Seesmic for Android

Seesmic has long been my Twitter client of choice -- and it's about to become my Facebook app of choice, too. Yep, Seesmic has added full Facebook support. Previously you could post directly to Facebook, and now you can read your friends' posts, too.

Also new in Version 1.6 is support for TwitLonger for you cheaters who can't stick with 140 characters, inline comments for Chatter and Google Buzz, support for the URL shortner, and a slew of new widgets for all the services.

Seesmic is free. You can update it now in the Android Market, and we've got download links after the break.


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Seesmic for Android gains full Facebook support


I switched from Seesmic to Tweetdeck, and now that they both do Twitter and Facebook might be nice to see a closer comparison.

This may get me to switch back to them... we give it another try. The lack of @ name suggest in tweetdeck is a little hampering and the images take a while to load still.

Win! I have been using seesmic since I got my first android. Always thought it was better than tweetdeck and now it's even better!

...and that is why I will be uninstalling this app. So much for a switch.

Plus the menu was acting really really buggy on my Nexus One on 2.3.3. Something I presume they haven't really accounted for yet as it's fairly new, but I presume it's the new build causing issues.

The problem with these and the Facebook app is that your News feed shows everything, including what you've hidden on the website. is still my Facebook interface of choice.

Also of note is that it now works on Honeycomb/Xoom. It's not optimized for it at all, but the previous version was non-functional. This is certainly a step forward, though I hope for some kind of tablet-optimized Twitter tool from someone soon.

Quick question: Would switching to a Facebook client like Seesmic or Tweetdeck instead of using the Facebook for Android app help with the issue I am having of the Facebook app randomly notifying me that I "Can not retrieve the notifications. Please try again later" or "An error occured while fetching data" on my DroidX even when I am in areas with a strong 3G signal? Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me? Do either of these apps have working push notifications since Facebook apparantly can't get it working right?

I don't have a Twitter account but am not opposed to one day getting one

Um yeah you will. I used the free version to test and thought it was better than the Official version so I paid for the Pro app. After 1/2 a day I found out it wasn't so hot either. (Stupid 15 minute window sucks monkey @ss) The thumbnails never load on the wall page properly giving you a constant pinwheel (Reminds me of using that lame @ss Blackberry platform)And half the time you go to load photos onto your wall it doesn't give you the option to add comments. I say don't waste the money unless you are just interested in getting timely update notifications.

Does Seesmic have an option to update only when the app opens?

Tweetdeck only has options for auto or manual.

Well here is where I part ways with seesmic.

I have absolutely zero need for Facebook integration and this change has pushed the size of the app over the Oink line. 5 meg for a twitter client? Are they crazy?

I'm officially on the hunt for a simple twitter app with a small footprint.

What phone do you have? Are you running out of storage for apps & not have many that can be stored on the SD card?

You guessed it, small(ish) phone main memory, Nexus One with lots of stuff that won't move to SD.

Lots of other apps do the same thing as Seesmic in a quarter of the memory, with a user interface that is a lot more obvious.

(Its been my general observations that most of the cross-platform apps use way way more memory then something written specifically for Android.)

And you really have to install them to test. The market size means nothing.

Tweetdeck claims 814k. Runtime blooms to 1.92 meg, but it hides a 16meg service running in the back ground. Sweet app tho.

Stock Twitter claims 1.5meg, Blooms to 2.2, and hides a 11meg BG process, so its no good for small footprint choice.

So I'm still looking for now. I've got a bunch more to run thru.

Try T-Mobile Social Buzz, the app is only 2.57MB and the T-Mobile Social Network Service is only 1.15MB figures taken from
Settings > Application Settings > Manage Applications.


Twidroid sports configuration options that are nearly the same as Tweetdeck, but it also supports Ap2SD which clears up a lot of space issues. It also has a theme that closely matches tweetdeck.

Its 2.0 meg, and as little as 5meg cached background process, depending on if you use the in-app "LivePreview" mini browser (just rotate the phone and embedded urls are fetched).

It has no facebook crapola, which I understand some want, but which I don't need.

So I'm sticking with it for a while.

I think you're confusing the internal storage with RAM memory. The services use RAM, not internal storage.
Nexus One doesn't have such a small(ish) internal storage. I have 67 apps/games installed (I've counted only the downloaded ones) on it and I have 82MB internal storage free. If/when you have Gingerbread on the phone, move the apps on the phone and then back on the SD card... it will free more memory.
The biggest apps I have are: Gmail, Quickoffice, Facebook, Messenger, Maps, Goggles.
The Twitter clients are in the top too. Only Twidroyd has "move to SD card" feature, but even so, it's still on par with Tweetdeck. Seesmic is indeed larger than TD (which has a very simple UI) and Twidroyd (which can be moved to SD card). The main problem with move to SD card feature is that it breaks the services and the widgets (if you connect your phone to the PC for example). That's why there are apps that don't have it enabled (like Gmail, Maps, Seesmic and TD). I don't know how Twidroyd managed to avoid this...
And that 5MB size for Seesmic is also because they probably need to use more graphic resources to keep compatibility with Android 1.5 (as opposed to TD which is Android 1.6+ and to Twidroyd which is 2.1+)
Now, Seesmic and TD are meant for multiple social networks. This is their target. If you want just a simple light Twitter app, then use Twicca, which seems the best choice in this case. Stock Twitter app is crap.

"Yes. And break their widgets and services. Smart"
Amen brother, been there done that, not a good idea unless you like chasing down gremlins.

Seesmic is not a cross-platform app, it is fully Android native. We do have apps on all the platforms, but each app is native to its platform.

Also, to respond to the other points:
- The size of the bundle is indeed linked to the fact that we're still compatible with Android OS 1.5+ as well as different screen resolutions (which is not going to improve as there's more and more types of devices on the Market).
- The fact that Seesmic cannot be moved to the SD Card is that if we do allow that, Widgets as well as background services are not going to work... and this is suggested by Google not to enable the move to SD for apps that have widgets and background notifications, like Seesmic.

Thanks for your feedback everyone, we appreciate it and will continue to improve Seesmic over time!

I just tried it for a little bit. Nice app. I really like the facebook functionality, but I will stay with TweetDeck. I prefer TweetDeck's column views and integrated client view. Also, for my frequently used apps, I prefer a dark background. When everything on my phone has a dark background and I switch to an app with white, it looks overwhelming. Maybe it is an old wives' tale, but don't bright backgrounds consume more battery power?

Finally Seesmic is back in the game, but limping with no combined feed column. I don't need to be switching around between columns and accounts all day.

*ding* *ding* Round 1 - Tweetdeck!

Sorry Seesmic. You were my preference when I first got my phone. But you are behind the curve on this one.

I keep getting an Authentication Failed when I try to Add Google Buzz. Looks like it's back to Tweet Deck or T-Mobile Social Buzz.


It's okay. It doesn't seem to hog the CPU and heat up the phone the way Tweetdeck does.

I don't particularly like either Tweetdeck nor Seesmic widgets. I prefer the combined feed view that LauncherPro's Friends provides. I don't quite understand why Seesmic doesn't offer that option. It would definitely be a home pager if it did.