Author of Evo versus iPhone 4 video might lose job at Best Buy

If you’re an Android lover that frequents the internet, then chances are you’ve seen the side-splitting Evo vs iPhone 4 video that’s been circulating around the web the past couple days. It’s basically an uproarious confrontation of an Evo user trying to convince an iPhone-drone to switch over to Android, and what makes it so funny is the actual validity of the profane comments between the two.

The Android community rejoiced in laugher, while others – mostly Apple users – didn’t find it so funny. Among that group of people who couldn’t find the humor inside it was the author’s employer – Best Buy. Originally asked to resign, he refused and was put on indefinite suspension awaiting a decision by Best Buy’s human resources department. Ouch. Since we don't take things quite so seriously, let's take another look at the video -- and its successor -- after the break. Standard "NSFW-Potty mouth" applies here. [via TechCrunch]

Adam Sawyer
  • Ha Ha, thats funny.
  • Maybe someone he works with is on his youtube list and then he showed the video to to the lame ass assistant manager who then went on to "do the right thing and bring it to the attention off the whoever the fuck next in charge is blah blah blah" Unless he did just show his "boss" in which case...yeah hah
  • But wait a second.... how did Best Buy know he made it?? The only thing I can assume is that he told his bosses directly... which would be a really stupid move.
  • Obviously they have no grounds for firing him looking at these videos. For one, the videos don't identify him.. he's not even in the videos.. its all animated and uses digital voices.. ANYONE could have made these.. And two.. there's no mention of Best Buy at all.. if bosses at Best Buy actually asked him to resign.. they just don't like him. funny iPhone 4 video though
  • WOW Best buy needs to get a life.
  • really, that's the best iphone geeks can come up with is a battery life joke. as i remember isn't the battery one of the worst designs on the iphone.
  • I was wondering the same thing AndroidGuy....... Oh well it was funny for me! What grounds can they fire him?
  • I agree, the follow up video was not nearly as funny as the first video.
  • Sequels are never as good as the originals.
  • and they are always shorter
  • It doesn't even say Best buy in the video. Man people are way to sensitive these days
  • I think its BS that they wanna fire him over something on the internet.
  • You know what is so funny every smartphone running a high processor speed right now is gonna drain the battery... intell someone comes out with a higier MgHZ battery that is compact then we can start talking about battery life.. both evo and iphone4 have bad batter life... and all those points the iphone user made sucked... EVO WINS AGAIN : )
  • perhaps you mean a higher maH battery?
  • So once again freedom of speech is being overruled by the out of control corporate/government.
  • Sigh. Please try to understand a concept before commenting on it. Freedom of speech, as enshrined in the constitution applies ONLY to governments. ("Congress shall make no law.... abridging the freedom of speech,") It does NOT, and never was intended to, apply to private parties. And there is no government involvement in this at all. In other words, the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech is not being violated here.
  • sigh.. wow, aren't you so smart, sighing at people who you think don't know what they are talking about. can't you correct someone nicely?
  • Gee maybe it's because every time this issue comes up there's always someone who didn't pay attention in elementary school when this basic concept was taught. This is kid stuff, not complex Constitutional law.
  • Someone with a brain!! I thought I was gonna have to explain that out but thanks for beating me to it.
  • and zalmoxist... It's your type of thin skinned b.s. that has this dude's job on the line. Grow a pair and shut it.
  • Hey fuckhead.. im not thin skinned. Stop using cliche remarks you and your high school buddies used 10 years ago and fuck off.
  • This isn't a free speech issue. I see nothing about imprisonment.
  • Best Buy really has to be the worst. The only thing they could fire him for is gross negligence or something similar and only because he used "dirty words" and somehow let it be known he works for them. Has anyone purchased from there, and walked out thinking they got the best buy? I haven't. Shitdicks!!
