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Google ends the year on a high note! Other tech companies? Not so much.

This week, Jerry, Daniel and Andrew dive deeper into the Pixel and Pixel XL, discussing the phones' best and worst features after two weeks of use. It's also good and bad news on the earnings front, as Google pulled its most profitable quarter ever while LG and Samsung would rather forget about 2016 altogether.

Also: the LG V20 and the never-ending saga of carrier bloatware!

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Reader comments

Android Central 312: A win for Google, a loss for everyone else


I like the Pixel as well, and can understand it's popularity. It's a cohesive package that works well. It's still not my cup of tea, but that's why we have more than one phone! For some people (not all, and maybe not even a lot), "pure" Android is like a nice car with roll up windows and no air conditioning. Yep, it's lighter. Yep, there's less to get in your way. But for a few of us, it just feels bare. Is there a balance between naked Android and heavy makeup? I'd like to think so in the lighter skins like HTC Sense. To get from Sense to pure Android, you remove features, and I like a lot of those features.
Camera lens flare? Yeah... not shooting at the sun or directly into lights unless they want some artifacts is photography 101, unless it's a sunset with the light levels at something manageable. There may be something with the lens element diameters or the coatings, but we'll have to see how the Google adjustment handles things. The EIS is great, and you are right that OIS has mechanical limitations to how much it can compensate for.
The V20 was summed up well, and seems the equivalent of a parts-bin car that was made from very good parts, but still a bit of a mess. It will do better than the G5, but I'm surprised that it made the best phones list.
The smartphone market is pretty tough. Tons of competition for an increasingly saturated market. Samsung will be fine. Lenovo knows how to sell products, but not support them. Who sells an android device and has zero updates from when it left the factory? Interestingly, HTC's revenue is up, and Cher Wang is pleased with the sales of the Vive and the HTC 10.

I miss the videos as well...

Lens flare... When I first saw the flare exhibited by the Pixel I thought it looked bad. But then I saw the awful internal reflections the iPhone 7 produces. The Pixel flares are pure beauty in comparison! Give me a circular lens flare any day rather than ghost images that mar the central focus of the image.

In this instance, the image was a birthday cake with lit candles, taken 6 feet away at an angle slightly higher than the cake. The reflections of the flames appeared right in the centre of the image, and ruined what would otherwise have been a flattering photo.

The only time I've seen a similar effect was when using a Sony Alpha DSLT (which uses a translucent mirror rather than prism). I sold that piece of junk!

So you don't wanna see what they do after the Pixel? The game has been stepped up. The ecosystem can only get better.

Less competition equals less innovation. Why would any intelligent consumer want that?

Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9

There are plenty of good OEMs that are doing well and still innovating with products people actually buy. Xiaomi for example. They will help drive the Googles, and Samsungs and even Apples. But LG and HTC are struggling because people just arent buying them. Shut them down.

Curious as to how the V20 handles multi-window. Does it use just the multi-window built into Nougat, it's own version of multi-window or both?

Considering how Samsung nicely implemented Marshmallow's fingerprint sensor authentication with its own, I would expect it to do the same with Nougat's Multi Window.

Forgive me for saying this but right now the TRUE leader where innovation is concerned is Microsoft! Take a look at any number of videos posted about the new Surface Studio or Surface Pro...I never thought I'd say this but I really want the Studio in spite of the $3K price tag...Simply amazing in all respects and makes anything Apple has look like child's play.

I'm sure Samsung will make a deal with the Carrier's to trade in old phones to get the new Samsung Galaxy 8 for free or cheap. Look what it did for the iPhone 7 this year. I'm sure Samsung will rebound.