Before you all jump on the title of the post, walk with me for a second here. As we all know, Facebook on Android has some issues with being able to get notifications out to devices. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Either way, to say it's not overly reliable is an understatement.

With that out of the way, a post recently went up in the Android Central forums detailing some strange happenings witnessed by forums member ccw1134, detailing how his daughter (a former BlackBerry user) always receives Facebook notifications on her Motorola XPRT without any issues.

My daughter went from a BB Curve to the Motorola XPRT and her FB push notifications worked! She always would always say "Dad you're phone's not so Incredible now, is it?" So when I got my EVO 3D and it didn't work I really became obsessed. After comparing settings on both phones and Facebook settings I found the one anomaly. The list of authorized apps within Facebook (Account dropdown>Account Settings>Applications on the right side of the page) on the computer showed "Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones" on hers but not mine. It's so simple yet outside of the box. The key is BlackBerry permissions! I am willing to bet that everyone who has working notifications on Android came from a BlackBerry.

We decided to test this out and sure enough, it appears to work a whole heck of a lot better for getting notifications on Android. In fact, during our testing and as shown in the video my Desire HD actually started getting notifications faster then my BlackBerry. Strange indeed -- this was tested multiple times as well, always ending with the same result. Mileage may vary for you of course but if you're interested in giving it a shot -- hit the forum link below for the full instructions on how to set it up.  

Get Facebook notifications  working on Android

Big shout out to ccw1134 for sharing this info with us all!

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newboyx says:


Slashdpc says:

I recently was pondering why my push notes weren't working as well. I cleared Facebook's application cache under Applications in Settings on my phone. This solved my issue. You will have to relog in and resync your contacts, but it's worth doing.

Grimmy says:

They have worked fine for me since I logged out and then logged back in again - effectively what clearing the app cache forces you to do.

ccw1134 says:

Thanks for testing this and getting it out there. Now I know that I'm not crazy (at least not because of this) since you guys tested it!

ArrTooDeeToo says:

Just more proof that Facebook hates Google and is purposefully crippling the app.

Nirvana328 says:

if that were true, then why do I get all push notifications to my Android phone, and I have never owned a blackberry?

This trick just seems to help those people who are having problems with notifications. It's not a requirement to receive notifications from Facebook. Next time think a little bit before you type.

blz2 says:

So you think Android Central just made it up that Facebook notifications don't work on Android? Next time think a little bit before you type.

dreedy01 says:

Just curious if this will work on Android only for the notifications that are listed in the FB for Android apps (friend requests, messages and invites) or does this allow for push notifications when someone comments on your status updates like it does on BB?

nikkisharif says:

I came from a BlackBerry & I get all notifications including comments, so I would assume you'll get all the notifications too.

dreedy01 says:

Thanks for the info, I'll have to try this method and see if it works out!

Ekachu says:

Same here.

ccw1134 says:

You get almost all notifications. The only notifications that don't come thru the app are Group notifications. So if there's a posting in groups I don't see it. Everything else comes right on thru.

nikkisharif says:

I was getting group notifications too but I turned them off because there were too many. You can set that up on the actual FB site from your computer.

byrds8 says:

How do we get it to work using that trick? I didnt see an option there to add anything to Facebook.

ccw1134 says:

You don't have to add anything to the Facebook app. Just make sure in the settings on the app that you have the checkbox checked for notifications.

byrds8 says:

Im saying what is it I have to change exactly. Notifications is turned on already on my phone. Guess Im a bit confused about what Im looking for.

