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Now that the cat is out of the bag and we know all about Facebook Home, it's time to find out just who will give it a try

A whole lot of people use Facebook. Zuck spent a couple minutes today to make sure we all knew that, and just how much time is spent doing it -- about 25-percent of everything done on a mobile device is Facebook-related. It's natural that Facebook would want to go deep into a device so they can be front and center no matter what you're trying to do.

Enter Facebook Home. Yes, there is going to be a Facebook phone  now a phone that has tighter Facebook Home integration, but most of what we've seen today will come to all modern Android devices eventually. That makes it easy to try, and easy to throw away if you don't like it.

The only way to find out if you like something is to try it. We can talk about it, show you video, rant about the bugs and issues, and praise the good parts -- and that's fine and dandy. But you still need to try it and see just what is up before you write it off or embrace it. Are you going to? There's a poll in the right sidebar (or after the break), waiting for you to tell us.

First, a quick look at last week's results:

Are you going to consider T-Mobile when you buy your next phone?

Poll results

Plenty of folks are interested in what T-Mobile is peddling it seems. That's good news for the folks in Bellevue, and more options is a good thing.

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mstrblueskys says:

Why wouldn't I?

coraphise says:

Why wouldn't you?

If you're life doesn't revolve around Facebook, why WOULD you?

If you don't have a Facebook account, why WOULD you?

There's plenty of reasons not to try it.

Personally, I voted no. I'm not likely to try it either, as I've gotten so annoyed with Facebook notifications that I usually just post things to Facebook by allowing those sites to connect. I'm rarely ever actually on myself.

I'm not saying I'll never try it though; it's just a real slim chance. If the Facebook app forces a transition to Facebook home, we'll see.

Obviously anyone without a Facebook account would not try it. People who are not active users of Facebook shouldn't really be a part of this poll.

Tigrisan says:

Wait a minute. Just because someone isn't an "Active User" doesn't mean they can't be part of the poll. People who don't use it but are going to eventually have to try and get it off their new phone based on the comment above:

**but most of what we've seen today will come to all modern Android devices eventually.**

So just because there are those of us who made the mistake of signing up for Facebook a long time ago and don't actively use it now doesn't mean we aren't going to eventually have to do something about it in the future.

mwara244 says:

EFF Facebook, they claim intellectual ownership to every pic, video, and thought or idea you post on their site, they keep copy's of your entire account even if you delete pics and vids or close your account. Not to mention the Hidden cookies they put on your PC that track every website you go to, and the only way to get rid of it is to delete all cookies. I can only imagine what information the FaceBook phone will gather on you.

G+ does none of these things.

Robbzilla says:

I disagree. You never know... you might love it. I'll probably download it and play with it for a few hours. I sincerely doubt I'll love it, but I'll at least give it a try.

dyinman says:

I don't understand why anyone would? What's so hard about having a widget or opening the app?

Turned that damned Facebook off.. So nope!

l00natic71 says:

I can picture you shaking your fist while saying "get off my lawn!"

Yup, and you better not be 'whackin' it behind my tool shed!

cj100570 says:

I'm more like to allow an NFL kicker to give his best shot at kicking me in the nuts.

tim242 says:

I'd rather poke my eyes out.

Thanks to all this media, i actually just dropped facebook. so yah... i WON'T be trying it.

icebike says:

Never signed up for Facebook, but I've sat (mostly quietly) thru 12 articles in one day.

Hopefully AC can get this all out of their system in one day, and we can get back to Android instead of a constant advertising stream for Facebook.

dwr3ck3d says:

You should add another option for the users that can't get the service because they are running something before Ice Cream Sandwich.

rafaelluik says:

I wish I could but my device isn't in the list of compatible devices.

heymecalvy says:

If it becomes available as a launcher for Nexus 4, or even a flashable ROM, I'll definitely give it a try. Chances are I won't like it nearly as much as CM10.1, but that's never a reason not to try something

TallyHo says:

It's not a ROM

LabRat says:

I just baked some cookies with arsenic in them. Would you like to try one?

jrun says:

Typo Assassin says...

"'s time to find out just who who give it a try"

Basically if you install this, you're helping FB distribute ads for free.
So fck no!


Uh what do you think you do by paying hundreds of dollars for an android phone?

randyw says:

One of the reasons I Root all my Android Devices. To uninstall Fasebook and Twiter.

coraphise says:

I'm more concerned about dropping carrier bloatware. I've only had 2 Android devices so far, I don't recall if they came with FB and Twitter anymore. It's been so long since my OG Droid was rooted and flashed, and my GS3 barely made it 30 minutes while I reviewed steps to root and flash.

and also crapware from the carriers. Bullshit apps is one of the many reasons why I've switch to buying my phones factory unlocked.

Jleagle says:

I'll install it right away out of curiosity, but don't ever intend on using it.

M Class says:

Umhappy wwith how I have things now. I don't like giving control of my experience to a single entity.

pheatton says:

I'll probably install it to see what all the fuss is about, mess around with it for a while then uninstall.

juhmayfay says:

No interest in Facebook services, but I would love to have the messenger overlay thing with Google Babel (or whatever it ends up being called). Fantastic idea in my opinion

planoman says:

I have never been on facebook. I did buy into the stock at 20 so if you are on facebook please use this product! It is after all, about buying low and selling high! Come on FB! Over 27 today!

