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The Netflix app for Android has just hit version 1.7, bringing a handful of improvements for tablet and smartphone users. Today's update allows Netflix customers to share content on Facebook (in Canada, Latin America, the UK and Ireland), which should make it easier for your Netflix-subscribing friends to stay up to date on your latest Doctor Who marathon.

The update also includes a handful of bug fixes and additional features, including software volume controls for tablets, improved audio/video sync and a solution for video flickering problems on certain tablets.

If you've already got Netflix installed, you can grab the new version from the Market app. If not, we've got links and QR codes after the break.


Reader comments

Netflix for Android updated with Facebook sharing and various fixes


I would appreciate it if they would turn GPU acceleration on. Browsing the different shows on my Xoom running 4.0.3 is sluggish.

I'm quite happy with mobile streaming on Netflix, but they really need to work on their app's UI. It's not very pretty or convenient, and the lag is awful.

I wish there was some type of Facebook sharing for those of us in the United States since I spend so much time using Netflix. I would also like to see a little more hardware acceleration and a UI refresh. I hate the setup on the phones for Netflix. Something that you could scroll through and navigate more easily would be preferable.