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We're back with another edition of the Greatest Android Podcast in the world to talk Google's new privacy policy and the attacks from Microsoft and questions from Congress. Plus, more on malware scares and what Google's doing to protect you. We've brought  Paul O'Brien from MoDaCo along for the ride, so let's get to it!

Thing 1: Google privacy policy still under fire

Thing 2: The best/top/favorite Android phones

Thing 3: Other odds and ends

Thing 3.5: Updates galore

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Android Central 86: Privacy, security and malicious apps -- oh, my!


You guys make a comment about the lack of buttons on the GNex. I personally don't have a problem with the virtual ones. The only thing I sometimes miss is the search button.

I don't have any problem with the virtual ones.
But, since I rooted and start using a rom that can customize these bottoms and remove that static search bar, I realize that google should change that and make them able to be customize too.
Also why not adding the power controls to the notification bar as the rom that I am using?
The good of having virtual bottoms is that you can customize them.
I love the way everything works on the rom I am using on my Galaxy Nexus.

Where on earth do you guys get the idea that the people objecting to the Goog's new privacy policy are the same ones who admit in the poll to not having read it? The comments right underneath that poll suggest pretty strongly that it's the other way around. "I didn't read it and I don't care. Tra la la!"

Also, some clarification would have been nice on the question of whether non-rooted Android users can realistically avoid being "signed in" most of the time under the terms of the policy. But I understand--the podcast is only an hour long, and that would have left you less time for important things like calling people who happen to disagree with you "dumb."

The new policy is of advantage to Google. Because it will probably make them more money. Which is fine with me.

But everybody here is busy trying to explain how actually this policy is a godsend blablabla. Yawn. Yeees, Google made this because he loooves you.

If I knew they were on Google's payroll I'd have some respect for the people running this marketing campaign or whatever it's supposed to be. Sadly I guess they're not but just the usual eager followers of the big G. Actually it's quite funny watching you guys. You're so cute and predictable. :)

BTW, analog, sshhh... Don't disturb them by saying things that don't fit their cozy little world. Whoever doesn't like the policy is dumb or a scaremonger!! That's all there is to say.

Well, if I worked at Google I'd absolutely love you guys.