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Galaxy Gear support, Multi Window and more all included

It's been a long time coming, but the Verizon Galaxy S3 is starting to receive its Android 4.3 update over-the-air today. Not only has Verizon updated its support documentation to indicate that the update is ready, dozens of members in our forums have also started to pull down the update on their own devices. It's coming a handful of weeks after other models, but we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

This update of course brings the bump to Android 4.3, along with support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, better support for moving apps to the SDcard, Multi Window enhancements and a whole lot more. Are you seeing the update on your own Galaxy S3 yet? Hop into the forums and let others know how it's going.

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Verizon Galaxy S3 receiving its Android 4.3 update


As much as I abhore most of Samsung's devices plastic construction, physical button, Amoled display technology, and Touchwiz UI, I feel compelled to give Samsung and Verizon props for this update.

S3 owners should be very pleased.

Yes except they got 4.3 to the S3 before the S4 Active... How's that work? Sorry to add to your list of reasons to dislike sammy

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Yeah i am not sure what is all that different with the active.

Jim, sorry you missed out on the phone of the year that year....

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

@jimbo, Premature "props" my friend!
This "update" is a disaster. MANY issues, the greatest being 1% battery drain, every 4 minutes, WHILE IDLE!!!
Shouldn't "updates" be tested, PRIOR TO ROLL-OUT???

So far my only beef is I've been using Talk cause I hate hangouts but now I'm being forced to use pos hangouts... can't even downgrade back to Talk.... :(

You might be able to work around that. A quick Google search lead to several threads at XDA that were discussing the same issue.

What does Google's conversion to Hangouts from Talk have to do with Samsung's update?

Perhaps I'm missing something.

It's hangouts on mine, no Talk when I uninstalled the updates! I can deal with it once I figured it out (hit the + button to see who's available). It's better as an SMS client tho.

I HATE HATE HATE maps version 7.xx tho, so tragic that it's pre-installed, 6.14.4 was flawless. I will never let my LG G2 update to 4.3 because of the maps. Maybe 4.4 if it ever sees that.

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Could not agree with you more! I hate hangouts and had been using Talk. I also downgrade to old Maps when traveling because newer versions don't support My Maps. Very disappointed I can't do this anymore. Our better yet, very disappointed Google can't get these two apps right.

Call Google play store support at 855.836.3987 and ask them how to fix your maps app to version 6.14.4...and if you are having difficulty with Hangouts, you should also request assistance with reverting to Talk. Leave 1-star reviews, including concise reasons why. Spread the information if we ever expect it to be rectified.

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Hi how is your phone doing then, u like the 4.3 update? I'm still not sure if I should go for it, heard good and bad things about it. cheers

Huge battery drain from "Media". Can't figure out how to stop it. I've force stopped it several times. Very frustrating.

I thought I was the only one that HATE this update. Like I really truly hate it. My phone is going slow, it doesn't keep up the speed I'm texting, and sometimes I can get on the internet other times I can't. I have a hard time playing my online games or getting on Facebook. I wonder if there is a way I can uninstall this craps.

Friend is getting a ~650MB update on his AT&T Note 2 right now as well... hopefully 4.3 for it finally too.

No matter for me, I've been enjoying CM11 4.4 on my Note 2 for over a week. Really awesome!

How is cm 11 for note 2? I've been missing cm since I got rid of my htc incredible. Debated a month ago about putting cm on my note 2.

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CM11 is great. I haven't had any issues so far. Very stable. Been on it a week now.

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With Verizon, we'll get 4.4 by next summer, probably at the end, or they will discontinue support after the 4.3. They gave up on the GNex after 4.2.2 last february and it was only 6 months older than the sg3, only 1 year and 3 months of support on the Gnex. Verizon hates supporting phones for a full two years, unless it's a Droid brand. Just another reason why carriers should have no say on updates, can't wait for full VoLTE without cdma, which will probably be in 2020

Downloaded the update on my S3, but where's Knox? That's the main feature I was looking forward to

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I use my phone for personal and work so I really wanted Knox so I can separate everything. Guess I'll have to call Samsung tomorrow

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Honestly, I just wanted this update so I could download Dashclock. Wanted to grab this OTA, break it in, and then go for CyanogenMod.

Doesn't fix the connectivity issues many people have been having. Hopefully my girlfriend doesn't pull this without my knowledge....

I'm happy for my GS3 brethren, but what happened to the note ii update. All the other carriers have released it but vzw.

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I think AT&T just pushed it yesterday, so VZW isn't that late.