Nirvana328 says:

you have to turn on notifications while using A BLACKBERRY. After you do it once in the blackberry then you can go back to using your phone and it should fix the problem.

nikkisharif says:

Interesting!!! I came from a Curve also & I've never had any issues with FB I know why!!!

ts0cha0tik says:

I never had problems getting Push Notifications on my MyTouch 4G... ever since they added Pages it has been working for me with no problems. Twitter also has perfected push notifications... I don't know why other people are having a problem. You would think the Sense phones would have more problems getting the Push Notifications to work but mine worked right away and my brothers Moto Defy (MoToBlur) device worked before the pages update.

nikkisharif says:

So Chris...are you just using CrackBerry Bla1ze's BB or are you moonlighting with an alias? Like I said I came from a BlackBerry so I'm very familiar with the CrackBerry team!!

Gregory Ryan says:

On the last CB podcast Craig said Chris, threw me off for a second. ;)

nikkisharif says:


Gregory Ryan says:

I dont know how he manages to keep his two identities separate. +1 to Bla1ze/Chris Parsons

Bla1ze says:

I am one, and the same. :)

nikkisharif says:


nikkisharif says:

+2 :)

lol I was wondering why my friend, who had a blackberry and I let her use my now old Nexus One got EVERY SINGLE facebook notification. glad i know why

ak110707 says:

This makes a lot of sense. I get notifications. Ironically i looked and had Facebook for blackberry enabled too from when i used a Tour 9630.

Xbbfan73 says:

It sure does work. Didn't even need a bb. Went on computer in my settings. Clicked on my old apps. Said been more than 6 months. Exited and now I get notifications. Even chats.

HES says:

So how long before Facebook figures out a way to disable this?

seanp666 says:

I used to have a Blackberry and I miss the TRUE push notifications. On Android, you get the email first and then a few minutes later you get the facebook notification. The awesome thing about blackberry, is you get the fb notification immediately and you don't get the email. Blackberry was smart enough not to push the email to your phone when it was already pushing the facebook notification. I hate getting two notifications. Even though I love Android, Blackberry is the push king and I miss that.

bjn714 says:

I did this trick and now I get the push notification instantly. Even before the email comes.

When I had a bb (2007-2009), facebook didn't have true push notifications. The BB had push email, and facebook intercepted the email and then gave you a notification in the app. Not sure if that has changed since then, but it did not used to have true push.

HES says:

Well I go the app re-added. Not I am not getting the email notifications. However Im not getting the push notifications either. Grr

Slashdpc says:

It's called a Gmail filter, or a mail rule if use a different email provider. They are very helpful for stuff like this.

Slashdpc says:

It's called a Gmail filter, or a mail rule if use a different email provider. They are very helpful for stuff like this.

Nirvana328 says:

the more direct (and hopefully common sense approach) is to go into facebook on your computer and just disable all these email notifications. Why would you have facebook notify you twice about the same exact event?

Reasonably you wouldn't. So just pick whichever is more convenient or logical to you and turn off the other notification (whether that be email on the desktop facebook site or push notifications via the app on your phone)

nikkisharif says:


dwatcool says:

Grab a blackberry. LOL! NEVER!

Nj763 says:

*Grabs Dad's BB & Hops On Fb*

turg says:

Facebook?! Does anybody even use that anymore?

nolan.b says:

Odd, moved from blackberry about 6 months ago and never had any issues (or at least noticed) with Facbook notifications on various Android phones (currently on Atrix).

bjn714 says:

If you are tech savvy and do not have access to a BB, you can use a blackberry device simulator and blackberry MDS to do it from a computer. I still had a Tour simulator installed on a test box and it took about 5 minutes.

isaiah32#AC says:

Thanks. That worked!

Mischiew says:

It worked here too, only the simulator was necessary. Took half an hour to download it though, I suppose everyone is downloading it now seeing how slow the BB servers are ;)

isaiah32#AC says:

If you change your password after this Blackberry authorization,does it still work or do you need to re-authorize?

bjn714 says:

I would imagine you would not need to re-authorize. The application is granted permissions within facebook, so unless you revoke the permissions it should still be there. There is way too much mystery as to why this works right now to know for sure though.

danisnotstan says:

I believe there is more to this than simply having a BB prior to Android. I had a BB and by a pure coincidence, I went into my facebook settings on my computer just yesterday and I noticed facebook for BB app was still active and I deleted it. The only notifications I ever received on android (even with facebook for BB active) were messages and group posts. Even when I clicked on the message in my notification tab it never even opened! I'm gonna re-activate my BB since FB app wont work on BB without active BIS and I'll see if I can get it to work because FB for Android SUCKS as is!

