Unlocked and Developer HTC One M8 reciving Extreme Power Saving mode update

HTC has issued an update to the developer and unlocked editions of the HTC One M8. The update, software version 1.54.1540.9, comes in at 117.98 MB and contains the Extreme Power Saving mode and camera and gallery feature enhancements.

The Extreme Power Saving feature was not available in the version of the One that shipped to carriers in the United States at launch, though One M8 users outside the U.S. were able to use it. The mode appeared on Sprint's One early last month, and the Candian model last week. The Extreme Power Saving mode allows the One M8 to shut down everything but the essential functions of the phone in order to preserve battery life.

Thanks to luckydwg in the Android Central forums for the tip!


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Unlocked and Developer HTC One M8 receiving Extreme Power Saving mode update


Looking forward to this update. My M8 is already about 50% better on battery life than my M7 for the way that I use my phone, disabling unused apps etc.

Jim Lloyd

If you're caught with very low battery and you truly need your phone, don't turn it off, it take a few percent battery to reboot. Turn off all radios.
Granted, I'm not using an Android but I see around 20% drain over 10 hours idle and without radio on, around 6-8% over ten hours.

I've also tried using a Galaxy S4 with Google Edition ROM with all the bells and whistles on and experiencing excellent battery life.

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So I'm assuming carrier versions will (hopefully) not be too far behind

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I really like the direction that Samsung took with the power saving mode on the GS5, and I usually can't stand the Galaxy line. Is the display on the M8 not an AMOLED?

Sent via my Verizon Moto X

The 2 - 3 second delay in activating the Samsung ultimate power saving mode is one of the factors that led me not to get the S5. I would not be able to put up with that delay without being aggravated for as many times as I plan to use the capability.

I'm hoping the capability gets added to my T-Mobile variant soon. The way I sparingly use my phone I'm able to get two days of use on a charge. I'd be interested in seeing how much more use I could get with this feature.

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Will look forward to this update at some point on Verizon. However, I'm blown away by the battery life of the m8. Just got mine yesterday and am very impressed.

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And that gets better with time. In my normal use pattern, (now that I've finally gotten to the point I can keep my hands off of it for more than 20 minutes), I can easily get TWO FULL DAYS of use.

The lower the battery gets, the more savings the phone does.
There is a power saving feature that will learn when you won't be needing the phone (when you are asleep for example) and it shuts down all data (you still get calls and texts).

(There is another power saving option to shut off all data when the screen goes off, but that sort of eliminates the main purpose of having a smart phone, so I disable that part, leaving data on, except when the above sleep mode kicks in).

My update just finished downloading (Unlocked version). Can't say as I see any significant difference in the camera yet.

The battery tab in settings now shows more than the top 3 or 4 battery consumers, unlike the original tab, and the Extreme battery savings can be set to kick in at any level you set. (or manually turned on). You know its on because your main screen goes to black and white showing only critical apps shown..

Quick question guys....if i get this phone and put a stock custom rom..do i get updates from google?
This might be a stupid ? But i really like my nexus 5 but the screen has smashed so ill be upgrading to the m8.

Nexus 5 black 32gb..recently smashed screen

Quick question guys... If i get the m8 and put stock ROM do i get updates from Google?
Stupid? I know....
I love my nexus 5 but I'm upgrading becoz my screen has smashed.

Nexus 5 black 32gb..recently smashed screen

Yes, there is a way you can do a conversion. It requires having S-off but you will get the updates from google. I would recommend just putting the rom on it instead of the conversion. Easier to do and gives you more flexibility. I am personally using insert coin rom on my and its quite enjoyable. I got 48 hours of light to medium usage with bluetooth gps nfc all one while being connected to a pebble without using the power saving modes.

I guarantee he doesn't actually have an M8, because the camera isn't as bad as all the parrots would like you to believe.

You keep telling yourself that princess. 4mp iz da best 4 eva. If I'm a parrot because I can recognize that the camera is bad then you my friend are smoking crack. Just as your argument is that I say that because I don't own an M8, I can say that you think the M8 has a good camera because you don't own a phone that has a good camera. Don't worry HTC will fix it in the next one...if they stay relevant lol! XD

I'm coming from owning Iphonex-4s, Galaxy S2,3,4. I bought the S5 and M8 and kept both for 2 weeks. I used the GS5 first for a week, then the M8. Took photos a plenty. I can honestly say that when you inspect the photos the gs5 hands down had more clarity when you zoomed in and compared and more detail. It is an superb shooter. However, the M8 did not take bad photos. Tended to be a little on the light side out in the sun. But, if you use your camera as I do mine, I only take a photo and post on Facebook or instagram and don't zoom in, it was almost a wash. I use my DSLR on vacation and family pics that are important. However, the speed was noticeable. I had a hard time going back and using the GS5 and was constantly saying, DAMN that is responsive when I switched to he M8. I ended up returning the GS5 and kept the M8. I also don't need waterproofing, splash resistant is fine for me. But in the end noone could go wrong with the GS5, G2/3, M8. Sony...all have pros/cons. So, that is why it was said you have not really used an M8 beyond going into the store and messing around with it, taking a photo and zooming in. If you use it as your daily driver you would give it much more respect.

While it is not exactly crappy, it certainly is the worst one so far this year.

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