  • hmm, its one thing if he represented himself as a best buy employee when he made this video. but nowhere in either of them did he ever mention best buy, or even the fact that he was a retail employee. i didnt go to his site, but if there is nothing on there about who his employer is, BB should have no grounds to terminate him. even if he were to tell his bosses about this video, so long as he isnt trying to represent these opinions as opinions shared by the company, there should be no conflict. i may be wrong, but he could possibly take action against BB if they do terminate him as a result of this video
  • It depends on the state. Yes Best Buy sucks because of this, but in many states, an employer doesn't have to defend a reason to fire you, unless you are a "protected class". They can hire and fire who they like.
  • Yeah. I live in North Dakota and they can fire you without cause here. The company I work for though is based out of Minnesota and all the branches go by Minnesota's rules (or whatever you want to call them) when it comes to hiring and firing. I think this is just a case of people taking things to seriously. You can't do anything nowadays without getting into trouble or offending someone.
  • The trick is to get famous while your offending them.. like this guy
  • By protected you mean union, right?
  • On second viewing, maybe they are trying to fire him over saying "retarded". heaven forbid.
  • Man F!$# Best Buy.
  • From what I'm understanding, that's as invasive as your school interfering with your Facebook account.
  • Haha, you would think, but my school does it ALLLL the time. It's crazy. They know like every detail and if they suspect something happened by looking at statuses or pics they call everyone who they think was at that party or incident. It's a bunch of BS now days
  • Thats why you make ur profile unsearchable except for friends dumb ass
  • Wow I feel sorry for best buy if they fire this guy. As long as he didn't make the video while he was on the clock they can't do anything about it. He has grounds for a major lawsuit if they do fire him. Its called wrongful termination. Okay I just saw that there were 2 videos. All I can say is really. That's what they are going to say about the evo and android. That's pretty weak. The sprint stuff was funny though.
  • It depends because you're representing the company. I know people who got fired from cablevision for having arguments at fast food spots. However, they were wearing the cablevision shirt. This guy didn't mention Best Buy or hint at being a Best Buy employee. I don't see the problem here.
  • Oh and F@#$ that second video too.
  • Of course he could let them fire him and make money selling a book about his experience. Maybe make a video of what his bosses said to him to get publicity.
  • F@%#k that second video. The only thing true about it is the battery subject but that can be said about any powerful phone in their category. I have the HTC EVO and it has not crashed or given me any problems. As far as the battery goes at least when I charge it it won't shut off 30 minutes later and become the ibrick. O let's not forget that all phones except the iPhone can be held in any position to make a call.
  • You guys have to find the humor in that second vid, especially the Sprint stuff. I mean, what is with that pos nascar app? Is Sprint's CEO from Texas?
  • a nascar app is stupid yet i cant say much more for someone who generalizes texans with nascar i live in texas and i dont know anyone who watches that shit... id aim for north carolina if i was you
  • You may live in Texas, and you may not know anyone there who watches it, but get real. People in Texas love that shit. From there east.
  • Wait you don't want him generalizing Texas with nascar then your generalize North Carolina? Wow....go get an iPhone.
  • You have to be able to laugh at yourself, or in this case, phone and carrier (and clearly NASCAR fans). Otherwise you just end up as some worthless fanboi. And nobody should like fanbois, no matter what side they're on.
  • Wow bb has no grounds to fire him over this video. Can u day lawsuit ;)
  • In many states, you cannot win a suit against a employer for termination unless you are a protected class. They have a right to fire for any reason, as you have a right to quit for any reason. Even so, Best Buy sucks for doing something like this.
  • wow...that...was...f'n...funny!
  • Can't fire him for what he does on his personal time. The video had nothing to do with best buy. Wrongful termination. Regarding battery life, the new iPhone does have really good battery life compared to the EVO. But it also has hardware design problem that hurts reception if you hold it in your hand.
  • Yes, in many states, an employer can fire you for ANY reason they like, unless it is due to a "protected" issue (age, race, gender, religion)
  • Yea, at least EVO users can swap batteries ect.
