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estockda says:


Cliffy44 says:

**** BUYER BEWARE ****
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Note 2. Even if I had no handset, I'd NOT be so ignorant and nieve to allow anything that I have to be associated with Mark Fu*kenberg's Farcebook. That obama-wannabe sells every bit of data on everyone that's stupid enough to associate with Farcebook, in any way, shape or form. And, forget about any privacy, whatsoever.
I'd not have this handset for free with lifetime free monthly service.
**** BUYER BEWARE ****

signaltwins says:

Star Wars... hmmm....

Princess Leia, perhaps? Thanks!!! :)

Photos with "inspirational" words is an automatic filter for me, no way I would overload my phone with that crap using Facebook Home.

garmiblis says:

"This video is private"

mbj8448 says:

Same here.

iPhoneTHS says:

OK, who's cherrios bowl took the hit this morning?!

Um, this video is private...

Well done, Ashley.

Yeah. Same for me. Doesn't buffer at all :|

ehall1957 says:

still private

mwara244 says:

I subscribed to AC a year ago and the video is private?

Hey, guys. No idea why the video went private, but I've fixed it.