to work, study, and connect, it's becoming impossible not to be online either. Fortunately, there is a solution – and it won't require downloading a dozen different extensions or programs to work with your existing browser.

Avast Secure Browser: True online privacy

From the international cybersecurity software company behind the incredibly popular Avast Antivirus software, Avast Secure Browser incorporates the company's three decades of experience into one seamless and secure browsing experience. There are so many programs available to help protect your privacy while online, but where Avast Secure Browser really shines is the combination of all the browsing features you want and all the privacy and security tools you need built in without any complicated setup.

Avast VPN

Source: Avast (Image credit: Source: Avast)

With Avast Secure Browser you can enjoy a variety of different security and privacy features all found under one place, the Security & Privacy Center:

Advanced built-in security and privacy tools to make sure you are safe and protected online - that aren't a pain to use.

  • Adblock: don't have an avalanche of creepy ads following you around. Browse faster by blocking ads that slow you down.
  • Built-in VPN: automatically encrypt your device's internet connection with built-in VPN. Additionally, ASB for Android employs our Mimic VPN protocol. When developing Mimic VPN, our requirements were initial connection time at least 1/2 the time of OpenVPN, useful stable connections even over 2G and equivalent or better security. We're happy to say we've met our goals, and then some. Typical initial connection setups are an order of magnitude faster (that means you'll almost never see the "VPN is connecting" message - it happens so fast you cannot see it on typical connections). We've tested extensively on slow and congested networks, and the slowdown due to using ASB's built-in VPN is almost unnoticeable. Finally, in addition to upgrading to the latest versions of important cryptographic protocols, we've made the connection mimic a normal web page when it's observed by a third party snooper.
  • PIN lock / Fingerprint unlock: Limit physical access to the browser app and your data with a PIN code only you know. Your PIN is never stored on any servers, which means no one, not even Avast, knows your secure PIN.
  • Video downloader: Download videos from supported sites, which are automatically encrypted and accessible through the mobile browser's Media Vault.
  • Media Vault: Downloaded files are automatically encrypted, stored locally on your device, and accessible through the Media Vault. You can also move files from your device's encrypted local storage to the browser's Media Vault, encrypting and securing the files along the way.
  • Private media players: Built into the mobile browser app so you don't need to decrypt your files to view them on third-party players.
  • DNS over TLS: Encrypts your DNS queries, adding another layer of security to your browsing experience. You have the option to choose between DNS providers, including unsecured DNS like Google DNS or secure DNS like Cloudflare and Quad9.
  • Nuke: Quickly clear your browser history, cache, and cookies associated with a domain with just one tap. (the "Oh crap!" button)
  • Anti-Tracking: Advanced tracking protection to block intrusive web trackers.
  • QR reader: Quickly scan QR codes
  • Voice search: Fast, hands-free search
  • Search widget: Manage your VPN connections and perform search queries on your home screen
  • Web Shield: Blocks malware and malicious phishing sites from stealing personal data

Modes:  An advanced tab grouping feature in Avast Secure Browser for mobile devices. Each Mode is a sandbox environment with its own rulesets, which every tab opened in that Mode will adhere to. ASB for Android has 2 pre-configured Modes with sensible defaults that lets you start private and secure browsing right away. For most users, this is enough. But for those who want to look under the hood and tailor the browser further, you can create as many custom Modes as you wish.

  • Secure Mode: Ads and trackers are blocked by default, DNS over TLS is on by default, connections are upgraded to HTTPS, encrypted cache is enabled, Do Not Track is on, does not delete browsing data and history on exit, VPN connection is optional
  • Secure & Private Mode: Ads and trackers are blocked by default, DNS over TLS is on by default, connections are upgraded to HTTPS, encrypted cache is enabled, Do Not Track is on, deletes all browsing data and history on exit, VPN connection is on automatically (this is Incognito Mode on steroids!)
  • Custom Mode: Save your own set of preferences. You can create as many custom modes as you like.

As if the wealth of privacy and security features weren't enough, Avast Secure Browser is also a really well made browser with many useful extra features. Avast has included a number of productivity tools built directly into the browser. The performance manager optimizes your RAM and CPU usage for a smoother and faster experience. Avast Secure Browser even includes an encrypted synchronization feature that allows all of your browser history and bookmarks to sync across devices. Best of all, Avast Secure Browser is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, letting you enjoy the same, secure browsing experience from anywhere.

Avast Secure Browser: make the switch today

Source: Avast (Image credit: Source: Avast)

With so much of our lives now contained in our computers and phones, changing browsers can feel like a really big and overwhelming decision. However, switching to Avast Secure Browser couldn't be easier. You can import all of your browsing history, saved passwords, and bookmarks from your old browser with the push of a button. Best of all, it's completely free.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Avast Secure Browser today and protect your online privacy.

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