  • RE: battery life of the iPhone wouldn't a hardware design that affects the reception/signal affect the battery as well? I can only speak from my experience but when any phone that I've had was constantly searching for a signal or reception, it drained my battery much faster.
  • That was great !! nd about the mentality of the typical iPhone user LOL
  • BB needs to ease off, even people with iPhones that have seen it thought it was funny. Heck even the second one was funny.
  • It's possible his employers wanted to get rid of him for other reasons. I work in a corporate retail environment and it is nearly impossible to just fire someone. Managers will do nearly anything to get rid of someone who is underperforming.
  • The rebuttal video is stupid and says things that are not true. Android is very stable. It doesn't require frequent updates. Qik does not require 4g unlike apples peacetime which only works over WiFi.
  • Ya it's pretty unfortunate that the "rebuttal" video has to resort to half truths and lies to strike back. They could have focused on the screen's resolution, but saying the evo screen is shit is desperation, as it is clearly not.
    I think what's really funny is that just like in real life, the iPhone proponent had to resort to name calling and randomly calling things shit. The best part of this entire thing is that the first video accurately attacks the stereotypical naive and blind apple follower more than the iPhone itself, and there really isn't much you can do to defend against that, so I guess they resort to name calling.
  • I hope there will be follow up on this story, if this guy loose his job that will be my last purchases at BB, what the heck are they apple police ???
  • Uhh what, you mean you still shop at best buy? HAHA. I use that place as a shopping window and then will save money and go buy it online, you can get a TV online $500-1000 cheaper then best buy. Only idiots shop at Best Buy! "Yes sir you need this Monster Cable to get the best picture Quality"
    "How much does it cost?"
    "$150 for 6 feet"
  • I am not iPhone or Android user I have a BB. I just sing in to leave a comment about this author. This video is great and one of the best clip s I have ever seen on this topic. And now knowing that this guy actually sells phones and deals with buyers on a daily basis this shit is even more great. This guy should be an employee of the year. Man if you lose your job just leave your account number I will donate some money. From Croatia, Europe
  • Best Buy is so f*(king stupid! If they really didn't want to be tied to this video they should have just kept quiet about it and let it go as there were no references to them in it. Now that they've gone 'full retard',they've now connected the dots for everyone. Assh*les!
  • "It's 3G and has the wifis" <-- most hilarious **** ever LOL
  • " I want the one with the biggest "Gee Bee's."
  • too funny..
  • WTF is Best Buy thinking? Who would have known he worked for them if they hadn't asked him to quit and threatened to fire him? Pretty much no one. Idiots.
  • Ahhh yes, when I watched this video I immediately saw the connection to best buy. I knew this was going to happen.....NOT! WTF, I don't see how this is related to Best Buy at all. Screw them! They better keep the guy cuz there is nothing wrong at all here.
  • "im going to get the evo!" "really?" "NO, Fuck u and fuck ur piece of shit phone" lmao. if this nigga gets fired, then i will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER shop at "Best"Buy again.
  • You still do?
  • Hey I just found out today if you stand on your head and hold the iPhone in one hand and wave the other hand, you might be able to complete a phone call. Lol. Way to go Apple! EVO 4G RULES!!!!
  • Both have good points. And both are hilarious!
  • read the linked article on tech crunch. apparently the dude had made other videos on his youtube channel referencing him and best buy, but had taken them down previously at the company's request. BB could argue though that since he had posted videos on that channel that referenced the company that this video also falls under that umbrella. still weak sauce and an incredibly d**k move by BB if they do decide to fire this guy
  • Maybe they're pissed that he said you can get the iPhone4 at Wallgreens. ;-)
  • thats what i think too
  • I would love to comment on this but I will leave it alone. All I have to say is, as a Best Buy employee watch what you say about Apple.
