Got a great video response today from Kyle, aka Phestor or AnAm85, who won the 64-gigabyte HTC One Developer Edition in our recent contest. HTC pitched in some goodies, too, after the contest ended, which was more than generous. 

So congrats to Kyle -- as well as Rey Ford and misterasset, who each won Nexus 4s -- and hope you enjoy your phone!

Check out Kyle's gracious reply after the break.

Kyle's thank-you video

Kyle's contest entry


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You're welcome, Kyle! Enjoy your HTC One Developer Edition!


Please ignore the "" shirt in the video. Thanks again guys! I start back on chemo for this month tomorrow so wish me luck. ;)

@AnAm85 no problem,we here at android central don't judge:)Good luck i hope you get better,and have fun with your brand new htc one developer version.

Congratulations! You seem like a really good guy, I hope you get better. Enjoy the phone, it is amazing. AC and HTC you really made this man happy! Kudos!

Million congratulations to you, Kyle :)
Enjoy man, enjoy to the max :)
Keep your spirit as high as the sky and keep it up with Android Development.
Looking forward to seeing your stuff, man :)
All my best wishes and positive thoughts to you,
A very warm congratulations to you, from Cairo, Egypt

Why does it always seem like the best people have to deal with some of the worst obstacles? Kyle, you and your son hang in there! By the look of his smiles your son is one heck of a trooper! You both have a lot of prayers headed your way! Oh, by the way...CONGRADULATIONS!!!

Congrats again Kyle! I hope that One will keep your mind away from what you're going through, even for a little bit. Good luck with the treatment.

Kyle, congrats on the win first of all. I understand what you are kinda going through although my view is from the care giver point of view. You stay strong and keep smiling no matter what. Enjoy the heck out of those solo's my wife got my rezound ear buds and raves about them on her phone. If you ever need to talk we (proverbial) are listening. Let me know if you need anything.

Congrats Kyle. My prayers are with you, your son and family. Its a tremendous ordeal your all going through. Stay strong, stay positive and enjoy the one. God bless ya. :)

This whole thing does my heart good.

I've dealt with cancer myself, from age 4 through age 11. ALL.

The cancer did a number on my growing up "normal", as it were, and the chemotherapy did a number on my growing up "healthy" as it were. The social impact of being different and distant while growing up combined with the health impact of immediate and late effects from the chemo process made me who I am today. And I accept the fact that in the last year I've only begun to come out of my hazy existence and become someone with an identity and a valuable, meaningful life.

It took a lot of time and pain, but because of it, I'm someone who takes no shit from anyone, isn't afraid of anything, would suffer necessary pain for complete strangers, would give the last dollar from my pocket to someone with a true need, and would protect anyone who was in need to the best of my abilities and effort... all because of the sheer magnitude of the burden I carried so long--it was equally mental and physical--and all the hardships brought on myself by myself alone as I tried to find my way living inside of a fog that I could not see through, one that was a barrier to my own comprehension of even simple consequences.

Simple cause and effect... sometimes simplicity is a misnomer or a misunderstanding of the complexity inherently involved with fate or destiny. Everything is linked somehow, causally. Simplicity may merely be an artifact of our minds' need to neatly tuck away every scrap of our experience into its own tidy little place in our understanding of the world and ourselves.

With that being said, it may be a phone, or a simple toy, or just a mere distraction that allows you to hold onto that certain "zen" in your mind that keeps you going through current and future trials, but it is so much more--this prize for you--because of what it represents for you and all of us out here. It has evolved from your unexpected presentation of yourself and your world as an entry into the contest into a uniquely personal glimpse through your eyes for us out here to witness.

I admire you for your strength and your endurance and for the quality of your message. It sheds light upon a place that is very dark, in many ways.

Thank you.

For being stronger: stronger than cancer yet also stronger because of it.

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the post of last HTC Developer edition 64GB winner's video.

Congratulation Kyle, have fun with that HTC ONE.

Wish good luck for all.

Thanks in Advance

Congrats Kyle!! Great choice Android Central!! Could not have picked a more derserving person. This is what makes the Android community so great.

Congrats Kyle! Hang in there with the chemo. Looks like you have a terrific family. Have fun with your new toy!

Congrats Kyle, now i can go back to my boring phone :) I will keep you in my prayers and hope you keep flashing! Big Ups to Jody Barnes and his star power.