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Yesterday we saw that the Facebook application for Android was about to receive an update, and today the update was made official. While the update hasn't hit the market yet it does indeed bring the redesigned interface, moving messages to the top, and your menu to the side. The redesigned Facebook application is supposed to improve on the speed of the application, as well as make it look much prettier. Keep your eyes on the market for the update, and be sure to let us know when you see it!

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Redesigned Facebook update hitting Android devices today


>using facebook


owait, w/e i'm happy that facebook finally took 10 minutes of their precious time to port the webapp to android.

It's about time. When I carried an iPhone 4S as my work phone, I defaulted to the iOS Facebook app over using my personal phone, a Thunderbolt.

I wonder if it will let us resort the feed to "most recent first" again, instead of "top stories". Hated that one the web version until they fixed it.

Hopefully they've reverted the news feed to be chronological instead of the "top stories". And maybe not turning on the GPS all the time. And putting the "people you might know" on the top of the news feed.

Screen shot required or you are totally lying!!!!

You, alone, found this option while the millions of the rest of us can't find it? Nice try...

It's right on your Facebook page... Important News VS Recen Stories first... millions of the rest of us, really?

Facebook on your computer, yes. On your phone, not so much. But it looks like they switched it back to most recent for the phones as well. :)

Yeah, maybe if they fix the GPS thing I'll start using it again but the fact that it wants a GPS lock and then to hold it for a good 15 seconds before actually loading my stream is total bullshit.

I just found I was happier to use their full webpage instead, works much better than the app.

Still, it made no sense that it was trying to get a GPS lock the second I would open the app and actually refuse to load the stream until it got a good enough lock. When I'm at home its next to impossible to get a lock in my house so it would sit there and try to lock for a good 30 seconds before deciding that a cell location was good enough. This started several updates ago and after it annoyed me for a bit I uninstalled the app and also noticed considerably improved battery life even through I had contact sync and notifications turned off so I'm not sure I even have any interest in installing it at all anymore.

Yeah I agree... The mobile web fb page looks like that on my phone. And you're right the fb app sucks. I uninstalled it from my Mytouch 4G.

I've been using Friendcaster Pro and it's great. I'll download the Facebook app just to kick it around but it has a lot of road to catch up.

Problem with FriendCaster (and the reason I still keep the official Facebook app around) is that FC's 'push' notifications are not instant... Once you get the push nots. going on the official Facebook app, they're nearly instant as they should be... For FC, it takes between 1 to 4 minutes (sometimes even more) for you to get the notification. FC, however, does give you notifications for likes, group comments, and other stuff the FB app won't notify you about...

No free lunch ;)

Not to mention, Friend Caster has a lot of news feeds missing. Depending on your friend(s) privacy settings, a 3rd party app like FC is prevented from displaying some people's news feeds.
So you completely miss out

Does this one finally get push notifications that actually work....cause as is, with active notifications turned on, it just tells me every couple of days that i have like 20 unread messages...which is neither "active" nor accurate....

ALL versions have notifications fixed...it's their back-end (no pun intended) that's screwed up... If you're phone is not getting Push notification, the quickest way to fix them is go to a friend or retailer, grab a BlackBerry, log on with the BlackBerry Facebook app, log off, and you're done... push notifications will start working on your Android Facebook app.

Notifications have not been fixed no matter what Facebook officially says. I know the BlackBerry work around has been touted as the quick fix but that only works for about a day and then it goes back to not working. I have a BlackBerry Storm 2 that goes off every time I get a comment, message, friend request, chat, etc... sometimes it goes off before the Facebook.com notification numbers pop up to tell me I have a new notification of some sort. My Droid X, on the other hand, like others, is worthless when it comes to notifications... absolutely worthless. Sometimes the chat notifications don't even work.

Problem is you can't have push notifications on both devices... you have to log off from BlackBerry and keep it off... I've been getting push notifications on my Android (MotoDroid and now Galaxy SII) and only logged in once to the BB app months ago...

I tried that too. My Berry is my work phone and I didn't even have Facebook installed on it until the workaround was found. At first I would just login and then log back off but after awhile I would have notification issues. Now I just leave it logged in and when it dings with a certain ringtone I know to check facebook. I can try it again for kicks but I suspect that I'll have to go back to my current set up.

Have any of you really looked at the permissions this app has? I don't trust them as far as I can throw them on a Windows browser due to their constant security antics, I uninstalled on the phone. Supposing Goog+ reaches critical mass, I'll delete the account all together.
IMO, they are evil with their perms and security settings nonsense. Change and Delete my accounts and passwords on my phone? Read my contacts? No thanks. I know why some of this can be useful, but I've never, and will never, let facebook look at my other accounts to "find" my friends. Unless you're in 5th grade and trying to impress somebody with the number of friends on FB, I would think folks would have the savy to find their real friends themselves, eh?

I'll believe it, when I see it. FB's history on Android devices haven't been that pleasant for me, and they seem to have an iOS bias on apps over everyone else. Though fewer people are using G+ right now, their app has had a smoother experience for me than FB.

To try and slow down the flow of emails and posts they get about how sh*tty their android app is.

Same reason companies announce new phones? To let people know that something is coming would be my guess..

Downloading...EVO 3D...


Liking it a lot. Love the new pane to access your profile, friends, news feed, etc.

I love it! It is awesome :D It is working perfectly, haven't had any problems. And my notifications are coming through before I even get the email or the desktop pop-up comes :D FINALLY IT WORKS...

Got the update on my Bionic (that is currently running on Ice Cream Sandwich, I'll switch back to Gingerbread to see how it works on there a little later) So far, it works great...but I can't add a Facebook account to my accounts to download pictures...wtf. And the notifications don't work outside of the app. It works as a Facebook app, but if it's not just my alpha build of ICS, then this still sucks. I'm going to blame the early build for now (since others are reporting it's working on Gingerbread), and the fact that Facebook is full of dumbasses who probably have almost no clue that Android just updated to 4.0

Updated a couple of hours ago, and I really like it...so far. It loads faster and it's much easier to navigate to the different features since you can do it all from the main screen. It's much cleaner and better organized. Much better than previous version.

for those of you who have not received the update yet, there is an easy way to get it (it worked for me and hopefully you too).
1. go here: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.facebook.katana
2. click install, a window should popup
3. on the right side of that window, near the install button, if you see version 1.8, then the update is available to download
4. hopefully your phone should start downloading and now you can "enjoy" the new version

ps-i put enjoy in quotes because we all know that android users have mixed reviews for the official facebook app.

Unfortunately this update failed. When I tried to open the app after the udpate all I got was a black screen and then it force closed.