Android Oreo's mascot is a woman

There is plenty of other Android news we could be talking about this week. I was initially going to write about Allo on the desktop, and how it's effectively changed the way I communicate with my friends. But it hasn't changed anything; my parents are stuck on using WhatsApp, everyone else is an iPhone-using iMessage-lover, and I'm still the Green Bubble in their lives.

Did you know that Android Oreo's superhero mascot is a woman?

And then I got a message from my All About Android co-host, Jason Howell, on Allo. Did you know that Android Oreo's new superhero mascot is actually a woman? I had no idea — I didn't see the Oreo halo surrounding her face as a head of hair. I thought it was a shield! Look at the way the artists depict her arms and legs, too; she's kind of wearing Sailor Scout gear, a la Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Senshi.

None of the Android Oreo announcements I'd read made any mention of her gender. She's officially female, though, and an article on AdAge goes as far as to suggest that the gender is a significant part of the mascot's message:

Coming hand-in-hand with the Android Oreo release is a female superhero (think: green Android mascot with a belly made from an Oreo), which the brands say is meant to mix the "playfulness" of Oreo and the "intelligence" of Android.

When AdAge refers to "the brands," it means Google and Oreo. Both companies have incredible brand power behind them, so it's natural that they'd be doing the press circuit around marketing trade publications in an effort to drum up further interest in Oreo cookies and Android Oreo. It's the same strategy Google implemented for Android 4.4 KitKat.

I hope to know more about her story in the coming weeks.

I think it's neat that Google's new mascot is a lady, and I hope to know more about her story in the coming weeks. How did she become a superhero? What led her to become Android's protective agent? And what kind of power does Oreo hair actually give you? Google's already been heavily pushing the concern-for-safety narrative over the past three years, so I refuse to believe that she's merely a symbol of the Android's team's devotion to security.

Anyway, I leave you with this one little tidbit from the AdAge article, which gives me some hope for the marketing that will come out of this seemingly unorthodox partnership:

Oreo is spending on plans to support the partnership over the next several months. One activation being discussed is mounting a drone with nine hologram projectors to make it seem like the Android Oreo superhero is flying in the air.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Android's Oreo-powered Super Woman!

Florence Ion was formerly an editor and columnist at Android Central. She writes about Android-powered devices of all types and explores their usefulness in her everyday life. You can follow her on Twitter or watch her Tuesday nights on All About Android.

  • That's awesome. I never really gendered the bug droids before.
  • Same here.
  • Wow ....I mean nothing wrong with the article but this is prolly the one of the dumbest things I have seen , never knew and android bug droid thing was male or female. But not surprised google would push this hard after the recent news from them.
  • Same thought. I anyways just assumed they were gender neutral. With recent news, this doesn't surprise me.
  • I didn't even notice the cape until now. #IAmDumb
  • As long as she not married to a Robert Lee all should be fine
  • Lol, you got that right Word of advice, if your name is Robert Lee, go by Bob.
  • Nah you're okay as long as you don't work for ESPN.
  • Aren't we in 2017? We can't be assuming gender. Saying this is a female is hate speech and it is all Trump's fault for inciting hate. It needs to tell us it's pronoun before we start taking about it. Really disappointed in AC for perpetuating stereotypes. Excuse me while I retreat to a safe space before you exercise your free speech and say things I don't agree with to which I will respond with calling you a bigot or something.
  • I honestly can't tell if you're being serious or if this is meant to be over-the-top sarcasm. There's so much of both on the Internet nowadays that it's difficult to know. I agree that there's nothing definitively identifying the new mascot is female (at least, not as far as I've seen). I'm inclined to think that the design intentionally allows individuals to assign whatever gender they want to assign, which I would see as a very thoughtful move by the creators. You can watch the video and see a female android, a male android, or a gender-less android. It all works, and I like that the design invites everyone to see it from their personal perspective. That's as far as I can go without accidentally igniting an extremely complex discussion about gender stereotypes, so I'll stop there. ;-)
  • Yes, Russell, there was a bit of over-the-top sarcasm in there, but it was intended to poke a little fun based on some truth. I actually like that they made a female Android (or so it would seem) mascot. But what kills me is that at the same time we are making a push to bring women up in the world and promote female empowerment (as we should), the extreme end of that same ideological group is also bringing them down by pushing this idea that gender doesn't really exist. It just seems contradictory, and in saying so, I've likely hurt someone's feelings. Seriously though, thank you for your thoughtful response. :)
  • Yeah, I thought there was no such thing as male and female anymore.
  • I really hope you're joking. If not then it's the dumbest post I've seen in years.
  • Yes, I was joking.
  • ProTip: Female Androids are called gynoids.
  • In the words of Peter Griffin: "Who the hell cares?"
  • lol, I read the whole article. Also, Super "person". It is 2017.
  • This has Googles feminist agenda written all over it. To counter this crap, because it is supposedly a female android, I think we should all call it a sexbot instead.
  • See the problem here is no matter which gender they choose it will piss people off. Why not just leave it neutral and be done with it?
  • You can get male sexbots, y'know.