  • you made a comment to say no comment, except this.. what a douche
  • this is stupid... the best buy in my city sells iphones and android phones... its not gonna hurt best buy either way i preordered the droid x at best buy... its the only place you can do it... you cant even preorder the dx at verizon i have a feeling the supply is going to be short and there will be backorders like with the incredible
  • I wouldn't mind getting fired from my less then ideal $10/hour job at Best Buy for making the internet laugh their ass off. I've received this from 2 different people at work and my company isn't very technically inclined.
  • Hope he's at least getting some revenue sharing out of all the YouTube hits.
  • where is the page to pledge not to shop at best buy if they let this guy go for his opinion which does not reference "best buy" and email addys for best buy upper management. People need to tell them this is wrong!
  • i don't know, but if you find it, sign it twice
  • In the article on techcrunch, the guy who made the video says he would be fine with loosing his job so he can pursue what he really wants to, and also he could get some publicity from this. If he's smart, he will use this to launch his own graphic design company, instead of going to work for someone else again. If he's learned one thing from this, a lesson he should have learned long ago at 25, is you never want to work for someone else. Lesson learned
  • Ok he doesn't say anything about best buy in either of these videos. ..but I did subscribe to him on youtube and he has 2 videos COMPLETELY bashing on best buy customer service...and they are pretty funny and true!!! It kinda sux for the guy but you gotta learn that nowadays they can fire you fora Facebook status update let alone a video bashing on your employer...not the smartest move dude.
  • A couple of points, here. First, his freedom of speech is not being stepped on here, as that is a constitutional guarantee, not a private contractual one.
    Second, on a larger scale, if a Best Buy CEO, owner, or even regional manager put out videos dogging products they are presumably contractually obligated to promote, they would not reasonably be allowed to keep their jobs doing just that. Why should a lower level employee, who I assume signed a contract stating similar sales or product goals, be exempt?
    Third, on a smaller scale, if a cook who worked for me put up videos harshly criticizing specific dishes we do at the restaurant, even without naming the restaurant, he'd be out the door in a heartbeat.
    On what grounds can he be fired? Without the specifics I can only assume he violated a contract he voluntarily signed by criticizing products he's supposed to be selling, promoting, or generally talking up. He chose to work at Best Buy, he signed the paperwork (which I assume is pages and pages of BS) voluntarily. If he loses his job because he breeched a voluntary contract, I see no injustice. If he didn't, then Best Buy is the one in violation.
    That being said, the videos are sharp, funny, and hint at quite a talent. He can take his talent and work at a place that doesn't require him to swoon over products he thinks are garbage.
    I'm certain that any store frowns upon you telling customers the stuff they sell is crap.
  • There is legal and illegal, and then there is right and wrong. I think only one or two people said anything about wondering if it was legal. Most people just seem to think it's wrong, including you if i'm not mistaken. Best buy is wrong, not just for the reason they are firing him, but in actually firing him. Hes gotten over a million hits on youtube. They should promote this guy to advertising, to sell their piece of shit products. He probably would have sold out and done it. He is twenty five after all, and he has no problem 'selling' it on the floor. Put the kid where he can be useful if you think hes doing harm.
  • I think you bring up some very good points. I was wondering whether or not it was within their realm, legally, to fire him. But I thought it was MOSTLY wrong for firing him. I've been in best guy numerous times where an employee has mentioned that a product was "better than another" for whatever reason. That being said, as that other guy mentioned, this video has gotten over a million hits on youtube. While some may think this is great marketing (and in some respects, it is), it can actually have a negative impact on other products (mainly Apple) that Best Buy sells. So while I completely disagree with Best Buy and hope that this guy comes out on top, I actually understand now why it had to be done - especially in light of the other video that were removed per the techcruch article.
  • Double post..sorry.
  • Maybe he can get a job at Walgreens?
