Author of Evo versus iPhone 4 video might lose job at Best Buy

If you’re an Android lover that frequents the internet, then chances are you’ve seen the side-splitting Evo vs iPhone 4 video that’s been circulating around the web the past couple days. It’s basically an uproarious confrontation of an Evo user trying to convince an iPhone-drone to switch over to Android, and what makes it so funny is the actual validity of the profane comments between the two.

The Android community rejoiced in laugher, while others – mostly Apple users – didn’t find it so funny. Among that group of people who couldn’t find the humor inside it was the author’s employer – Best Buy. Originally asked to resign, he refused and was put on indefinite suspension awaiting a decision by Best Buy’s human resources department. Ouch. Since we don't take things quite so seriously, let's take another look at the video -- and its successor -- after the break. Standard "NSFW-Potty mouth" applies here. [via TechCrunch]

Adam Sawyer