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Next up from CTIA is Viewdle, which brings a cool little addition to your Android camera. It's facial recognition, tied into Facebook, all via a little augmented reality. Point, shoot, and it recognizes faces (after you teach it who's who), then automatically tag photos for Facebook. It's pretty slick actually. Check out the video above, and there's more at Viewdle's site. [Viewdle]


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Viewdle tags Facebook pics via AR


Call me tinfoil hat guy, but things like this, and the computer crushing Ken Jennings in jepoardy are not things that I view as positive developments.

I always go back to Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcom... We are so busy trying to figure out if we could, we never stop to think if we should.

The Jeopardy thing doesn't bother me so much, but I could see Facebook making a catalog of everyone's facial recognition and suddenly a picture taken at any event automatically checks you in to that "Place" so everyone gets to know that you are there. While the technology is cool to me, I don't know if I like the a defacto big brother.

Of course I have my profile set so that no one on a friends list or public can see my page, check me in, etc unless I add them to a group to let them so it's not too bad for me.

However privacy is a modern invention since so many things are public records anyway and how most towns were in the relatively recent past, everyone in the town knew every detail about you.

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