  • Let's be real if a dude made alleged videos in the past about his current employer then one may assume this is the type of dude that speaks his mind on the job. Most of these companies want non confrontational yes men/drones. When a drone isn't working as programmed you have to do something to alleviate the problem. They are probably just using the videos as an icing on the cake. On a lighter not them joints were funny. I laughed when I saw it the other day and I laughed today. I'm sure appreciated the plug and got a little extra traffic to their site. Wonder what unprotected techniques and BB behind the scenes information will be in his next video... hint hint. I wonder how much non disclosure protection they have at BB.
  • You can't assume he's confrontational on the job.
    They like drones yes.
    Asking for non disclosure info is wrong.
  • The video is part of free speech.
    It also is known as comedy.
    Best Buy has no right over employees creativity on the internet unless it was created on company time and using company resources. Best Buy should lay off.
    The guy has a good case to sue Best Buy if fired. We Androidites should boycott Best Buy if they fire him.
  • It's funny how you Fandroids laughed at the original and like to make fun of Apple fanboys for not finding it funny, then one comes out talking bad about your phone and you act just like the people you mocked. I have both a Nexus One and an iPhone 4 and I found both videos freaking hysterical.
  • Correction, no need to be a Fandroid to find it funny.
    The subject and presentation was funny.
    Fandroid not required.
    Android phone not required.
    iPhone not required.
    Comedy is funny. I showed the video to everybody in the office and everybody found it freaking hysterical like you.
  • Except most of the Android version was valid, and hit more points. I could say the same thing about ATT that they made about Sprint.
    ATT charges more and has more followers than Sprint, and they definitely have the reputation of not putting it towards their network. Their solution, get rid of unlimited data cause those iPhone people are using too much bandwidth. Plus the video calling over wifi only and to only other iphone 4 users is completely useless. I like being able to skype with my gf while we're apart since I don't always have wifi.
  • I thought both video's were funny and I'm an android user. Fandroids and iTards united!
  • ROTFL!! Oh my gosh that's the most hilarious video I've ever seen! That's the first time I've seen the "iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO" video! I absolutely loved it! It highlighted every point and reason why the iPhone is overrated and explains how people have no idea about the phone and get sucked into buying something they have no clue about! I think it would be worth losing a job at Best Buy!
  • "but I want the one with the 3 Gee's and the higher GeeBee's"
  • haha wow best buy sucks..just when I thought I couldn't hate them more...they give me some more motivation to never buy anything from them and remind me why I only go there to play with their sh*t.
  • If you look at other videos on you tube this guy has made. There are some videos that slam BB. Perhaps it wasn't these videos that are causing the problem.
  • Another comment how American corporate policies actually annihilate the values "the land of the free" stands for: freedom of expression. Seriously, if one of my employees would make such a vid on his free time, without him even appearing in it (not even his voice) what the fuck is the problem? And if I had an employee saying on a video: "Man I like the Evo better because of this this this and that reason". What is the deal? I personally like salesmen who know a great deal about a product and try to convince me not to go with my previously marketing-indoctrinated choice, but with the product that fits my needs best.
  • That's unfortunate that he may lose his job. But I still don't understand on what grounds they are firing him. These videos don't seem to incriminate him at all.
    Go to play but don't buy
  • One more reason not to shop at that overpriced, un-knowledgeable-staffed POS of a chain. People should walk out of BB with a stamp on their forehead, "I'm a sucker".
  • Best Buy has grounds to fire the guy due to the video disparaging a brand they carry, combined with his association with Best Buy being revealed in other videos posted under the same Youtube account. In some states, it's acceptable to fire someone without grounds. Either way, a story like this just makes Best Buy look bad, and will do more to turn off potential customers than the videos ever would have on their own. Nice going Best Buy - take a non-issue and turn it into a news story, and make yourselves look like a-holes in the process.
  • I dont see how that video was taken so seriously by BB . It was a comedy vid I dont think it would seriously have influenced anyone they was just cats lol . But now I will look at BB in a different way since they are like that ,firing someone over this if they do.