Gator352 says:

I have a facebook account and check it every now and then. Personally can't stand it so my answer is.......NO!!!!!

Yes, since I have a Facebook account, I will be downloading and installing Facebook Home on my GNex on April 12th if available for my Android phone.

Basically I would like to see what the next Facebook has to offer and what options the new app/launcher has. However considering I don't want Facebook to be the center of my Android phone, I will try it and most likely pass on it. I'm just going to give Facebook Home a chance mostly to see it and for blogging purposes.

Of course I wonder if the tablet version might be better later this year?

Bruh-Man says:

kinda sick of all social networking. Finding out to much about people, what they ate yesterday, how sick their dog is, when they left the house and what alcoholic beverage they're currently consuming. But I'll probably try it anyway.

I will try it. Can't knock it until you give it the old college try. And if I don't like it.. Uninstall. Nothing to get all up on arms about. You don't like Facebook don't use it, and obviously you won't use this product. So let's hear over and over again about how everyone hates facebook even though an estimated 1/7 of the world's population is on facebook.

fuzzylumpkin says:

I'll give it a bash, can't see me sticking with it if it's a full on launcher though, I like stock too much. Hopefully they'll make a decent non launcher app though I won't hold my breath.

chuckh0308 says:

It's hard to imagine what could potentially be more annoying on my phone. So no, not gonna go there!

judasmachine says:

How about a live wallpaper of the hypnotoad and when you tap it takes you to

ScottJ says:

It's silly to poll a bunch of nerds about a social app. That's like asking vegetarians what kind of steak they like the best.

dethduck says:

I'll check it out for a day or two but I likely won't keep it installed.

mgftp says:

Judging by the poll, there are a lot of teenage girls on this website.

I have a feeling this may catch the interest of a few iPhone owners.

biln says:

facebook needs this, $100billion isn't enough, they have to make more and more every year or they are doomed.

toddjy says:

Not just no.
Hell, NO!

biln says:

they should of targeted ios not android. theres probably more teenage girls and high schoolers that use facebook and have iphones than android.

kinster02 says:

Not a bad looking phone but No,I don't use Facebook.

Wicket says:

I'll try it for the sake of checking it out but it would have to be pretty mind blowing to make me continue using it since I am not a heavy Facebook user these days (G+ FTW) and pretty much loath anything that doesn't look like the AOSP launcher. Like I said though I will try to see what it's like so I can form an opinion and share my thoughts with others. :)

judasmachine says:

Of course I'll try it. It may only last a day.

cashxx says:

Nope not here we got enough fragmentation, don't need anymore! Jellybean is required and that puts out over half the Android users already.

dominiej says:

I'd much prefer a Google+ "home"

Not a chance in hell.

MC_A_DOT says:

I like it...I'm in.

Downloading on my GS3 next friday #BOOM

I have a Nexus 4... So No! (as it's not supported apparently!!)

MarkSeven says:

Can't answer this question being that I don't have a compatible phone yet. I'll try it if they ever make it compatible for the Rezound or get a new phone that's compatible.. whichever comes first.. I'm most likely Nexus bound after I leave Verizon..

martain says:

I have a Facebook account, but do not use the Facebook mobile app. It tends to be too slow, and freezes. I can't imagine trusting Facebook to write software that controls/interacts with more of my phone.

It's no different than the fact that every Ford vehicle I owned had electrical issues as some point (One was totaled by fire, caused by an electrical short). Because of this I would never buy an electric car from Ford.

borgdog says:

You need a voting option for "Oh, F'ng h3ll no!"

jdevenberg says:

I'm surprised at the number of no votes. The poll isn't do you intend on making Facebook Home your go to launcher, just, are you going to check it out. I have no intention of keeping it for more than a few days, but my fascination with tech will lead me to at least try it so I know what its about and can have an intelligent conversation about it. I'll download it, run it for 3-5 days, maybe a week, then (unless it somehow amazes me) uninstall it and go back to my trusty Nova Launcher Pro.

I don't even want the regular facebook app since it drains my battery constantly trying to turn on my GPS.


Uh, one thing: why would I want a "Facebook phone" with hardware from HTC, considering that the entire concept is ruining both the popular social network and the Taiwanese OEM's reputation? HTC's already lagging on both the android and WP spectrums, and this mid-tier phone isn't any help either. Truly the HTC First is one of HTC's 'first' actual failures.

It would be more useful to actually post the "Facebook Home" launcher (which is basically what the Facebook phone is: a phone with a special launcher that will increase the amount of notifications and sponsored advertisements littering your homescreen) up for grabs, or optimize the current Facebook application to have integration with existing launchers, those pre-installed by OEM's and popular third-party launchers found on Google Play.

Overall, the entire concept is intriguing, but a complete waste IMO.

freeboy2k6 says:

I wouldn't try this not because I don't like it, It's because my friends are crazy! They might put crazy photos or crazy stuff on FB and I don't want to see it as soon as I turn on my phone. Cool idea though but just not for me.