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We catch up with some old friends (and new colleagues!), and weigh in on the latest in the FBI versus Apple encryption debate, and how it could affect us all.

We're on our way to Mobile World Congress this week for a whole mess 'o news, so we've got a bit of a different podcast for you. The first half is Phil's interview Daniel Bader, formerly of Canadian blogging powerhouse Mobile Syrup — and now a member of the Mobile Nations Team!

Part 2 is Phil, Jerry and Andrew jump right into the latest on the encryption debate now that Apple and the FBI are getting into it. Note that we recorded this before Google CEO Sundar Pichai weighed in on Twitter.

For everything coming 'atcha from Mobile World Congress, click here!

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275: The Canadian Encryption Gambit


Hey, Jerry, off the top of your head, is there any Android phone that has a really good sound hardware? (Recent phone.)
When you pointed out that galaxy with the audio hardware in the podcast it clicked in why my phone audio over all my Android phones sounded really bad compared to everything, desktop, iPhone (over mini jack). I kept on blaming software because it didn't occur to me audio hardware. Derp.

Jerry wrote something recently about the LG V10 being the new ipod, because of it's good sound quality. My guess is that would be his recommendation.

Posted via the Android Central App

Nope, currently neither stream nor downloa is working for me. Had to Google it and watch it on youtube. By the way, Mr. Jerry Hildenbrand, my previously used Sony Xperia Z3v was abandoned at android 4.4.4 and I had encryption available (whether or not it was full disk I'm uncertain, took a darn hour or two from start to finish).

Posted via the Android Central App

Heckyea reppin MobileSyrup, Canada here! But yeah point of difference, Dan mentioned BYOD discounts but they've been phased out with the new year, Jan 20 I was going to add my bro to my newly minted SharePlan but that was the day Rogers, the last holdout in the matter, did away with the discount. Sony is pretty much carrier exclusive with Bell in a mystifying arrangement, but yeah for regionality there are definitely strongholds: if you're in Trono you do Rogers, Mont Royal Bell, Vanoc Telus and who knows about those crazy prairies

Posted via the Android Central App

One thing you missed with the discussion of the Apple/FBI bit was that in addition to the removal of the 10-try limit, they want zero delay between PIN attempts and for the pin attempts to be able to be sent from a computer through the Lightning port, instead of some FBI intern manually entering PINs until they find out that it was set to 9999...