HTC is billing the HTC One as the best smartphone available today. CEO Peter Chou said as much, and it's evident he believes it. We can't argue with anyone who agrees. It's packing an all-new next generation chip with the Snapdragon 600, has what looks to be an excellent camera, and amazing screen, and a sexy all aluminum chassis. The software side looks plenty innovative as well, and I can't wait to try out the Zoe features. In short, we know plenty of you guys and gals will be picking this one up.

Since the majority of our readers (hey, that's you!) hail from the United States, this week's sidebar poll is about US availability. Verizon was notably absent from the race to tell us all that we can buy an HTC One soon from our carrier's stores. We're not reading a lot into that by the way -- Verizon will be Verizon and do their own thing in their own time and the HTC One may show up there, Droid name in tow. Or it may not, and they end up with something completely different. Wait for an announcement before you blow a gasket.

Having sad that, we want to know who you plan on buying your HTC One from if you're going to buy one. When we have questions that only you folks can answer, we run a poll. Find it in the sidebar to the right, or just click past the break.


Reader comments

This week's sidebar poll: Which U.S. carrier will you be getting the HTC One on?


Hoping the HTC comes to the US Carriers with the 64gb version of interior memory. For some unknown reason the US Carriers get left out with the extra large int memory versions in other companies phones as well ala Samsung Note 2.

Odd Att would get larger memory, since they copy Verizon, which wants the lowest memory and no sd storage to gouge every nickel out of their customers streaming data on their price gouging tiered data plans. Less memory = More data streaming and more money for Tiered data plan ripoffs

Okay Htc had it's turn showed a nice device and earned more points by keeping it off the cosmetics network''Verizon''. But it's not enough to displace Samsung from being the top dog of android as usual. I applaud the build quality on the Htc One and the new sense looks great to. Battery life the jury is out and 32gb/64gb internal storage is cool no sdcard is bad htc needs to wake up on that matter. I won't rain on the HTC party they worked hard on this device and people will buy especially on tmobile, sprint, , at@t. I wish them well in 2013.

YOU need to wake up on the SD card matter. The whole world is moving towards cloud storage and towards eliminating SD cards. Is there any point in which you need to listen to even more than a gig of music in a day? What the hell is everyone carrying around on their phones that requires all this storage? Unless you are an extremely heavy gamer, 32 of 64 gigs is waaaaay overkill for the average consumer. If you actually using more than that then you are just leaving a bunch of useless crap on your phone and exercising poor file management

The simple truth. They are removing useful features for their benefit and not your convenience.

I agree with his assessment about the SD card. Why wouldn't anyone want cheap and easily swappable memory? Especially with the ridiculous premium prices that manufacturers charge for static memory.

The cloud is not a viable or dependable form of storage yet and many people simply don't want to place their personal files on a cloud server. Many are stuck with bandwith caps, lack decent 3g/4g or both.

No. You need to wake up. The whole world moving to cloud storage is the dumbest comment I've ever read. Why? Because people said so? Not speaking for me but some people want the option of SD cards. These are one of the reasons that Samsung is kicking everyone's ass. Stop being a tool and get over yourself.

Thank you. I Definitely want my next phone to have a SD card slot. It's great to have one for when your HTC phone breaks down and you have to replace it (there is a great chance of that happening). you just swap out memory cards and you are golden. what happens when your phone breaks and it only has internal memory? you lose everything stored on it. have a good day.

The whole world?? Last time I checked the top dog Samsung was still using SD cards.. And yes ppl do listen to ALOT of music in one day from time to time.. Especially in a quiet office or even out & about. These tiered data plans don't allow for much streaming. I have a 16GB card and it's currently full.

No removable battery.
No external storage.
Not interested.

I have a phone on Verizon. No matter what they tell you LTE is not all THAT fast. I still wait for files to download. Is it faster then it use to be. Absolutly!

I am an independent film maker. I love being able to put scenes on my phone to show certain people. But I can only put so much.

I go to the gym three days a week and listen to online radio or stored music. As others have said streaming is not all it's cracked up to be yet. And while in the gym there are some areas that do not have good reception. Other places I visit do not have good reception inside too.

Remember that just because YOU don't do it doesn't mean others shouldn't.