  • I'm sure his employment was 'at will'. All that this video has done is strengthen both sides. Apple and Android fanbois will become more fervent. Android users will rejoice in it's validity and Apple will continue to defend and become further enveloped with Stockholm Syndrome.... and the clueless, they will continue to do what they've always done and not think for themselves. Best Buy, if they are smart will use this as a marketing opportunity. No such thing as bad publicity...
  • I loved the line about Sprint spending millions on NASCAR sponsorship instead of reinvesting in it's network but otherwise the first EVO vs iPhone video was much better.
  • does it have jimmy johnson?
    yes, it does.
    holy fuck.
  • I could tell he worked at Best buy based on how the flow of the convo went. Ive actually worked as a vendor in BB before, and I could tell the questions the lady asked where questions he's heard before
  • see below
  • What this guy did is crazy funny. Yes, it’s also crazy stupid, that is, if he actually wanted to keep his job. Yes he took both sides of the argument and made equal fun of each. Yes, he probably knew that if he disparaged the stuff that he and his employer sell it would be a problem. Yes, it was bone-headed. Yes, he probably had a ball making the video and talking a ton of trash with his buddies before, during and after putting it together. Yes, he's now a celebrity in the lower echelons of Best Buy and yes the next video will attempt to illuminate the subtle differences between the fries at McDonalds and those at Burger King. Thanks dude, keep up the good work.
  • "lluminate the subtle differences between the fries at McDonalds and those at Burger King." This is a whole entire site devoted to subtle differences. Subtle differences are what drive technology forward. There are few giant leaps--incremental change drives the process. The geekness we all love all about subtle. P.S.The fries at McDonalds are better. They are crispier. Best of all, they are not fried in the same oil as chicken tenders. So they don't taste chickeny. Most importantly, they are marketed by a creepy clown, not a creepy king.
  • This is a miscarriage of justice. One more reason that I will not shop at Best Buy (I already don't -- this is just more fodder). He didn't mention Best Buy, he wasn't actually rude to any customer, he didn't promote himself as related to Best Buy or even employed by Best Buy. Hell, he even gave it out to both sides! This is SATIRE, Best Buy. You know what we call people who are too sensitive to satire that ISN'T EVEN DIRECTED AT THEM? Fascist pigs.
  • If Best Buy upper management and HR had any brains at all they would be hiring this guy to create viral marketing smart phone videos, not hanging him out to dry.
  • thought I would make my own little video in response
  • Quite a few BB employees are great, but the majority are not very knowledgeable (if they were, they probably wouldn't work at BB, but I digress). BB had a sales guy who had an in-depth understanding of the products, could make a video, upload it to youtube and garner nearly 2 million viewers. He could also write a savvy webcomic and create a website. He was tactful enough to never refer to his employer. Most BB employees couldn't do all of this. So they fired him. What?
  • I suggest the guy contacts some news stations and tries to get this blown up. If I was him I would do everything I could to get this out and try to get it Best Buy a bad(worse) reputation then they already have. Local newspapers, news stations, etc. He needs to get this out there. Hell he might even be interviewed and put on TV. This is the kind of story the news channels like. I sure hope he does. I hate Best Buy so much due to a bad customer service experience I had there a few years back. I was trying to return a laptop that had issues and the girl at the counter told me they had to reproduce the problems before I returned the laptop. So they had Geek Squad mess with it for over an hour and I ended up getting in an argument with the chick and asked for a manager. She said she was, I doubt she was or maybe a lowly supervisor or something. We got in a confrontation of arguing back and forth and I ended up cursing at her and she warned if I did it again she would kick me out the store. So I walked around the store some more. Came back because I noticed it was close to closing for the store. I told her the store is closing soon what are you going to do if it doesn't show any problems before, she said I would have to come back tomorrow. I went off on her and called her some dirty names and she ended up packing the latop up, WITHOUT even turning it off, put it back in the box and told me to leave. I went to another Best Buy the next day and got it returned basically no questions asked, all the girl said was they had to verify all contents were in there and they refunded my money. I don't get why any of you people shop there. You can buy anything they have there online for the same price or cheaper and pay no tax and have it delivered to your door. Sure you might have to wait, but saving money is worth it. They also try to sell you overpriced accessories like MONSTER cables. You can get the Monster cable there for $100+ or go online and get a HDMI cable for $5 that will give you the same quality picture. Its just cable people. Monster doesnt have golden stranded cable. They use copper like everyone else. DOWN WITH BEST BUY!!!!!! LET THEM SUFFER AND GO OUT OF BUSINESS LIKE COMPUSSR AND CIRCUIT SHITTY.
