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**WARNING:** This podcast may not be safe for those who can't handle two hours of Mobile World Congress awesomeness.

There's no easy way to say it: This is a two-hour podcast. This is a two-hour podcast live from Barcelona, Spain, rounding up everything you need to know from Mobile World Congress 2016. And it's an audio-only podcast. It's the Samsung Galaxy S7. It's the LG G5. It's Windows 10. It's ... other stuff.

This is a big, fat, hairy podcast, as only we can do, live from La Rambla in Barcelona. 


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Android Central 276: MWC 2016 Special Edition!


Trying to listen with an open mind like I used to but I can't stop thinking about some of the extreme political views of some of the Android Central staff. Bringing politics into the Android Central mix has really ruined it for me. Sorry guys....... It's just not the same anymore.

Posted via the Android Central App

I think I must have missed that. Don't tell me that Alex supports Boris Johnson to be the next PM?

Posted via the Android Central App

So if I listen to it on Pocketcasts now, will it be the actual MWC 2016 podcast? When I was leaving work today I saw it on the app so I decided to download it. Start playing it and it's the podcast from CES last year! I was so confused.

Cruel trick, Phil, cruel trick. And a waste of 82mb on my data plan.

Yup. It seems like they caught the error quickly since the correct podcast was automatically downloaded.

I was like Phil accidentally just called it the "CES" podcast lol, too many tradeshows. Then Andrew said something about Las Vegas and I'm thinking "Guys, really? You're in Barcelona, you're not at CES in Vegas, how long have you been awake?" Then I realized what was going on.

Great podcast. Good in-depth analysis of all new phones and vr equipment. Thanks for giving us the feel of the MWC

Posted via the Android Central App

So, PocketCasts downloaded two files for ep. 276, one is 84min, the other 126min. Any idea whats up? Both are titled the exact same thing, description too.

They should have or should be launching a battery module that's about the same size as the audio module that adds the additional 1000-1500 mAh of battery. The camera module is ugly and too bulky.

Posted via the Android Central App