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Over the summer, Facebook had a rocky update to its iOS app when they tried to shift everything away from HTML5. Ultimately focusing on HTML5 was a mistake, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent interview. He promised that we would see much better native apps (including one for Android at some point), and that mobile was going to be a huge part of the company going forward. Zuckerberg went so far as to say that Facebook is now a mobile company and that he expects mobile revenue to surpass desktop in the near future. As a side-note, Zuckerberg reiterated that no, they aren't working on making their own phone and that the strategy is still to wriggle onto every platform out there. 

How happy are you with Facebook's current Android app? What improvements need to be made? Will switching to a native framework fix everything? Which apps do you use to follow Facebook? Developers, is HTML5 a viable way to go, or is Facebook right to skip it in favor of a native app?

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Zuckerberg admits fault in Facebook's HTML5 focus, pledges native Android app


The current app sucks. At least I used to be able to used the mobile site but recently even that has become unusable. Fix now or become the next myspace.

I only used FB app for messenger purposes. As soon as they released the, surprisingly stable, Messenger app? I never launch the FB app. I switch between Scope and Tweetdeck.

Unless your Friends don't share their data with 3rd party apps, which more and more people are doing. 3rd party FB apps are basically useless in that case.

Facebook sucks worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend. Facebook installs hidden cookies that track every website you go to. Facebook owns everything you post to Facebook. Photos, videos, anything you say becomes the intellectual property of Facebook. F-Facebook

A story came out a while back about a woman who was shopping at a retail store and saw picture frames for sale with her family picture in it. She found that the image was from her facebook account and Facebook had sold her image to some advertising company.

Facebook for Android is completely broken. Just visit the Google Play store and look at recent comments. Every other post is lost in the ether with a lame error message that the post was unsuccessful. So you have to make sure you copy your text so you can paste it on the second attempt. Beyond that it's terribly slow, and always has been. But this latest problem is about a month old and I don't know why it hasn't been fixed yet.

I much prefer Google+, but I'm in the minority among my social networking friends. So I'm forced to still maintain a Facebook account... for now.

Yeah, same here 90% of my friends, and all of my family (immidiate and extended) that I want to keep in touch with are all on Facebook. Its about the only reason I still have it. I'm slowly migrating toward using Twitter and G+ more...

Am I the only one who is getting tired of logging into Facebook to hear about what people had to breakfast that morning? I think social media might be over it's peak and on it's way down to something more reasonable. Take Google+ for example. I find I spend more time looking at G+ because I don't have all the same Facebook friends there, but instead have various pages of news sites (Like AndroidCentral).

HTML5 is going to be it very soon. On Android as well as PCs as Adobe has given up on flash support for Android from Jelly Bean Onward, and Apple has never used it. Even Microsoft knows it's coming and is using it in there newer Browsers.

Flash still has its place on PCs. HTML5 can't deliver the rich, multimedia experiences that Flash can (yet). All video should be played by the browser natively in the future but right now, if you want to play the most common web video format (H.264 in MP4 container) in Firefox or IE8 (all Windows XP users), you need Flash. And unless WebGL is accepted into the HTML5 standard and Microsoft implements it, complex animations will still require Flash in the future too. I think Flash is good technology - the things you can do with Flash Player 11 and Stage3D are amazing - but it's currently very overused and abused, especially Flash ads.

But Flash animations is mostly vector, so WebGL won't do much of a difference. Adobe knows that way on HTML evolution, so they proposing Flash effects to CSS including.... vertex shadering, so i believe they aiming for Flash to output HTML5 result using HTML5+CSS then WebGL. They showed off those features at Google IO:

What most people dont understand (or don't want to due not want to lose against iPhone fanboy), Flash should not be demanded technology as a closed source software (as a plug-in and swf files, as a tool it's good), it cause trouble for niche systems and CPU architectures. Think you make a system which don't have Flash, you have 2 chooses, go on knees to Adobe to port flash to your system or have user yelling at you that "can't view full web". Apple even thru they rejected Flash for other reasons showed that problem and if not that decision i bet lot of people would not even know about HTML5.

Yes, Flash is mostly vector but many animations can be replicated in bitmap form, although they obviously won't scale as well. And WebGL has a much better chance of seeing useful adoption before CSS technology like vertex shaders can replicate even basic Flash functionality in a majority of browsers. These vector shaders aren't available in IE10 for example so how long until all IE users have moved to IE11 or 12? Chrome is popular but Firefox is waning and I think we'll see IE gain marketshare again with IE10/Windows 8.

Flash was popular precisely because HTML+CSS was not implemented consistently across browsers. That was always a much bigger issue than Flash not supporting niche systems. This is happening all over again with HTML5.

And Adobe opened the SWF format and has allowed anyone to make a Flash Player since 2008, just like anyone can make a browser. I like standards-based HTML+CSS development but realistically it won't be a replacement for what Flash can do now for 5-10 years. It's a shame that Flash is being abandoned before it's replacement is ready.

Facebook for Android...not a fan. I still use the desktop website for my own purposes, but I'm not too keen on the bloated app. I'll use Fast for Facebook for the time being, but even that is hit and miss with me.

I use FB daily, more than once if I'm bored or waiting on someone during work; it's been great for getting re-connected with friends from decades ago.
HOWEVER, I don't trust facebook any further than I could throw the behemoth, with the way they change privacy and security. I uninstalled the SG1 app I had a couple years ago after reviewing the perms it wanted, and still only use the web app on my GNex.
So unless they get away from wanting access to ... pretty much everything private on my phone... contacts, phone calls, all kinds of things I'd never, ever, ever want them to see, I'd never use a native app, so ... don't care if they implement an app with HTML5 (the future) or go the easy way.
And yeah, I use NO FB apps, have no visible email addy, no phone number listed, no address, no jobs, my birthdate isn't visible and ... if they required a birthdate, ... just might .. be off a bit, LOL! Just like Kroger thinks I'm 83 years old!


Haven't used the official Facebook app for the better part of a year because of its numerous problems. One feature gets fixed/improved/added and another pretty much always gets screwed up. Not so with FriendCaster! :)

I don't think Facebook for android is that terrible. it has its glitches once in a while then again what app doesn't?

My rezound has 2 apps for facebook plus several others for features like chat and friend stream. I closed my FB account last year and am glad they can be disabled now. I have never seen anyone have to make so many apologies for things they knew were either wrong or bad ideas as this D bag

I check into Facebook once per day to check up on family...other than that I don't use it at's become bloated...I use Google+ and Twitter almost exclusively.

I am a developer, There is nothing wrong with a well developed HTML5 App. you can cache the previously retrieved content, you can preemtively load data before a user gets to the bottom. All the key issues that exist with the mobile application for facebook can be solved. Yes there design is slow but a key issue is they limit so much of the functionality in the app. Whether you are native or HTML5 the requests across the network are the same, the amount of data that you try to cram into the response is the issue. Keep it lightwieght!

He is just using this as a scapegoat for the sub par servers that they own to run their site on.

A little experience and consistancy in facebook would go a long way...

How can the widget not display current posts from friends less than 2 days.

Sick of seeing the same update from someone 2-3 days ago.

Keep up widget!

Its being run by a kid. What do you expect. I dont know much about programing and stuff but I know I wouldnt launch a huge website when there really isnt a good product to begin with. Twitter,google+, instagram, or anything other then/ better then facebook. I thought an upgrade to the iPhone would solve my problems but its mostly just the facebook web and app that shuts down,crashes/freezes my device. Fix it or take it down because no one wants to deal with this crap.