Actions speak louder than words, of course, but WhatsApp today used a few hundred to promise us that it has "respect for your privacy" and that having been bought by Facebook for umpteen-billion-dollars (it was $16 billion) won't go to its head, leading it to steal all your personal data. "If partnering with Facebook meant that we had to change our values, we wouldn’t have done it," WhatsApp's Jan Koum wrote in a blog post.

Koum continued:

"Speculation to the contrary isn’t just baseless and unfounded, it’s irresponsible. It has the effect of scaring people into thinking we’re suddenly collecting all kinds of new data. That’s just not true, and it’s important to us that you know that."

Fair enough. And WhatsApp isn't alone in that feeling. But, again, actions speak louder than words. Don't let us down, WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp promises it's not Facebook and that it doesn't even want your data


I'll give it 12 months before the CEO quits or gets the shove and a little tiny bit longer before it gets tied to the Facebook data base

FB bought them out of fear because they have hundreds of millions of users. If global carriers start unlimited or cheap bulk texting, it will be a total loss of investment. But I would expect FB to require creating a FB acct to continue using the service.

To my knowledge Lte doesn't have texting capabilities ( not lte like we have now but when phones are 100% on lte with all calls voip and no concurrent 3g like we have now) .. So when that switch happens I assume everyone would need to be on one of the messaging services too? Unless they alter lte from how it is structured now..

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Say what? I have lte. I still text, and my carrier now has unlimited text and calling. I feel like im talking to someone from the past.

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WhatsApp promises it's Facebook and that it does want your data.

Sounds more accurate

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"I would never do that no matter wha....oh, is that 16 BILLION dollars?!"


"I will do whatever you want, whenever you want me to do it. I for one welcome our new Facebook overlords"

FaceBook, the people that put HIDDEN cookies on your computer to track every website you go to. The only way to get rid of it is by clearing all cookies and deleting them.

Not to mention they also claim intellectual ownership over every picture, video and idea or thought you post on their site. Plus they copy everything you post, even if you have deleted it. EFF FaceCrook, G+ does not do this.

I for one don't trust them. Nobody pays that much to not make changes or use the data. Do they seriously think people are that stupid?

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Well, people still use Facebook after their huge about face on privacy so... yes, they do think people are that stupid. And they're right.

Jan Koum sounds sincere. I really hate it to know that when I send someone a private message in FaceBook that it will scan its contents, and target ads, and more. Luckily there's OTR.

Jan, I hate to be the one to tell you, but Facebook wanted your company precisely for all that user data. They already have a chat service, so they clearly didn't need WhatsApp for the technology, and, even if they did want tech, there are many other companies they could have bought. Hell, they could have likely waved half of that cash and stock at BlackBerry (which, for all its faults, knows something about messaging) and bought the whole company. So I don't know what they told you, but that's what they were after, and if they want to access it after the deal closes, there isn't a thing you can do to stop them. So please don't patronize us with these statements, when we all know they're BS.

EDIT: Not that I fault you for selling out. You guys really hit the jackpot, and the users are free to leave if they don't like where Facebook takes the company. My advice to you is to convert all that stock into cold hard cash as soon as you can and then put your feet up on a beach somewhere.

Oo clever read. They way they still aren't "lying" by doing that. Can't wait for the terms and conditions changes that slowly start to look more and more like Facebook's

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Doesn't matter what they mean. Their amount of say in the matter will steadily decrease over the next months and years, and Facebook will eventually do what they want, and the majority of their users won't mind.

Edit: hahahaha "partnering"

Exactly. Surprised no one else picked up on this. He only says they won't collect MORE data, buy they already collect everything imaginable. Just look at the app permissions.

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WhatsApp says it's not after your data. Not that long ago, Facebook said they weren't after our data either and would NEVER sell it to others. Once FB became the dominant social platform that no one could live without, that all changed in a hurry.

Frack you Facebook.
Frack you WhatsApp.
Anyone who believes anything these clowns say is too dumb for words.