Who's the whole world??? Use cloud storage for what reason cause manufacturers meaning ONLY HTC or because GOOGLE NEXUS line says so well not everyone cares for Google Nexus line devices nor do anyone want Google telling us what to do or how to use or devices. If we needed that then i better go apple in that case which will NEVER EVER HAPPEN IN MY WORLD. Three plus years ago people started using SDCARDS android devices main feature was SDCARDS the bread and butter of android now the whole world according to you wants to act brand new and for what reason basically for manufacturer HTC and for Google to save a buck. Well I'm not down with that thought and clearly neither is the leading android manufacturer and that's Samsung. Apparently Motorola, Lg, Sony, and Hauwei isn't hearing your message either. Clearly after all these years people have accumulated content on these SDCARDS that they would like to keep and use at their own free will when they seem fit not use any silly cloud. I have a combination of over 350 movies/video's on my 64gb sdxc class 10 card on my Galaxy Note 2 and some of these movies and video's have been on all my devices over the years. Private video's and classic movies. I don't plan on losing the ability to enjoy my content when i see fit because a manufacturer decided to make a device on the cheap to save a buck which is not how android started and neither did HTC. Samsung caters to it's customers and doesn't skimp or cut corners on the important items battery removal and sdcard expansion and apparently neither does Motorola, Lg, and sony. Case and point the Galaxy S4 will launch with 1 storage option in 2013 and that will be with 64gb internal storage with the opportunity to add 64gb sdxc card who wouldn't want that much space on there device if you can have it?? Android and it's hallmark is choice the platform was built on that one hallmark alone Google better remember that as the next few years come upon us and Htc can't afford to continue to forget that one aspect. They will never be what they use to be cause they are not consistent always skimping they are paying for that transgression today.

"I have a combination of over 350 movies/video's on my 64gb sdxc class 10 card on my Galaxy Note 2" No you don't. You said on a different page you had "over 240 movies on [your] device and some 70 some odd videos". That only adds up to 310, 40 away from your "over 350 movies/video's". And as I stated in that other article, it's literally impossible for you to have that many "movies" only on a 64 GB SD card. Figuring a movie is at least 1.5 hours long, even if it were 500 MB (which would be much lower than even DVD quality), you'd have 117 GB of "movies" (240 (from your other comment) x 500 = 120,000 MB = 117 GB). 117 GB can't possibly fit into a 64 GB card. You have no clue what you're talking about.

not an htc fun anymore , not impressed will wait for note 3 , right now am enjoying my y note 2 and its the most amazing phone

You can't answer this question until you see the GS4. Excellent product unveiled by HTC but it's Samsung's turn now. Then we can all decide what's best.

None. Happy with my Nexus 4 on Straight Talk (AT&T sim). I have absolutely zero interest in a locked phone running nuisance aka 'new sense'.

I won't get the One at all as I'm loving my Nexus 4, but if I were to get the One, it would be on T-Mobile with their awesome $30/month plan.

Same as the above. I just got a Nexus 4, which I have running on T-Mo. If I had to get a new phone (and it does look good) it'd be on T-Mo as well. But for now I'm choosing 'Other'.

Hoping sprint’s variant arrives on launch day. Pretty pumped up about this phone honestly. I usually always flash CyanogenMod on my phones but I am going to give Sense a two week test run first. I mostly take photos out at the bar and I hope this phone is just a killer in low light.

+1 - DNA on great network, getting 16 hours of battery with 2 hours of screen on time. Plenty of phone for me for now. My Samsung radios sucked and since there is no One for Verizon we stay right where we are.

You Htc Dna folks on Verizon crack me up with this fictional battery life mumbo jumbo. You actually think that 16hrs of battery life and 2hrs of on screen time is great????. Sorry to BURST your bubble my friend but my Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile gets 19hrs of battery life daily on 9 to 11hrs of on screen time daily. I watch plenty of movies and watch plenty of podcasts everyday on my Galaxy Note 2. Matter of fact Tv Portal and Pocket casts as well as are my favorite applications on my Note 2 and they get serious work outs every day. I unplug my device 4am daily and by 9pm it's still running strong that's a true device. Everyone knows standby time is good on the Htc Dna as long as you don't use the device as soon as you start using it then your battery drain down inside of 2hrs and it's time for another charge. Your Htc Dna will never be the Galaxy Note 2 or Razr Maxx or Razr Maxx Hd that's for sure. Matter of fact Verizon is pitiful too the cosmetic network where devices go to die filled with unnecessary disabling bloatware and crippling wifi notifications as well as childish branding and disabling internal changes to devices. I was glad to take my two lines of service off Verizon to Tmobile that was the BEST MOVE i ever made in three years.

