Sprint HTC Hero

A bit of good news for all you HTC Hero owners out there.  Sprint just announced a maintenance release that should begin rolling out sometime today.  HTC Hero Maintenance Release 2.32.621.2 brings a few fixes, including:

  • Correct a non-customer impacting issue (device diagnostics)
  • MMS issue with contact number format
  • Updated Sprint Zone application

And there you have it.  No FroYo -- ain't gonna happen, people -- just a little Friday afternoon maintenance update. We haven't got a manual update method just yet, but that should change once it starts rolling out (if it hasn't already).  Give us a shout if you've got the update package and want to share it with other eager Hero owners.

Want to discuss this update with other Hero owners?  Head into our Hero forums and chat it up. [Sprint Forums] Thanks, Simon!


Reader comments

Sprint HTC Hero to receive maintenance update starting today


Running CM6.1 on my Hero... Runs well, but not going to lie, I want an Evo or Evo Shift 4G. Too much maintenance just to get bearable performance on the Hero. Plus, it's annoying that I won't ever get an official Sense release.

Some of us are stuck with our heros until the contract runs out. Tried to replace mine today, but was 11 days too early. My EVO will have to wait till December 1st.

It was a nice intro phone, but mine is beginning to show wear and tear and is ready to be retired.


I don't know if its just me but the battery life is not the same after this "maintenance" update. I cant get more then 7 hours of standby on this phone, before the update it used to be 2 days without a charge. I'm getting a EVO in January anyways but I figured I would mention it here.