Still, if they're doing the GS3 today, I wouldn't expect the Note 2 on the same day. That would be cruel to the support folks.

Note 2 might get it tomorrow or possibly early next week before Christmas, now that the GS3 got it, there's a good chance for this as there was already a build that was splash tested awhile back.

My update came through good. I did a factory reset 1st and running smooth. FINALLY!

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Well this update is pretty nice. New lockscreen, GONE IS THE CONSTANT WIFI REMINDER!!! That alone is worth the update haha. Wifi toggle has now been place in the quick settings in the notifications shade. Along with Screen Mirroring, Hands free mode, etc. Transparent notification bar and white icons are lovely as well.
Im sure it's just in my head but the phone feels snappier as well when navigating.
edit: looks like new icons, gallery, etc asl well.

Horrible! "Media" is killing my battery. I full rest after update and continue to force stop Media. It's driving me nuts. If anyone has solution, please share. Thanks!

Mary, I found that formatting the SD card helps. Try using the phone without any SD card or delete all music that is on internal phone storage and see if that helps.

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Battery life has been great for me, just now charging it from when I updated. I was at 100 percent on 4.3 and got just over 24 hours of moderate usage. 3hrs 56mins on screen time, 2hr 23min browsing, over an hours worth of phone calls, used nav with gps on for 20 mins, took some pics earlier today, sent some emails and am just now charging at 3%.

Stupid question, but my wife has this phone. Is it updated through kies? The check now for software update says it's temporary out of order

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I have been using CM 10.2 for a few weeks and couldn't be happier. My i535 has never been faster. The only thing I miss is Smart Stay.

It disables notifications during a certain time of day as you set it. My friend used it before they disabled it to keep from getting his emails waking him up at 4am.

Just completed my update. (I checked for update) For some reason it put my screen timeout at 0 seconds (whether plugged in or not). Made it difficult to fuss around with at first! I think it's set better now. Now I can explore the new features. (Hmm, now the Stay Awake [when plugged in] doesn't seem to want to function... Not off to a great start here!)

Amen. They gotta fix this. I can't get it to stay on. Keeps reverting to zero seconds every once in a while.

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Matthew. Do you have a fix to this? I have the same problem. I did a backup and factory reset still its the same. Any charger i plug in resets the screen timout to 0. Im on GS3 with 4.3

Its bugging the hell out of me as I use my phone in my van all the time and its always in charging dock. (ignore battery problems... i go through them quickly!)

So the S3 and Note 2 get 4.3 before the S4 Active... Hmm makes sense I guess...oh wait. It doesn't.

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Got my update glad to be able to move apps to the SD card and phone seems to be faster. But what is going on with the lock screen? Am i the only one missing the widgets on the lock screen and the pattern is so small! Still hasnt helped with the connectivity issue like others have mentioned

Update is running fine now only had a couple of issues.

1) had a mp3 ringtone had to reset.
2) this was the biggest issue, everytime I went to the phone dialer, it would crash and day contacts speed working. Found a post on Verizon fourm, to go into settings > Date and time > change date format and change it back and that will fix it. In my case there wasn't a format set, so I did and it fixed the problem.

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Welcome, most of the fixes were talking about factory reset and I didn't want to go there. BTW - still working fine.

As I was looking for you #2 issue (I didn't have it thankfully), I noticed another... In contacts, when a contract had multiple phone numbers, emails, etc, cannot set one as default. Therefore, when I'm in my dialer and say I type 3-2-3 to dial Dad, I am only shown his mobile number, not given option to call his home number.
The way around this is to add the Direct Dial or Direct Message widget (for phone numbers) to your homescreen. When you do that, you have to choose one of the numbers. When you do so, it gives the option to remember the selection. I can't figure out a way to do this for the email address.

Just finished installing the update and I'm liking it so far. The whole device feels much more responsive. Finally have Wi-Fi as a standard toggle and it's easier to tell when the other toggles are on or off. Seems like lots of other minor tweaks that are for the better.

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Only problem I seen so far is on the Facebook app. When you hit the chat button the contacts won't show up. The Facebook messenger works just fine though.

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In line with the comments about note2s & S4 actives... I imagine sales figures play the largest role in their update decision making process. They probably made more users happy quicker than updating either of the others prior. Sucks, but it makes sense. Here's hoping us G2 owners aren't left completely high & dry if this is the case. ROMs are great, but they can come end of update life for my taste usually.