"You actually think that 16hrs of battery life and 2hrs of on screen time is great????" Uhhhh yeah, that is great. Assuming a person leaves the house at 7 am, 16 hours later is 11pm, a time when most people are home and getting into bed (if not already in bed) and have their phone back on the charger. You obviously can't do basic math or have a really f*cked up head to think a cell phone needs to last more than 24 hours. Also, comparing the battery life of Note 2 to the DNA is pretty stupid considering one has 1000 more mAh. Idiot.
"my Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile gets 19hrs of battery life daily on 9 to 11hrs of on screen time daily." All that little "statistic" shows is that you have nothing better to do with your pitiful life than stare at your smartphone screen for "9 to 11 hours". Most people have lives or actual TV's/computers.
"Your Htc Dna will never be the Galaxy Note 2 or Razr Maxx or Razr Maxx Hd that's for sure." What was your first clue? The different names of the devices, or the varying sizes in batteries? Thanks for your insight Captain Obvious -_-

while I agree with you it is nice being able to swap out batteries at anytime, the One's battery is still larger than what is in the galaxy s3 and a lot of comparable phones. I have the s3 and I get all day life one battery. Why would the One be the same if not better? Im genuinely curious, and have seen a lot of people concerned about this. Is the snapdragon 600 that big of a juice sucker?

ahh gotcha, Ive always been under the impression the larger the screen the more battery it consumed, but yeah youre right. Im sure the media will let us know about battery here soon enough when they get review units.

"Other", Switching carriers to T-Mobile from Verizon for the Galaxy S4, because I can't afford to pay full retail for the S4 on Verizon in order to keep my unlimited data.

I hope US Cellular gets it because my girlfriend needs something to replace her ancient Galaxy Mesmerize. I'm content with my EVO LTE on Sprint.

Funny how the #2 carrier (with 232 votes, 23.77%) so far is for the carrier that won't get it. Oh Verizon, when you learn. Guess they couldn't make Backup Assistant, City ID or Let's Golf work?

Was considering to give HTC another chance, but it appears that it will not come to Verizon... Oh well, I'll be looking forward to what Samnsung will offer this year, maybe a newer version of the Note 2 or maybe the newly announced LG phone. Not too impressed with HTC's announcement. I'll continue to enjoy my note 2.

HTC One X or S or DNA users can just wait for a leaked or stable Sense 5 real soon so really no need to get this device lol

I have an original One X and will be picking this One up because I have reached the 16G memory limit and also because this phone is just an improved version of an already AMAZING phone. HTC does a lot more things right than most people will admit.

A year ago you were going on and on about how "pimp slapping" Verizon was, and not even 5 months before that, how Sprint was "the greatest thing since sliced bread". You're only saying T-Mobile is the best because you have a phone that uses their network.

The GS4 will probably have better features, like smart stay and maybe some new innovations. The screen however, will be amoled, which just sucks compared to Super LCD. HTC One for me! on T-Mobile

I'm going to try to buy this unlocked, because I really don't want a carrier controlled phone.

Hope it comes to big red! Now why do i need minimum of 32you gigs. I dont own a p.c, laptop or tablet. I have EVERYTHING on my phone. Thats 9more gigs music, 9 more gigs for videos i take on vacation & 1 or 2 gigs for pics. I'm not going to the cloud. Finally i go through and purge un needed storage on a weekly basis. In closing thats why i demand a fixed memory phone be at minimum 32 gigs of memory.

Unfortunately I gotta wait til my Verizon contract is up so I can switch to prepaid.. So it doesn't look like I'll be getting this at all.. I'll probably get a Nexus even tho I want 32GB..

Why is "I'm not getting one" not an option? I'm unimpressed with the HTC One.

I just got my SGS3 back in July and will be sticking with it until it is no longer operational. And then I'll probably buy my own device outright so I can continue to enjoy truly unlimited data on Verizon.