  • About bb employment. I think all employers state that any position other than management is "at will" and either employee or employer can terminate the employment at any time without repercussions.
    As far as the videos:
    "it can grant up to 3 wishes even if 1 of those wishes is for an iphone"..."I DON'T CARE".
  • best buy should not fire the guy. whatever someone does with their personal life is none of their business
  • While I think BB firing this guy is rediculous and too far... I'm playing the Devil's Advocate here:
    Would you want to come across pictures of your family doctor snorting cocaine off of hooker's teets on a crazy night in vegas? Employers do things like this to protect their own image. I feel its necessary in the professional world, but in a place like Best Buy where this guy is probably making a little more than minimum wage, its ridiculous. He's just having a little fun publicly with the type of stuff he see's in his life daily. Its a coping mechanism and I understand it cause I do the same. My employer wouldn't want me talking about the dumb shit that I have to put up with from them and have fired people in the past for talking bad about them. Its a big company and I am expendable.
  • Personal life should be left out of work. If I want to blow coke off a hookers ass or teets or whatever, I should be allowed to do so. This is called invasion of privacy. The government does it and now your place of work. Whats this country coming too? People are to big of pussies to fight for their rights. Also if someone does something to me and I was not in the wrong, I will seek revenge. I sure hope BB gets what is coming to them.
  • If I had made that video, I would want to show it off. I'm guessing that is what he did and did it at work.
  • i bet this is the case. He probably had it playing on his HTC Evo with the 4 Gee's at work.
  • I DON'T CARE!!!
    Wow that video is great. I even showed it to all of my co-workers, especially the iPhone owners.
  • I haven't watched the video but themes no way his work can fire him over a cartoon video. Can you say lawsuit?
  • the first video is like my life at my store hahaha
  • Take them to court and ask for a large settlement to not sue.
  • *Comment Deleted*
  • STEVE JOBS MAAAAAD! *ROARRRRRS* GET REVENGE ON ALL WHO HATE ON iPHONE! *ROARRRRS as he rips his shirt off and throws a chair* *Ballmer looks over and shakes his head* Steve, Steve, Steve. That isn't how you throw a chair. THIS is how you throw a chair.
    *Takes out the side of a building* Seriously though. WhoTF would post anything like this when you work for an employer who sells the device, and where the manufacturer of said device is a petty company who has no issues at all at laying the smackdown? If you are going to do it, do it from a Starbucks or Caribou and create a new account on Youtube. Geesh.
  • Your argument is invalid: no one would walk into an iTard store to get support for their Sprint phone. They would go to a Sprint store and not have to make a reservation to get service, or have their support crew make excuses for their company's crappy reception if you hold it like a normal human. Seriously. If that is the best rebuttal they came some up with I laugh in their general direction. Crap Google programming eh? Android has been out for 1.5 years. Anyone care to remember where the Jesus Phone was at OS wise, 1.5 years after launch? It wasn't pretty, but of course iTards LOVE to forget their history. Android 2.2 kicks iOS 4's butt around the block and by this fall the next Android update will continue the flogging.