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The first thing most people want to do after they root their phone is remove all that extra software the carriers have forced upon them.  The HTC Thunderbolt comes with it's fair share of carrierware, bitbops and golf games -- getting rid of the Thunderbloat is a reason to root in itself.  Again, we see Android Central forums admin and Podcast co-host Cory Streater jump in to make your lives easier.  He's written a tutorial using Root Explorer that's easy enough for anyone to follow, and will soon have all those apps nobody loves gone for good.

Check out the forums post here. Thanks, Cory! 

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cbzy11 says:

+1 to Cory for jumping on the TB tutorials. Learned a few things from his root for mac tutorial on my Evo!

tjubb says:

Does the current root method require a flashing of the rom or can I keep my current state intact? In other words, do I lose any apps or app data when I root?