Gregory Ryan says:

Facebook 2.0 works on wifi

stoneworrior says:

Hah that's funny, I came to Android from a Blackberry Tour. When I got my phone I turned Facebook Notifications off due to the constant interruptions. I never gave it a second thought.

judasmachine says:

My issue with FB notifications is that they are annoying so I make it a point to make sure they don't work. For me anything on FB can wait. Any important stuff my friends and family know to text.

balthuszar says:

i've never owned a blackberry, and my facebook push notifications come in a timely fashion to my droid...i turn them off, they drive me nuts, but they come when they're on

Ok so first don't take this as a guaranteed fix I myself have never used a blackberry and choose to never and have flawless notifications on multiple android devices one inwitch my girlfriend do not get notifications on and my girlfriend has had more than one blackberry and has never been able to have facebook notifications and to make it crazier she works for a verizon call center and has never seen working facebook notifications on any phone but the ones i use even when she uses the same phone still no notifications and she was a blackberry user no to make matters worse I was a iphone user before android so if you are to say that ppl that come from blackberry have working notifications I should say ppl that come from iphone should also have working notifications so this
blackberry fix isint a guarantee and neither is the iphone I believe if anything its still chance mabe ppl
that had working facebook notifications once on a
different device might have a better chance at working notifications on an android device.

bjn714 says:

Longest. Sentence. Ever.

john_v says:

LOL..I logged in and was about to say that same thing. Maybe the period key is broken.

Mischiew says:

Maybe the period key can be re-activated by using a BB?

Xephik says:

One thing ive always been confused about is how in the settings page of the app it says refresh interval. I thoight for push there was no refreshing. Mayve its for the widget?

bjn714 says:

Yes it is for the widget.

Small_law says:

The girlfriend went from a BB Bold to a Droid Charge and her notifications work. I've never received notifications from FB consistently on my OG Droid, Droid X, or Thunderbolt. I can't wait to see if this works!

zakth says:

Hmm, I have an OLD blackberry, not sure if I can even download facebook on it so I'm not really wanting to activate it then download facebook... anyone have the link that is used to authorize? Maybe we can just put that in our browser to do it.

bjn714 says:

It is not a link to authorize. By logging in with the app it is automatic, so there is likely not a way around using a BB or a simulator with MDS.

intheb0x says:

funny how my notifications always usually work well on my android device, and i have the blackberry app in my applications list in account settings.

even thou it says last logged in on april 13th.
i set refresh rate to none.

john_v says:

What's Facebook? And why would you want to be notified about it?

hasteroth says:

I'll have to stick to SMS notifications, since I don't even own a Blackberry.

Nirvana328 says:

you don't need to own a Blackberry. Just go into a cell phone store that has working floor models, log in with your info, turn the sync on, log out of the floor model Blackberry and leave the store.

Once you log in once on a blackberry and set notifications to active it should fix it, then you never need the blackberry again.

jediman says:

The facebook app for android is horrible. Its been so bad on the droid 3, I had to uninstall it completely. It causes lock ups and reboots after a few uses. Seems it can't clear its memory correctly.

The built in moto versions actually work a million times better much to my amazement.

Not to mention the browser has facebook access...

Goat-Tee says:

Doesn't work on my Thunderbolt. Worked flawlessly on my Tour. Still have the facebook for blackberry enabled and still no notifications.

It worked on my Tbolt! Love it!

ebocioj says:

works my HTC sensation ON the LARGEST 4G NETWORK!