Oh come on really Verizon the galaxy s3 can you fail so much where's the update for the note 2. It's going to be one of those nightmare like what happens to HTC thunderbolt we have to wait for ever on a update, the note 2 is the last phone to get up date on Verizon... Smh

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Nearly 1gb of brand new bloatware disguised behind a transparent status bar... Went straight back to a custom ROM after one day

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Hey everyone, still not sure if I should update to 4.3, heard good and bad things. All of you that had it for a day, any news on how your phone is doing? Do you regret it or should I go for it? Thanks for your feedback

Do it, runs great! Just reboot your phone first, then make sure your at 100 percent battery, do the update and then after its up and running reboot it again.

I am loving the new task bar pulldown! Also just found the setting where wifi will automatically change to a stronger signal if current signal is unstable.

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Still on 4.1.2 on international S3 in Netherlands. Will stay on that version until Im convinced the batterylife on 4.3 will turn out "media" drain for example.

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Does anyone know where the option to create a photosphere is? I cannot find it in the stock camera app... after the 4.3 update.

I thought we would've gotten the photosphere too. I had it on my nexus before it broke and it was awesome. Really disappointed we didn't get it

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Just got the update in Birmingham. Everything seems to be working well, nothing too crazy but a nice little update

My S3 is running much better smoother the update. Very happy so far.

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Bitstrips fails to load/run since update. Also had to use something to keep screen timeout from defaulting to zero seconds.

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The update is great for me. I fully charged it yesterday right before I updated to 4.3 around 2pm and right now today I'm still at 48% battery with 2hr and 45 mins screen time and 1hr 45 min browser time, left gps on by accident all night while I was sleeping, have made a few phone calls and sent emails. Everything seems smoother and more fluid, especially the stock browser hardly lags anymore to with regard to touch response. Love the update on my vzw gs3.

Argh! I had to flash back to stock recovery and unrooted 4.1.2 to get the update to even install and now I can't find a method of rooting or flashing custom recovery that works. Anyone else manage to reroot?

Oh, and make sure u go into mobile networks setting and turn it back on to CDMA/LTE after u do a factory reset because it will put it into global mode. I did factory reset before I installed the 4.3 and my device is running so smooth and no battery drain. Other than me playing in it for so long.

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Cuz I think it drains battery more if it's on global. Just letting people know if they do a factory reset cuz alot don't notice it and then they complain about battery drain. So just giving a heads up. That's all.

Installed mine this morning. The new font takes a little getting used to but other than that, everything went through smoothly.

Anyone looking for the galaxy s4 tabbed settings... Just open settings and use your menu button on the bottom left of the phone and it will bring up the option to have the tabbed settings from the s4 instead of everything being bunched into one.

I wish I knew cuz mine does that too. I restart my phone and it takes them awhile for icons to show up. And I have a SanDisk ultra memory card and would think that it reads/writes data pretty quick. I think I might try the SanDisk extreme pro or extreme plus because the read/write speeds are over double that of the ultra.

I went to settings accessibility then to flash notification. It was unchecked. I checked it and then unchecked and it seemed to turn it off.

Mine seems to be a little faster now, haven't noticed any weird drawbacks or occurences. Like the transparent notification tray and the added wi-fi toggle. Also, you can customize which toggles you have!

Okay, found a glitch. For some reason, the update deleted Swiftkey from my phone completely. At first I jsut figured it removed it from being default, but it's actually completely gone! Pricks. And I'm not on WiFi right now, so I have to go all day without it. Looks like I won't be texting much, I hate the stock keyboard...

Since the update, my phone is running much smoother now, apps aren't freezing and the phone isnt cutting off by itself anymore... Lol yet. But I still can't get my ringtone to go off when receiving a text message. It will for a call and a multimedia message but not for a text. I've tried everything to get it to work. Really like to avoid taking it to Verizon and wait forever and then maybe not even get it fixed. Any ideas? Also, how do I turn on the feature to keep the screen from sleeping when charging? Or is that even an option anymore since the update? Doesn't look like it so far. That was an important feature for me for several different reasons. Appreciate any help.

With the S3 and Android 4.1.2. Running perfectly, at least as perfect as can be expected. VZ now pushing OTA update to Android 4.3 - annoying update screen and can't get it to go away. My concern with simply upgrading stems from the dozens and dozens or blogs, communities and related pages about battery drain issues, random flashing, slow response (multiple apps) and other odd occurrences once upgraded to 4.3.....I'm scared. Any advice out there? I see a couple of successful upgrades. are they still working? Please help