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When Facebook acquired Instagram nearly three months ago now, we knew there would be some enhanced Facebook integration coming eventually. As it so happens, eventually is right now as the latest Instagram for Android update allows users to automatically share photos they like directly to Facebook.

But as iMore's Leanna Lofte points out, there are more than a few privacy concerns associated with this. Once you've opted into Facebook sharing, there's no way to control how far they can be shared --

What I find even more bothersome than the existence of this new sharing likes to Facebook feature is the fact that I don't have an option for my photos to not be shared to Facebook when someone likes it. They are my photos, after all, and perhaps there are some of them that I wish to exist only in the ‚ÄčInstagram world. I actually do this at times -- post a photo to Instagram that I intentionally choose not to share to Facebook or Twitter. That's why the ability to share a photo to Twitter requires a deliberate action. Now if I specifically choose not to share a photo outside of Instagram, and a few people like it, Facebook can potentially broadcast it to thousands of people i don't know. Awesome.

So there's that. Other bug fixes are included too. The app now allows for searching of users and tags in the Explore tab but Facebook wants to be front and center with this release. The update is available for download right now so load up the Google Play Store or grab it from the link you'll find below.

Download: Instagram for Android


Reader comments

Instagram for Android now lets users automatically share photos they like directly to Facebook


Any self respecting Instagrammer isn't going to check that box to share their likes...or they shouldn't anyway. I can hear the second mass exodus coming...

Self respecting and instagrammer go together like self respecting and instagrammer. Sorry, but Instagram users are currently at the top of the D-bag ladder.

How did you stop someone from sharing your photo before the last update? If one of your friends wanted to repost your photo, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. I guess the new feature will make it easier, but it was always possible.

Lawyers must be soooo happy with Facebook right now... First the 'find a friend' feature that made a Houdini, then the publishing of Facebook address in profiles without notification, now this... All in two days! Wow! :P

I think the most important part is "once you've opted into Facebook sharing". Can't you just, uh, not opt in? What's the big deal?


Anyone know a way to block any pictures from Instagram in Facebook? I'm yet to see a picture from Instagram that made me go "wow, that looks good". Some people like it, and more power to you if you do. However, I rather see the picture as the high tech sensor in the phone takes it... not some blurred crap. Art is a personal thing, you like what you like. I like the beauty of science.