El Jefe says:

How did you get a Sensation on Verizon? :-)

slinky317 says:

Current Droid Incredible owner and former BlackBerry 9630 owner as well. I still have Facebook for BlackBerry listed in my Applications menu on Facebook, but I have NEVER received push notifications. Lame.

D3lusionz says:

I always thought the issue (at least with HTC phones) was with having Facebook and Facebook for HTC Sense both trying to pull in data and getting all gummed up. The only notifications I get are for messages. I gave up on the push notifications a while ago and just use gmail push instead.

kpj104 says:

Doesn't work. I had a Storm before this and still have the Blackberry app loaded in my facebook profile, and I do not get notifications.

slinky317 says:

I think it has to be the NEW BlackBerry Facebook app (with the blue login screen). I had an old Tour that I used and I never got notifications on my Android device. However, I went into a store today, loaded the new BlackBerry Facebook app, and now I'm getting notifications fine on my Incredible. Give it a shot - it really seems to work.

littlelolo26 says:

Thank you! This worked for me! Finally getting my notifications!

Blodia says:

Tried it with a BB9900 device simulator and MDS, and it worked! Somehow guessed that its account related when I never got Facebook notification on my HTC Magic and when I passed it down for my girl to use it, she got notifications. Thank you ccw1134!

shmutt1980 says:

I just grabbed a co-workers BB and did this, the difference is night and day. I've never even seen a notification pop up before doing this. Very strange indeed but works out for some reason.

Ekachu says:

Blows my mind but strangely it makes sense. I went from a BB 8520 to a myTouch 4G (huge jump, I know) and have never had a problem with notifications.

ratsttam says:

So far I've fix my own Epic, as well as several other friends androids notifications by using my good old BB Pearl 8130. I knew there was a reason I kept it active on my 3rd line (besides the fact that it still works beautifully for what it was designed to do! And Pandora works like a charm).

jaimin#AC says:

absancen says:

This worked for me!!! Recently switched from Blackberry to Android and was really missing the push notifications taken for granted on blackberry. Dug out my trusty blackberry, logged in one last time, logged out and the android started buzzing!!!

I joined the forum just to say: Thank you for this information. It was really starting to drive me crazy!

So I had a friend do this for me because they're one of the unfortunate ones who still have a blackberry. But after doing so, nothing has changed, I still don't get push notification on my Bionic. I look (on my laptop) under settings>apps on facebook, but I'm not seeing the facebook for blackberry thing that I've seen mentioned. How do I get that?

millas says:

hahaha awesome!!!... Its been a long time since I first read this post .. but finally i decided to try it after being frustrated for not receiving notifications and it actually worked!!..

using the OPTIMUS V on CM7 rom
good luck to everyone else

rosie2565 says:

it worked for me... I havent received notifications in three days! Last night I logged on to my daughters BB a minute later wala there were my notifiactions! FYI three days ago I deleted in face book my approved devices in my account settings. I use to be a BB user before the droid. I have it back on my account now and will not delete it this time! Thanks for your help!

Hatter979 says:

Don't know if this will work for everyone, but it seems to have sorted out my Evo 3D no longer receiving posts after the ICS update from Sprint. Little back history: I am a former BlackBerry user, and had the app and notifications setup on my BB. When I switched to Android, everything worked fine, until HTC and Sprint finally got the ICS update rolled out to my phone a couple days ago. Then, suddenly, no more Facebook notifications. I tried clearing the data and uninstalling/reinstalling the app, but still no updates. Then I checked in the All Apps list (not just the downloads) and did the steps below. My notifications have been working just fine since.

Go to:
Settings -> Apps -> All
Scroll down to the Facebook listings (mine had 4 total).
Tap each listing (except the one that only says Facebook and has the regular Facebook logo) and disable them. I disabled 2 Facebook Chats and the HTC Facebook.

After doing this, my notifications have been coming through normally. So, may be a conflict between these apps.

Eddie Lopez says:

This post is f***n dumb