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Japanese mobile network KDDI says it'll stop using push notification ads on its Android handsets, following some recent online controversy. Late last month it emerged that KDDI was using an updated version of its "AU One Market" application to send ads via push notification to some of its customers. We're not the biggest fans of push notification ads, and we're even less impressed when ads are delivered by a carrier-mandated app with no clear way of opting out.

It seems many KDDI customers felt the same way, and after a wave of negative press over the past week, the carrier today announced that it'll cease pushing ad messages out to its handsets. KDDI reportedly said it was using the ads to deliver messages about its own services, rather than selling ad space to outside organizations. We're not sure that makes it any better, but at least KDDI customers will be free from the scourge of push notification ads from now on.

Source: Keitai Watch, Engadget; via: The Verge


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Japanese carrier to stop sending push notification ads


I was already displeased with KDDI to begin with - and now hearing about this - it just deepens my displeased...ness..of them! Well, okay, I'll admit's partly just because I am ADDICTED to those Softbank commercials with the dog being the father, the black guy being the son, and the mother and daughter being Japanese, lol.

And here, Otousan decides to go on a diet after being sent an MMS of an old photo of himself: