Verizon HTC One Max

No Verizon logo on its HTC One Max? Could this be? We wouldn't put any money on it. Especially because — and we'll spoil this here and show you again after the break — what Verizon's got on its website is different than what HTC's showing us.

Anyhoo. It's coming to Verizon — we just don't know when or for how much. (Read whatever you want into that Nov. 1 date on the home screen there.)

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This is what Verizon's HTC One Max really looks like.

Verizon HTC One Max


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Verizon's HTC One Max seems to be missing something


I suppose they want to emphasize that Verizon has LTE. Though I'd also expect them to put the Verizon logo itself right on top of that.

You hit the nail right on the head. Look at the space beside the speakers, and the sizing of the home and back buttons. That front-side is SO obviously the HTC ONE, and not the ONE MAX, that I'm surprised Phil didn't notice.

Enough with the logo articles. TMobile just axed their grandfathered plans. Write an article about that.

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Name calling behind your computer screen on the internet. Congrats. You get a slow clap son. Innovative and courageous.

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That is exactly what you are doing with your signature at the end of every single one of your posts. Hypocrite much...?

Oh, I guess it is a little bit different, I am poking fun at a nobody with just a username, you are making fun of hardworking people.... talk about courageous. I don't come to your job and heckle you, unless posting on a internet blog is your job, then I totally heckle you at your job.

You are on fire today

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Wow, I totally just realized I "+1" the wrong comment! That was meant for you, not dirty bird. Been a busy/distracting day today, wasn't paying attention

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Verizon not putting their name all over something?! This is madness! Is the world ending?

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Still don't understand why people get worked up over a logo? Nearly everything we buy has branding on it, and before some know-it-all says phone branding is fine but vzw is a carrier and has no business putting its name on the phone, try using that sexy piece of hardwarw without a carrier . . .

You'll have to check out another blog. Most of the others don't have this mess. Unfortunately, a lot of the other android blogs look like garbage even if they usually have good content.

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I say the same thing. Why do people get bent outta shape over where Verizon puts the logos? It seems to be the New cool trend. Some people seem more into where the logos are than the specs smh

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It's not that Verizon puts their logos on devices. All the carriers do that for every phone (pretty much) but Big Red has a long history of being obnoxious about it. They usually plaster their logo all over the backside of the device, and they're one of the only carriers obsessed with putting their logo on the front of the device, too.

It's like they're worried that you might forget who to send the bill to or something.

Verizon is a bunch of narcissist

Verizon is the worst carrier ever.

The only good thing Verizon has is the most coverage. For most people AT&T has more than big enough coverage.

Unless you need the extra fringe coverage there is no reason to be with Verizon.

That is just my opinion. Feel free to tell me what else Verizon offers you...and don't say Unlimited Grandfathered that is just ridiculous to be a hostage to a carrier for that. Go elsewhere and pay for the data you need. There is so much more to gain.

No, I'll stay with Verizon with my unlimited data thank you. Nationwide 4GLTE and unlimited data wherever I have gone is worth it. T-Mobile comes close, but their data is not as reliable as Verizon's in Atlanta.

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Agreed.... Saying Verizon is the worst carrier ever is soooooooo outlandish... The worst branding on a phone carrier..maybe so... But worse carriers.... Um do ya research buddy millions upon millions disagree ... So does BBB, every poll I check, JD Power.. Verizon isn't to please Android phone geeks like us...

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I'm pretty sure Verizon is the best carrier. Wut u mad cuz u were late for a couple of bills

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The ONLY bad things about Verizon are 1.) They love to lock their phones and 2.) They know they can get extra cash because people will pay extra for better service.

Other than the locked bootloaders and pricey service, they abosolutely blow the competition out of the water. However most carriers want to lock the bootloader now anyway. Except tmobile...just don't leave downtown if you want a good data connection with them...

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"tmobile...just don't leave downtown if you want a good data connection with them..."

or go inside a building. ;) /badum tish

O.M.G.!!! It's the Note 2 home button fiasco all over again!!!! Arrrrrggggg!!! /shaking fist in the air and cursing Verizon ;P

This, at least IMO, is *much* more tasteful than what they've done to other phones in the past. But I still question *why* Big Red feels the need to put their logo on the front. I get it, on the back: you are a walking advertisement every time you use your phone (although I won't get started on how I feel about being forced to be a walking advertisement for anyone). But, on the front? Why?

Does anyone agree that although the branding on the front is uncalled for,... on this particular device it looks better than having one on front and a huge one on the back in addition to the 4g LTE like the note 2.... If they absolutely had to pick a place for 1 logo and one 4g LTE, I think that's the best we can get....

Progression... But I agree it's still uncalled for

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here we go with the logo nerds. Does a logo really impact your use of the phone? cmon now....

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Actually think that's probably the most tasteful way vzw could've done it.

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*In my best Richard voice* Ahem...I don't see why anyone would be remotely interested in this. I'm completely content with my industry leading, bleeding edge tracfone Motorola StarTac. It pimpslaps this poor excuse of a phone.

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Seems odd in the back to see only the 4G LTE logo without the Verizon logo next to it

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