After all those changes I actually went and removed all my likes, removed any businesses and all that extra crap. I comment rarely up there as well. Unfortunately, they have so much data on what people do, I'm sure they know exactly whining am but what I don't do.

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I'm never having whatsapp again on my phone.. I don't know how much u think ur clients are fool to believe that their privacy are safe with a 16b$ contract with FB and FB"contractors"

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It works great on your tablet! Oh, wait... I mean, on multiple devices! no... Desktop? No... Group read messages! Nope... Oh, but it's secure! (except for the Indian government).

Yeah right... not. A company buys you for 16 billion, they are going to be the ones in control, not anything the current makers say would change that. You can bet heavily that it will invade your privacy just like Facebook does.

They also did NOT "partner" with Facebook, they were bought out. They can't even tell the truth about that.

I read that Facebook's recently updated app was able to read texts messages off our phones. Subsequently they lost a lot of app users. Now they have WhatsApp and nothing's going to change? Another app removed from my phone.

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"If partnering with Facebook meant that we had to change our values, we wouldn't have done it". Since when is selling your business, especially selling it for more money than a small country's annual GDP, jive with the term "partnership"? Facebook purchased WhatsApp to turn a profit on the acquisition. The money they've paid needs to be recouped or in the long run the shareholders and eventually the board will not trust management with future acquisitions. Facebook leverages its users as the product, WhatsApp just increased the product line, and it will eventually be monetized. Assuming you can have your cake and eat it to, especially in this case, is either ignorant or disingenuous (and I don't believe Koum is an ignorant individual).

Facebook sells your data to others, Google does not. Big difference there. Facebook also swore up and down that they would never do that, which was attractive in building a user base, then they spun 180 degrees and changed all the terms of Service and privacy settings.

Wait what do you mean Facebook sells it to others and Google doesn't? I thought Google generated ad revenue by selling our data to advertisers? I'm honestly confused now.

Oh wait nvm my foolishness. I understand now. Our data isn't mined to sell ads. Although, I actually feel like they actually do sell advertisements depending on what a person likes or searches for. Either way, I see the difference in both philosophies now!

Biggest complaint, is it doesn't see all my normal contacts phone numbers, so I have to start a text message from the normal contact list in my phone, not from the hangout app.

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I'd love to but the problem I have isn't what I want to use its what everyone I want to talk to uses. And they all use WhatsApp on iPhones.

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Tech merger promises usually fizzles out within 18-24 months of its acquisition. Don't expect these promises to made long term. There's a small chance that they will uphold their promise, but I wouldn't hold my breath knowing Facebook's notorious privacy policies and practices.

I still can't believe What's app was valued at $16 billion.

Look at some companies that have been around for close to a hundred years, making and selling products that are household names. Many of those companies aren't worth close to that.


I'm sure they truly believe what they are saying but that does not change the fact that once they signed on the dotted line, Facebook can do whatever they want. They may be content to run the service as is independently for the time being but the time will come (most likely sooner rather than later) when Facebook will want a return on their investment and that almost certainly means merging the membership database into Facebooks. To believe otherwise is incredibly naive.

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i changed to hangouts right after fb buyed whatsapp... hangouts got so much advantages; group chats, where you see who's online, who's writing, who has seen which messages, you can use it on any mobile device AND on computers (as long as you got chrome installed, but who doesn't? :P)... and i'd prefer to give google my data than fb :P

Already removed WhatsApp after security fears but being part of the Facebook family would have made me do that anyway. Trying Kik, liking it so far, but drains my nexus battery faster than a fast thing on a fast day.

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Right so they paid 16 billion to let things continue as they are with nothing in return, of course........

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I am not sure what would be more sad. If the former owners of Whatsapp believe what they posted on their blog or if they already know it is not remotely close to the truth.

They can now afford to pay US each time we send a message, let them read it, know where we are and what we like. My fee is $16.00 per message.

Nobody knows how much I don't know. Via my Note 3 on AC.